The Louisville Bats got homers from TJ Hopkins, Juniel Querecuto, and Stephen Piscotty in a win, Michael Siani picked up two stolen bases to give him 49 on the year while Eduardo Salazar continued his strong second half by striking out eight batters for Chattanooga, Rece Hinds hit a 474-foot home run in Dayton’s win that included homers from four other Dragons hitters, and Daytona got a grand slam from Cade Hunter and a walk-off hit from Blake Dunn in the 10th.

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The Louisville Bats won 7-5. Box Score

The Chattanooga Lookouts lost 3-2 in 10. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons won 8-4. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas won 9-8 in 10. Box Score

9/10 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 54-79 7:05pm Lively Here Here Here
Chattanooga 56-72 7:30pm TBA Here Here Here
Dayton 67-60 7:05pm Medrano Here Here Here
Daytona 53-74 4:05pm Parks/Pinazzi Here Here N/A
ACL Reds 32-19 Season Complete Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds
24-26 Season Complete Here N/A N/A

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22 Responses

  1. DaveCT

    Salazar is a guy is who more than filler and less than a top 30 prospect. A strong second half in AA is noteworthy. Not overpowering, not the best stuff, but somebody who keeps learning to get batters out. I’d be curious to see him in a year, if he’s knocking on the door of a long reliever job in the ML’s. Good on him.

    Count me in as one who didn’t expect 20 he’s from Hopkins. I hope he gets a invite to camp next spring. The experts probably cast him as a platoon guy but who knows? Stranger things have happened. If he is a platoon guy, he’s in the right place.

  2. Bdh

    Hopkins continues to kill left handed pitching! He’s got an OPS of .950 against lefties this year and a k rate of 20%. Against righties he’s got an OPS of .767 and a k rate of 29%.
    He needs added to the 40 man and Hopkins deserves to be up in a platoon role next year.
    Only way my opinion would change would be if Aquino continues to tear it up for the rest of the season.

    I’d go with this

    LF – FA signing (Benintendi until it doesn’t happen)
    CF – Friedl / Senzel
    RF – Fraley / Hopkins or Aquino

    With no big splash in free agency

    LF – Friedl / Hopkins
    CF – Senzel
    RF – Fraley / Aquino

    • BK

      I’ve been on the Benintendi train, too. His hamate injury scares me a bit, but he’s young enough for a multi-year contract to work well for both sides. I’m not sure that having three OFs, all of whom are best in LF, is the best plan. Fraley and Friedl are doing their best to negate this plan.

      Conforto is another OF that might work as well, but on a 1-year deal. GABP could be just the place for him to rebuild his value after missing this season with a shoulder injury.

      Friedl and Fraley continue to hit. Aquino is teasing us again. Senzel is hitting his way out of the long-term picture. Hopkins may prove a great fit as a platoon partner for Fraley.

      • DaveCT

        BK, “I’m not sure that having three OFs, all of whom are best in LF, is the best plan.” I totally agree. It wasn’t long ago we had Jesse Winker playing CF. I’d be surprised if the team went with three LH hitting OF’s, too (Benintendi, Friedl, Fraley). It’s just not their way. Where I think it is the club’s way, they do like signing Ohio players, when they can.

        I’m neither on or off the Benintendi bus. I just don’t think it’s likely he’ll come play on a full on rebuild in a small market, unless the injury requires more of a business decision to rebuild value, a la Comforto.

        But back to projections, what is the minimum Acquino has to hit to keep a platoon job? .225/.325/450?

        If he cannot still meet a minimum, it should be time to give someone like Hopkins or Gilliam a chance. Possibly even Fairchild if he comes on strong. Or the very likely spring training invitee OF.

        That said, my RML’s team would see Friedl/Hopkins, Senzel/Friedl, and Fraley/Gilliam.

    • DaveCT

      Wouldn’t mind seeing both Gilliam and Hopkins get invited to camp next spring. Both will be 26 heading in, though both also lost the 3020 season.

    • MBS

      I’m pretty much just echoing what everyone else said, I like Benintendi, Fraley, and Friedl have separated themselves from the pack, and I even like the Conforto idea. I would be shocked if Gilliam and Hopkins weren’t in MLB camp next spring.

      The only thing none of you said was EDLC to the OF. Is it that we’re worried about Barrero, or do you guys think he’s not a good fit?

      To me the Ideal OF would be:
      LF Benintendi / Friedl
      CF EDLC / Friedl
      RF Fraley / Friedl

      I can’t bring my self to get my hopes up on Aquino, I need to see this improvement for a longer period of time, but it’s encouraging. “Burn me 14 times shame on me”, I think that’s how it goes.

      • Bdh

        I think EDLC could be the starter in CF by mid season next year but I was posting my start of the season thoughts

        How good could a POTENTIAL lineup of the following be next year

        1 – Benintendi – LF
        2 – De La Cruz – CF
        3 – India – 2B
        4 – Stephenson – C
        5 – Votto – 1B
        6 – Steer – DH
        7 – Fraley – RF
        8 – Farmer – 3B
        9 – Barrero – SS

        Bench consisting of

        Backup catcher

      • Bdh

        Can’t edit but I would change that bench on my post above to look like

        Backup catcher

        Lopez or Moose
        Senzel or Hopkins

        Hoping Moose is let go. He’ll likely be on the IL if he isn’t so maybe I can safely remove him

        I really want Hopkins in the platoon with Fraley but even with how poor his offense has been I can’t pull the plug on Senzel yet. If his 1st half is like this season then I might change my tune there

      • DaveCT

        If and when EDLC is moved off of SS, I truly hope they do it in a non-Senzel and non-Barrero way of making rookies learn an entirely new position in the ML’s. And everyone knows why, too.

        I agree with whoever said this recently, that if Barrero fails next year, EDLC will be the next fulltime SS. And he should be, as their best prospect rocketing to the big club.

        I am not disputing the possible need for EDLC to move off of SS, just that with this type of elite talent, why mess with success? I suspect we’ll know fairly soon if he cannot play SS. Instead, I’d argue that other, lesser talent be moved, ie, Marte to 3B, or CES to 1B or McLain to CF or Utility.

        I would, on the other hand, support a developmental program of moving guys around in the minors to create versatility. That’s appropriate teaching and training. But the last minute stuff is a big risk and with an elite player .. (or the number 2 overall pick and 6 million dollar investment, or your five million dollar international investment, either).

      • MBS

        @Dave Yes, I agree position moves should be made in the minors. If we keep EDLC as the back up, and Barrero succeeds, then you will either have to keep EDLC in the minors longer to learn his new position, or let him learn in the majors. Personally I’d give Barrero at minimum the 1st half of 23 to prove himself. I would start EDLC’s instruction on CF after the seasons end. If Barrero does fail, Marte and McLain should be ready by 23. If all works out 24 could be a lot of fun with a super young team.

        C Stephenson / Free
        DH CES / Stephenson
        1B McGarry / CES
        2B Steer / Lopez
        SS Barrero / Lopez
        3B Marte / Lopez
        RF McLain / Siani
        CF EDLC / Siani
        LF India / Friedl

  3. Tom

    I cannot distinguish Blake Dunn, Cade Hunter, Logan Tanner, or Jake Rogers in my mind.

  4. MBS

    Blake Dunn is a ski instructor in the 84 classic movie Snowballing. Cade Hunter is a renegade cop who doesn’t play by the rules. Logan Tanner was the lead character of that 74 sci fi classic Logan’s Run, a cop with a change of heart that lead to a new and better society. Jack Rogers is the star in a low budget version of Pirates of the Caribbean.

  5. MK

    Good for Austin Hendrick. He has played well the second half and lately but he had been pressing trying to hit that 20th Home Run of the season. The double he hit earlier in the game missed by about a foot of clearing the Lansing right field 20foot wall. That had to be a little demoralizing.

  6. MK

    Think I heard last night that the Dragons lead all minor league team in strike outs.

  7. Alex Reds

    T.J. Hopkins is really underrated. I think he can help the MLB team now. His AAA numbers are .306/.370/.551 with a .921 OPS. He can play the outfield well, and some CF. I think a strong candidate for 1B giving the Reds situation. He might have already passed McGarry for this opportunity at 1B IMO. For sure better than Moose. I think his performance this second half should have him higher on the prospect lists. He must be protected in Rule 5 draft or he will for sure be selected as he’s ready to impact at the MLB level now. The average OPS in MLB this year is .708. I’d take the over on Hopkins on this and that makes him a nice player with some defensive versatility. My rough guess is Hopkins will be about .760 OPS in MLB and still a chance he’s a .800 OPS hitter. There’s some small sample risk here but it’s worth taking for a 40 man spot for the Reds and any other team.

    • MK

      Alex, I don’t understand the underrated thought. I think the Reds have always rated him fairly. On his way through the majors they skipped him above Low A straight from Rookie to High A. They have promoted him him in timely manner from there to now AAA. If you are talking about the people who make the lists of prospects, remember it is the Reds people who really count. You will see what the Reds brass thinks when 40-man roster set.

    • Alex Reds

      Underrated with regards to the prospect rankings, Hopkins is not in top 25. McGarry is. The Reds don’t release their own rankings nor should they. To be fair, he’s come on lately with incredible numbers and performance at the top level of the minor leagues. Before that, including at mid season, I can see why he would rate lower, but now the question is can it be sustained or improved upon, and what is this performance worth? Will it translate or translate enough to the majors? These are good questions but my main point is it better end up with a 40 man spot to find out.