Michael Siani had a big night at the plate and Christian Roa put together his best start of the season in Chattanooga’s win, Michel Triana kept his hot hitting going in Dayton’s 5-4 win, and Blake Dunn hit a big 3-run home run that helped Daytona come out ahead in extra-innings.

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The Louisville Bats lost 10-1. Box Score

The Chattanooga Lookouts won 3-0. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons won 5-4. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas won 9-8 in 10. Box Score

9/8 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 53-78 6:35pm Nicolino Here Here Here
Chattanooga 56-70 8:05pm TBA Here Here Here
Dayton 65-60 7:05pm Aguiar Here Here Here
Daytona 52-74 7:05pm Rudd Here Here N/A
ACL Reds 32-19 Season Complete Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds
24-26 Season Complete Here N/A N/A

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23 Responses

  1. DaveCT

    There is a ton of talent pushing up from Lo-A to Lo A

    There’s lots of big time talent pushing up from A to AA

    There is lots of big time talent pushing up from A and AA. To AAA.

    There’s lots of talent at AA

    This next couple years gonna rock!

    • Greenfield Red

      Gotta agree Dave.

      I’m intriqued by Collier and how he relates to Cabrera. CC was considered a Top 10 draft guy… fell to the Reds at 18 and is now 63 in all of baseball. Cabrera # 3 Internationally, same age as CC, but somewhere in the 20s in the Reds system… making him around 600 in baseball.

      • DaveCT

        Haha, Greenfield! Collier! He’s gonna set world speed records!

        With a prior generation of near- superstars, Collier is the guy who just has to just hit and he’ll soon perform enough

    • Redsvol

      I agree a lot of talent. Also, a lot of strikeouts! 15 for the Dayton team and 17 for the Daytona team. They need to work on shortening up with 2 strikes and battling to get on base more. The hitting coaches need to insist on it. They shouldn’t be able to progress with a strikeout rate higher than 30% – unless they are an angel sent from heaven like EDLC!

  2. Matt

    Blake Dunn will be interesting to follow next year. He’s just turned 24, so he’s old for A ball, but he’s hitting as well as he’s hit dating back to college. The injury he had really cost him, as I think he may have had a Dayton promotion at some point this season.

  3. Redsvol

    Christian Roa seems to like his promotion to Chattanooga – an awesome outing. Arroyo had a great night at the plate. I think he would be in Dayton if not for the logjam of infielders there. Siani not only getting on base but hitting with power – keep it up. McGarry – settling into hitting mediocrity that Louisville seems to breed.

    Nice to see Levi Stoudt’s name in the box score. Hopefully his shoulder is ok. Wouldn’t that be a shame of a trade if both Mahle and Stoudt have shoulder issues. We need Stoudt in 2023 badly because there is a gap between the major league starters and next wave coming up. He or Williamson need to contribute in a big way. The rest of that pitching staff in Louisville is yuck!

    On flip side, that Cleveland organization can draft and develop players. Several recent middle round draft picks are already at triple A.

    • Matt

      Not sure about your McGarry statement. He’s got a total of 17 PAs in Louisville. Including 2 walks and only 2 strikeouts.

  4. Norwood Nate

    I have been skeptical on Roa in the past, but he’s put together some very good starts recently, even as he’s moved up the ladder. If he can consistently put it together that becomes a big boost to the pitching corps.

    Nice to see Arroyo heating up a bit too. Nice to see Stoudt back on the mound.

      • LDS

        No, don’t think so. Many of the articles I’ve read says Arroyo is likely the best SS prospect in the system. Seemed odd but ok. Taking that a face value and assuming some of these guys develop as expected, e.g., Marte, EDLC, Collier, what does the Reds’ MLB roster look like in 2024-2025?

      • Doug Gray

        Can you link me to a single article that says that Arroyo is the best SS in the system?

      • MK

        If Barrero doesn’t show he can hit soon Elly won’t be moving anywhere but shortstop at GABP.

      • MBS

        @Doug, this is probably the blurbs on RLN that implies Arroyo is the best SS.

        “Unlike Marte, there seems to be no concerns about Arroyo outgrowing the position. He’s considered a plus defender at shortstop with a plus arm.”

        Elly De La Cruz Scouting Report

        Defense | Currently can play shortstop, though he does need to work around the edges in his footwork and hands at the position. He’s a good defender, but could outgrow shortstop in the future.

        Those are the top 3 prospects we have at the SS, and Arroyo is the only one who isn’t likely to outgrow his position. McLain isn’t ranked too far behind Arroyo, but he’s also one people have speculated about moving positions.

      • Doug Gray

        There’s a very big difference between being the best shortstop and being the best defender at shortstop. Ozzie Smith was the best defensive shortstop. He was in no way the best shortstop.

      • LDS

        DG, I’ll try to find one again. I’ll try to find an example. Maybe the writer wasn’t one deemed credible. But, it wasn’t my opinion.

      • LDS

        Thanks, but it didn’t come from RLN. It came from some source that had him as a plus-plus defender and a hit tool sufficient to push the competition, who were deemed more likely to change positions.

      • MBS

        @Doug, I’m not saying Arroyo is the best SS, just that he is the highest rated SS that there isn’t a question that he can play the position, and because of that, people might think of him as our best SS. I hope Barrero finds his swing and shuts down the who’s the next SS conversation.

        Also that’s not an apples to apples comparison. Ozzie Smith and Barry Larkin, or Cal Ripkin, or whoever you are comparing Ozzie Smith to, were all MLB quality SS’s. This is a group of prospects that we are not certain if they can play SS at the MLB level. No one is saying Arroyo is the best prospect we have.

  5. MK

    Michel Trianna has made nice strides the last few weeks. His extra base slugging has really come to play. What has surprised me as well is his speed and defense. He can run for well for a large man as he has shown lately with his doubles and triples. Defensively he has improved from below average to good at Dayton. He made a diving catch between first and the mound on Sunday which I thought he must have broken his wrist and it was as good a play as I have seen this season.

  6. Mike

    I like what I think the Reds decided on guys like Roa and Siani, in that both were spinning their wheels in A ball and it was time to find out if they were still prospects or simply organization guys. So far, both have responded, with at least better than they showed in A leagues. Hope for more improvement and consistency for them.

    • Zach

      Yes. Exactly. I think the Reds tend to be too conservative with promotions (exception is Jose Barrero hopping from A+ to MLB, but that was under different circumstances).

      I would promote Arroyo to A+, Marte to AA, McLain to AAA, and EDLC to AAA to finish the season. It’s too late now. Louisville’s roster is terrible and needs more players to develop.

  7. Tom

    The shift has been all but banned. I like it. Players will have to start moving in the direction of the shift after the pitch, if at all. I think more action is needed in the game. A few more hits, more scoring. Should be a benefit. Maybe Jay Bruce can un-retire now that his ropes to short right will start falling back in.