Elly De La Cruz went off once again for Chattanooga as he hit a 491-foot home run in a Lookouts doubleheader split, Spencer Steer kept up his hot hitting with a home run for Louisville, Michel Triana hit his 1st homer with Dayton in their victory, and Leonardo Balcazar had two hits in the ACL Reds win.

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The Louisville Bats lost 4-2 in 10. Box Score

Game Notes

Spencer Steer’s hot start in the Reds organization continued on Thursday night. Through his first 13 games, all with Louisville, he’s hitting .321/.400/.547 with 3 doubles and 3 home runs. He’s gotten on base in all 13 games, and he had a 15 game on-base streak before the trade, so he’s now riding a 28-game on-base streak dating back to July 3rd.

The Chattanooga Lookouts split a doubleheader

Game 1: 4-1 win. Box Score

Game 2: 8-5 loss. Box Score

  • Michael Siani went 2-4 with a triple, run and 2 RBI.
  • Matt McLain went 1-4 with an RBI.
  • Elly De La Cruz went 2-4 with a double and an RBI.
  • Alex McGarry went 1-3 with a triple and a run.
  • Christian Encarnacion-Strand went 1-3 with an RBI.
  • Brian Rey went 2-3 with a run.

Gameday Notes

Elly De La Cruz hit a 491-foot home run in game one. He got ahead and was given the green light on a 3-0 count and he didn’t miss a single piece of that baseball, hitting it over the batters eye. You can check out the video of it here if you haven’t seen it yet.

Michael Siani has gone 6-16 in the last four games with a double, triple, and a home run.

Joe Boyle didn’t give up any hits, but he did allow a run in the 2nd inning after walking the bases loaded then firing a wild pitch. He threw 75 pitches with just 37 strikes on the night. He now has 9 walks and 9 strikeouts in 8.2 innings for Chattanooga in his two starts since being promoted.

Ryan Nutof lowered his ERA to 2.16 on the season in 50.0 innings. He’s walked 27 batters and struck out 59.

Pedro Garcia lowered his ERA to 2.18 on the season in 45.1 innings. He’s walked 17 hitters and picked up 52 strikeouts.

The Dayton Dragons won 5-2. Box Score

Game Notes

Tyler Callihan now has 8 extra-base hits in 15 games in August, setting a new season high (7 in June in 22 games).

Jose Torres picked up 2 more hits, and he had another sacrifice fly. He’s hitting .357/.345/.589 in August with an on-base percentage 12 points lower than his average because he hasn’t walked or been hit by a pitch, but does have 2 sac flies. This is fun to follow in a weird kind of way.

Jean Correa made his first start of the season and only his second start of his career (He’s only pitched in 5 games this season, didn’t play at all in 2021, and then pitched out of the bullpen in 19 of his 20 games with the DSL Royals in 2018 and 2019) on Thursday night. Since joining Dayton on August 4th he’s pitched in 3 games and allowed just 1 hit in 7.0 innings while striking out 7 and walking 5.

The Daytona Tortugas were postponed

Doubleheader on Friday.

The ACL Reds won 6-5 in 6. Box Score

Game Notes

The game was shortened by rain to just 6.0 innings. The Reds walked 13 times, were hit by 2 other pitches, and struck out just 4 times in the game. They also made four errors in the game, keeping the Cubs in the game until the end.

Leonardo Balcazar picked up 2 more hits and is now hitting .326/.417/.492 on the season in 39 games.

Cam Collier is hitting .333/.478/.500 with 4 walks and 4 strikeouts through 6 games.

The DSL Reds game was suspended by rain

8/19 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 48-66 7:05pm McGuire Here Here Here
Chattanooga 48-63 7:35pm Salazar Here Here Here
Dayton 53-56 7:05pm Rivera Here Here Here
Daytona 43-64 5:05pm Cooper/Acuna Here Here N/A
ACL Reds 30-16 9:00pm TBA Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds
23-24 OFF DAY Here N/A N/A

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47 Responses

  1. LarkinPhillips

    Joe Boyle screams shutdown reliever at the MLB level to me. For the record, I am not saying moving him to the pen at this point. I agree with most around here that you let young guys develop as starters until they prove otherwise. However, the strikeout and low contact ability he has mixed with control issues to me seems like a great spot for a bullpen guy.

    • Doc

      Consider Randy Johnson. Didn’t gain control and reduce walks until his very late 20s. He was written off as unlikely to ever make good. He’s in the Hall of Fame.

      Not sure how a guy walking as many as Boyle does presently is a sure fire shutdown closer. Walking the bases loaded and then throwing a WP for a run is not the closer career path. Prefer to let him develop as a starter, as you stated, and maybe follow the Randy Johnson pathway.

      • BK

        In theory, he can improve his control by concentrating on two pitches by converting to relief. I agree with most, let him continue to develop as a starter. This route provides more innings to work on control and develop his pitches.

      • LarkinPhillips

        BK summed my point up pretty well. The idea is that you eliminate pitches and let him focus on what he great at (2 pitches typically) and hopefully he becomes “uber aggressive” in the zone for one inning. IF he is unable to focus the zone, you get him out of there. A lot of relievers are in this same thread. But as I said, its way to early to transition him away from starting and hopefully he continues developing.

      • Stock

        I agree with Doc. I understand the idea of cutting back to two pitches. This is exactly what Randy Johnson when he made the majors. He was pretty much exclusively FB, Slider until his late 30’s. If your two pitches are clearly superior (which is true for both RJ and Boyle) then you can be very successful in the majors with only two pitches.

        In fact two of the most dominate pitchers of their time (Randy Johnson and Greg Maddux) only threw two pitches.

      • Luke J

        Isn’t Boyle already basically a 2 pitch pitcher? The games I’ve watched it’s pretty much a nice fastball mixed with a ridiculously filthy curveball and not much else.

      • MBS

        Boyle has control issues, but I don’t watch the minors, just read box scores and Doug e Fresh’s articles. What pitches can he control, and what pitches does he have control issue with?

      • Luke J

        @MBS This is just my own observation, but I don’t think it’s necessarily a particular pitch he struggles to control. I personally believe it is an issue of consistency with his mechanics. He throws very much straight over the top. Both his fastball and curveball are delivered from that arm angle. Which explains such a dramatic 12-6 break on his curveball. But it also means if he doesn’t stay on top of his pitches, they get wild. What I’ve noticed is that when he gets wild, his arm angle drops just a bit. It’s not a lot (certainly not all the way to 3/4 angle), but just enough to mess him up with his straight over the top delivery. I’m obviously not a Reds coach, but to me, I would be getting him to concentrate every pitch on his arm angle. Because when he lets it drop, either from fatigue or lack of concentration, that’s when he gets wild. Again, just my personal opinion on him.

      • MK

        Watching Boyle pitch several times this summer his big control issue games are when he struggles to put his breaking ball where he wants it. He then tries to aim his fastball. When the breaking ball is working, everything is lights out.

      • MBS

        Good info, thanks guys. If it is fatigue or lack of concentration, maybe a bullpen spot would be a good idea. If he only needs to focus on getting 3 outs, his concentration and fatigues should improve.

        I kinda have it in my head that Diaz, Williamson, and Boyle would make a nice back of the pen trio as early as the 24. If Antone bounces back after his 2nd TJ, then that could be an absolutely nasty group.

    • SultanofSwaff

      Yes, Boyle seems like a reliever to me as well. When I saw him in Cedar Rapids, he was just a 2 pitch guy w/ the secondary pitch a big loopy curve—good enough to fool class A hitters but won’t fly in the bigs. I’d get him in the lab and tighten that curve into a slider and then fast track him to the Reds bullpen.

      • Luke J

        His nasty 12-6 curve is his best pitch by far. I don’t see them changing that.

  2. Matt

    What the Reds should do: Place Votto on the 60 IL, select the contract of Steer and/or Santana and get them everyday playing time for Cincinnati.
    What the Reds will probably do: Place Votto on the 15 day IL, activate Moose, play Moose everyday.

    • BK

      They may make other moves, but they must activate Solano from the Paternity list, today.

      • Matt

        True. I’d forgotten about Solano. I still believe they should use Steer or Santana the rest of the way.

    • MK

      Matt, why the 15-day list for Votto even if they activate Moose or not. Don’t see the correlation.

      • Matt

        Votto’s hurt and needs surgery. Done for the year. The 60 day could be used to open a 40 man spot for one of the AAA guys who deserves a call up. My thinking was that the Reds would take the easy way out transaction wise and simply swap Moose for Votto. Which they did.

  3. SultanofSwaff

    You only have to watch EDLC run the bases to realize what an asset he’d be in CF. Really hope the Reds get him some time there, even if it’s just to make him more versatile so the manager can mix and match.

    • AC

      You don’t mix and match a superstar. Figure out where he’s best and move pieces around him.

      • MBS

        True, I’m guessing @Sulton believes he’s bet suited at CF. I liked the idea of EDLC at SS, but the speed and size does scream CF. I say let Barrero keep SS, if he fails we have Marte, McLain, Arroyo, and more coming. Barrero was a top prospect for a reason, we need to give him enough time to see what he is.

  4. Tom

    23 or younger, 30 hr / 30 sb in a minor league season since 2006:

    Grant Desme (who? for OAK in 2009 at 23 in A and A+ then disappeared…)
    George Springer in 2013 at 23 in AA and AAA
    Joc Pederson in 2014 at 22 in AAA
    Luis Robert in 2019 at 21 in A+, AA, AAA
    Kyle Tucker in 2019 at 22 in AAA

    • Zach

      Luis Robert statistically lines up IMO. Don’t know the scouting in him though.

    • SinkerSwim

      Desme actually retired at age 23 and became a monk. You can’t make that up!

  5. Tom

    Honestly, why not AAA for De La Cruz at this point? Still the K% question?

    • Chi Reds Fan

      Two ways to answer:
      Narrative #1:
      1) He still has a very high K rate, much higher than other recent young superstars like Soto, JRod who have risen really fast
      2) He still has fewer than 100 PAs in AA, so play him there a couple of more weeks then perhaps a couple more in AAA in Sept (will be interesting to see what the Reds do not only with him but also McClain, Hopkins, Siani when AA ends but AAA keeps going, will they bump them all up and toss out the AAA vets or not?).
      3) Next year give him a couple of months of AAA seasoning and if he is successful then bring him up.
      Narrative #2:
      1) The day after EDLC is promoted to AAA the clamor to bring him up to majors will start (assuming he does well there)
      2) The Reds will have EDLC for exactly 6 seasons. Given the current MLB economic arrangements the Reds under no circumstances will be able to sign EDLC beyond his arb years (assuming he is in fact a superstar).
      3) Hence given the Reds window to compete for post seasons likely starts in 2024, keeping him out of the MLB a bit longer makes sense. Having superstars cut their teeth at the MLB level given the current economics is a dubious approach (see Greene in 2022).

      To me Narrative 1 is plausible and defensible. Narrative 2 may happen to be true as well but drives people like say Mr. Gray to apolexy. If I am Reds mgmt. I talk about Narrative 1 whilst having Narrative 2 in the back of my mind.

      • A Former West Sider

        I’d lay money now that if EDLC is still progressing they will try a Michael Harris II like extension (9 years 70-80MM) to in 2024 – when no one is on the books.
        It will be a cheap way to show committment to the fans and accelerate money to EDLC during his pre arb and arb years.

        Similar things with Hunter, Lodolo, Tyler and India…

        The books are totally open in 2024 – they will have SOME salary and lenghtening out controllable years fits with the whole avoiding peaks and valleys narrative…

        Just my thoughts…

      • Tom

        There is also the defensive consideration. If he needs work at SS, how would his 3b be? He could bump Farmer back to SS or elsewhere. Or keep at SS in AAA and warm the seat under Barrero next year. I think there is a enough pretext about defensive questions to keep him in AAA 60 games next season to figure this all out. If he can stay at SS, obviously that is best for the team.

        The counter argument for a fast track is contention in 2023 could be feasible if he’s a superstar.




        If you think you know Elly can make a huge difference in 2023 then make sure by playing him in AAA now and start planning to spend wisely in FA and maybe capture a wild card in what could be Votto’s last season. That would make the billboard on I71 crowd happy.

      • Stock

        I would like him to spend 2023 in AA and AAA and then be in Cincinnati on opening day 2024. Teams are rewarded with draft picks now if a player is on the opening day roster and does well with awards (MVP, Cy Young, …). Worst case scenario is having him be in Cincinnati in the middle of 2023 and miss out on these draft pick opportunities. Keeping him in the minors for another full year will be difficult though.

      • Chi Reds Fan

        I agree given how current economics work the Reds should consider the Braves approach of signing the pre-arb guys to get another year or two post arb. It has risk of course. The Reds tried it with Mesoraco and it failed. I cannot recall if they have tried it any other times. Hard to thread the needle of identifying a player who will truly succeed after only a year or two in MLB. The injury risk is what it is. But the Reds will have as favorable a payroll post 2023 as they will likely ever have. 2023 would be the year to place some bets on Lodolo or Stephenson or EDLC or whomever. Dont forget the Nationals tried to do with Soto and even the $400MM+ was not enough. Ultimately MLB/MLBPA must sort out a more equitable way to even the field with the large mkt and small mkts or the Reds of the world will be left with harvesting the 6 years pre FA as best they can.

      • Optimist

        Narrative 1, point 1 is your answer. He’s close to JRod and Soto, but he still has holes. It’s been interesting watch JRod develop (I’m in Seattle) compared to Kelenic. Kelenic has been up and down, and keeps clobbering AAA, but struggles mightily in MLB. The Ms are handling it well, giving him the chances, using his as needed to cover open spots due to injuries, etc.. I still think he’ll make it, but it will take patience.

        JRod, OTOH, they correctly pegged as ready now, put him in the lineup, watched him struggle in April and May, and the rest is history so far. He may have a sophomore slump, but he’s clearly proven the ability to adjust, stay in his game, and contribute elsewhere while in a dry spell.

        EDLC may have holes in his swing, the small sample size/no AAA doesn’t show that yet, and he apparently has no solid place in the field. Both of those may be easy fixes and require just a little more time, and I like the idea of a few weeks in AAA to close this year. Perhaps a higher ceiling than all these guys, but they still need to find and set the floor.

      • Kindell

        If want to actually try to compete in 24, then we need to give him some MLB at-bats next year and make those adjustments. We always overthink how long someone should be in the minors. If they are outperforming the competition, you bring up a plan and simple. They earned it, and you owe to the fans to play the best players at the big league club.

    • MBS

      I’d let the prospects in AA finish the year together. Let EDLC, McGarry, Strand, Siani, McLain join AAA in 23.

    • Bubba Woo

      Many baseball people will tell you that in some ways, AA is actually more challenging. Double A tends to be filled with top prospects, who occasionally skip AAA entirely or make a pit stop there on the way to the Majors. Triple A tends to have a lot of former MLBers who are replacement level and AAAA types

  6. Stock

    Yesterday someone commented that Jose Torres is hot recently. I agree that since July 28th he has been on fire. I decided to look and see if the position he is playing has an impact. Elly De La Cruz was promoted at about the same time as Torres hot streak. Here are his OPS by position since July 28th:

    2B: 0.000 (12 PA)
    SS: 1.129 (34 PA)
    DH: 0.967 (30 PA)

    This screams small sample size but is worth noting. What happens when he is playing 2B?

    More to come.

  7. Pete Blowers

    I believe AAA has 2 more weeks of games after AA’s season is finished. How about letting Ella and perhaps one or two others get some time in during those two weeks with Louisville?

  8. AristidesAquinoTruther

    How is de la Cruz not the #1 prospect in baseball?!?!?!

    • A Former West Sider

      High variance due to approach issues…But he’s #1 in my book.
      IF it all comes together he has the biggest potential impact.
      I wouldn’t trade that straight up for anyone in MiLB – especially for the Reds who need HIGH impact players.

    • Tom

      There are a few it would be hard to put him above, maybe 4-5 “better” prospects, but I for sure think he has a good claim to the back end of the top 5.

  9. Hoyce

    If I were in charge
    1. I would (try) extend Stephenson
    2. I would try to extend EDLC- something like acuna or less
    3. I woulda liked to seen reds trade india, senzel and Williamson to the Blue jays at the deadline for montero and tiedeman. Filling the reds 2nd catcher issue (DH and rotate catchers) while insurance for injury. And gives the reds the 4th starter they need imo, to go w Greene,Lodolo and ashcraft. Not sure if blue jays woulda done that. Or if it was too much But I woulda. And I think it fit for Toronto.
    4. I would kick tires on Edwin Diaz this winter, he’s a fA. See if he wants to play w his bro. Pair them w antone to make a dominant pen
    5. Either piggy back Boyle as a starter or make him a 2/3 inning RP. He’s absolutely dominant
    6. Move EDLC to CF. Leave him there
    7. Barrero stays at SS. He’s struggled this yr. No doubt. But between him struggling at every level in the beginning and the hamate. I think he will be good
    8. Reds have almost no payroll after ‘23. Don’t screw that up by signing aged vets. Like moose. They could almost sign a judge type and severely frontload contract something like 10/300. And pay $50M of that in ur 1. And then after a yr and half trade that say Judge for 3-4 super prospects. And rebuild that way. Just an idea

    • Hoyce

      Oh and lastly
      9. Move the fences at GABP back 10 feet or so. Maybe raise wall a little. Give our pitchers a chance

  10. wolfcycle

    I have noticed that Hendricks has been contributing on almost a daily basis, although I do not know how much he is still striking out