Lorenzo Cedrola had another multi-hit game for Louisville while Spencer Steer hit his 22nd homer of the year, Christian Encarnacion-Strand had a 3-hit game for Chattanooga, Jose Torres also had a 3-hit day in Dayton while Steven Leyton and Garrett Wolforth each connected for a 400+ foot home run, and Johnny Ascanio had three hits in Daytona’s win while Hayden Jones homered for the 3rd time in August.

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The Louisville Bats lost 5-4. Box Score

Game Notes

Levi Stoudt left the game with an injury of some kind in the middle of the 3rd inning. Nothing appeared to be visible when he threw his final pitch. And he was on the mound getting ready for the next batter when the trainer and manager walked out to the mound on their own. Once there they never checked anything physically on him, but after about a minute long conversation he walked off of the mound with them. His line from this game: 2.1IP, 2H, 2ER, 2BB, 0K. He threw just 41 pitches.

The Chattanooga Lookouts lost 9-6. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons lost 7-5 in 10. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas won 7-4. Box Score

The ACL Reds had the day off

The DSL Reds had the day off

8/15 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 46-65 OFF DAY Here Here Here
Chattanooga 47-61 OFF DAY Here Here Here
Dayton 51-55 OFF DAY Here Here Here
Daytona 42-63 OFF DAY Here Here N/A
ACL Reds 28-15 9:00pm TBA Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds
22-22 11:00am TBA Here N/A N/A

24 Responses

  1. LDS

    Instead of the usual call ups like Friedl and Fairchild, I’d like to see Steer and Cedrola called up. As we used to say in the corporate world, it would be a stretch assignment but maybe they could succeed.

      • Stock

        Here are the guys I have that need to be added at YE. Cedrola made it through rule 5 last year. I would not add Cedrola. I also see no reason to add Steer and start his clock. Add him in May and retain his services through 2029.

      • Stock

        Forgot to include the list

        Elly De La Cruz
        Noelvi Marte
        Spencer Steer
        Brandon Williamson
        Levi Stoudt
        Mike Siani
        Ivan Johnson
        Daniel Vellojin
        Nick Quintana

      • MBS

        @Stock, does Free need to be added, or is he going to be at the end of next year? Also is there a rule 5 tracker, like a free agent tracker? That would be a handy tool to use.

      • Stock

        Here is my list MBS. Only top 50 prospects on my list and added Free.

        Elly De La Cruz
        Noelvi Marte
        Spencer Steer
        Brandon Williamson
        Levi Stoudt
        Mike Siani
        Ivan Johnson
        Daniel Vellojin
        Nick Quintana
        Joe Boyle
        Connor Phillips
        Bryce Bonnin
        Rece Hinds
        Jose Acuna
        Alex McGarry
        Christian Roa
        Yerlin Confidan
        Braylin Minier

        Matt McClain
        Andrew Abbott
        Steven Hajjar
        Christian Encarncion-Strand

        Edwin Arroyo
        Jay Allen
        Victor Acosta
        Leonardo Balcazar
        Carlos Jorge
        Hector Rodriguez
        Ariel Almonte
        Donovan Antonia
        Malvin Valdez
        Chase Petty

        Cam Collier
        Sal Stewart
        Ricado Cabrera
        Carlos Sanchez
        Esmith Pineda
        Anthuan Valencia

    • Will

      Because of all the injuries, Reds have had to use a lot of guys. At the end of year, the 40 man roster will be a big issue of who to keep/ who to release.

      Who do you add, or cut, 40 man?

      • Bdh

        My list keeps changing but my current crack at it would be the following

        1 – Stephenson
        2 – Votto
        3 – India
        4 – Barrero
        5 – Farmer
        6 – Moustakas
        7 – Senzel
        8 – Fraley
        9 – 1 of the following 3 (Aquino, Fairchild, Almora)
        10 – Greene
        11 – Lodolo
        12 – Ashcraft
        13 – Dunn
        14 – Overton
        15 – Diaz
        16 – Sims
        17 – Antone
        18 – Santillan
        19 – Sanmartin
        20 – Gibaut
        21 – Moreta
        22 – Hoffman
        23 – Gutierrez (60 day IL)
        24 + 25 – 2 of the following 4 (Warren, Cessa, Kuhnel, Hendrix)
        26 – Williamson
        27 – Stoudt
        28 – Cerda
        29 – Siani
        30 – Hopkins
        31 – Vellojin
        32 – 1 of (Free or Kolozsvary)
        33 – De La Cruz
        34 – Marte
        35 – Ivan Johnson
        36 – Steer
        37 – Friedl
        38 – Lopez
        39 – Quintana
        40 – FA signing (corner outfielder)
        41 – Gutierrez won’t be back til mid season so a 2nd signing (starting pitcher)

        Should sign a free agent starting pitcher and a corner outfielder. I’m going to continue saying Benintendi until it doesn’t happen because it makes too much sense for the reds.
        Go into 23 with the following
        C – Stephenson
        1B – Votto
        2B – India
        3B – Farmer
        SS – Barrero
        LF – FA signing (This is where I’d say Benintendi)
        CF – Senzel
        RF – Fraley/(Aquino or Almora) platoon
        DH – Moustakas (should be Steer)

        Bench – Kolozsvary or Free – backup catcher
        Bench – whoever isn’t staring the RF platoon
        Bench – Friedl
        Bench – Lopez (or Moustakas if Steer starts in Cincinnati)

        SP1 – Greene
        SP2 – Lodolo
        SP3 – Ashcraft
        SP4 – FA veteran
        SP5 – Dunn/Overton/Williamson/Stoudt

        CP – Diaz
        RP – Sims
        RP – Antone
        RP – Sanmartin
        RP – Santillan
        RP – Gibaut
        RP – Hoffman
        RP – 1 of (Moreta, Cessa, Warren, Hendrix, Kuhnel)

        I doubt that’s a playoff team but quite a bit of young talent on that list that should be fun to watch along with Votto’s last season.

        I wouldn’t be upset watching a lineup consisting of
        1 – India
        2 – Benintendi
        3 – Stephenson
        4 – Votto
        5 – Farmer
        6 – Steer
        7 – Fraley
        8 – Senzel
        9 – Barrero

        With one of the current rookies on the mound and a healthy bullpen.

      • MBS

        @BDH given the injuries sustained by Stephenson, it might be wise to sign a legit C as the back up. I feel comfortable when Romine is in there, but would like an upgrade if there is one on the market.

        Hopefully 1 or more of Free, Vellojin, and Nelson will become a good option in 2 to 3 years.

      • Bdh

        @MBS – I can agree with that

        I had hoped Jackson Miller would move through the system fast but he’s had like 4 at bats in 3 years to this point so that ship might’ve sailed.

        I do really like Cade Hunter’s bat though. I think he could even jump Tanner in the pecking order next year. Add him to the list you gave

        I will also add that for the first time since drafting Alonso (before the Votto extension) it seems like the reds put an effort into finding a future 1B in their minor leagues. Drafting Stewart and trading for Encarnacion-Strand both after the emergence of McGarry as a legit prospect shows that thought process to me. This leads me to think they aren’t going move Stephenson from behind the plate. Where I was thinking they needed to develop/sign 2 catchers now I think they need to find 1 solid reserve

      • MBS

        Catchers take so long to develop, that I’d add those 2 to my 3 to 4 year down the line list. I like the arm on Tanner, he could make for a good defensive catcher in the future. Really if even 1 of these 5 become an everyday catcher we’ll be lucky. Developing a catcher is so hard, that’s why moving Stephenson off of C, is a dangerous call for me. I waffled a bit on it, but think he needs to play at least 50% of the games at C.

        I also really like McGarry, and hope that Strand is also a legit option. Strand just seems more like a DH than a 1B, but we’ll see.

      • MK

        No way I’m keeping Gibaut on 40-man and probably not Overton. They would both sign minor league deals and if not OK. Guttierez can not stay on 60-day Al winter so he would have to count against 40. Warren and Kihnel will be locks.

      • AllTheHype

        @Bdh, I sometimes wonder whether Reds will bring back Antone as a starter next year. Consider that he was first placed on injured list 6/11/21 with right forearm inflammation after pitching 3 of 4 days in games June 3-6. Who knows what the trigger was for his forearm, but I wonder if he just might not be well suited for the unpredictable use of relief pitching, where he pumps up the velo. He might just be better suited to the regular intervals of a starting pitcher where he can also tone down the velo a notch. No one can argue he doesn’t have the stuff for starting. Plus the Reds could certainly use him in the rotation, anyway. Just a thought that I’m curious about. We won’t know til next year I guess.

    • Norwood Nate

      Why would you call up Cedrola over Friedl? Cedrola has never hit for any semblance of power and doesn’t really walk at all (2.4 BB% this season, 3.5% career). Friedl meanwhile has been the best hitter in AAA for the Reds, literally (yesterday) just turned 27 entering his prime, and is displaying a nice well rounded game. Friedl deserves a shot at regular playing time.

  2. Tony Cloninger

    Removing Fairchild from the 40 is not a problem at all. Neither is Strickland. What talent or production do they have that precludes then from being removed.

    • LarkinPhillips

      +1000. There are quite a few guys who can be removed from the 40 man that fall under that same category.

    • MBS

      Let’s face it, our AAA, and major league OF is nothing but 4th outfielders. Most all have an intriguing aspect to their game, but fall short of being a legit everyday MLB outfielder. Fraley and Senzel seem to be the best of the group, but neither inspire confidence.

  3. BhamRed

    Great list Bdh. But does 31, 33-35 and 39 have to be on the 40 this year?

    • Matt

      They do. All will be rule 5 draft eligible this off season. Personally, if it comes down to it because of roster crunches, I’d have Johnson on the bottom of my list as to who to protect. I like him, but he’s just so much behind the other infield prospects, he might have to be left exposed.

  4. kyblu50

    How about taking a chance on one or two of these soon to be free agents Borderline Cases: Mitch Haniger (Mariners), J.D. Martinez (Red Sox), Jurickson Profar (Padres), Anthony Rizzo (Yankees) and Brandon Drury (30 Padres) for next year in a small stadium?

    • west larry

      I’m with you K50, but I think this cheap organization will not spend major bucks with Votto’s and Moose’s tens of millions still on the books in 2023.

    • BK

      I think the Reds can and should be opportunistic looking for free agents in 2023. There’s a lot of money off the books and they should have payroll space for:
      – someone who can fit the long-term plan (example, Benintendi … LH hitter, something lacking on the team and in the farm, younger FA, good fielder, high OBA)
      – players that fill roster needs in 2023 and that they can flip at the deadline if they are healthy and productive
      – good players that the market drops on (example, in 2019 the Brewers brought Moustakas in for a 1-year contract, $7M contract with $3M buyout–$10M guaranteed, that was a bargain for a player in his prime at the time)