On the final day of the season for Dayton and Daytona they both wound up being washed out by rain, though Daytona’s game got underway before it came to a halt in the 4th inning. Andrew Abbott put together another good start for Chattanooga that saw him rack up nine strikeouts while Elly De La Cruz stole three bases and picked up two hits in the Lookouts win, and in Louisville a trio of big leaguers rehabbed while Juniel Querecuto homered for the 3rd straight game.

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The Louisville Bats lost 8-5. Box Score

Game Notes

Hunter Greene looked good in his third rehab start as he struck out 5 of the 14 hitters he faced, throwing 66 pitches with 44 strikes.

Juniel Querecuto remained hot as he homered for the 3rd game in a row and the 5th time in the last 7 games.

Stephen Piscotty’s power keeps playing for the Bats. He’s doubled twice and homered four times in his 15 games with Louisville.

TJ Hopkins remained hot as well. He’s now hitting .333/.397/.596 in his 16 games since being promoted to Triple-A. He also made an incredible catch to end the 1st inning.

The Chattanooga Lookouts won 6-5. Box Score

Game Notes

Andrew Abbott put together another good start in September, following up his previous 5-shutout inning start with another one on Sunday. Both have come against Birmingham and he combined for 13 strikeouts with just 5 hits and 2 walks. The lefty now has 151 strikeouts in 112.0 innings pitched between Dayton and Chattanooga this season.

Elly De La Cruz saw his average dip to .299 on the season following Saturday’s game. He got back to the .300 mark on Sunday with his 2 hits. His 3 steals on the day also tied him with Jay Allen II for 2nd place in the organization with 43. Both trail Michael Siani’s 49 steals.

In a “well that’s a weird stat” category, Brian Rey walked 5 times in 9 games out in Arizona when his season began. He’s now racked up 103 plate appearances between Dayton and Chattanooga since leaving Goodyear and hasn’t walked once (he’s struck out just 12 times). His 3 hits on Sunday did push his average to .308 in 11 games with the Lookouts.

The Dayton Dragons game was cancelled.

The Dragons season is officially over. They finish the year at 67-61.

The Daytona Tortugas game was cancelled.

The game got underway in Daytona on Sunday, but in the 4th inning storms rolled through and put a halt to the game. They never let up and the game was cancelled. Prior to that, though, Cade Hunter hit a home run that won’t count in the stat sheet because technically the game never happened.

Daytona’s season is now officially over. They finished the season at 54-75.

Top 25 Prospect Rundown

9/12 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 54-81 OFF DAY Here Here Here
Chattanooga 57-73 OFF DAY Here Here Here
Dayton 67-61 Season Complete Here Here Here
Daytona 54-75 Season Complete Here Here N/A
ACL Reds 32-19 Season Complete Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds
24-26 Season Complete Here N/A N/A

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33 Responses

  1. Redsvol

    Unless greene is injured I sincerely hope his next start is in the majors. Nice finish by pitchers Abbott and Phillips. I hope Stoudt gets another start or two.

    Would have like to have seen a better finish by hitters McLain, Hinds and Cerda. Those 3 have an opportunity to break into the bigs next year but they didn’t exactly seize their moment this year. Hopefully they will work and continue to get better. I’d like to see Hinds and Cerda play in the Arizona fall league so we can continue to see them against good competition.

    • Matt

      Agreed on Abbott and Phillips. They should both get one more start. Hope they finish well. Maybe move them to Louisville the last week just to get another start beyond that just because.

      In 30 games since August started, Cerda is 255/407/468, K% down to 27% (not including tonight). I’d say he finished alright.

      • Norwood Nate

        Yeah, Cerda has certainly held his own in AA, in my opinion. His OPS is good, takes walks, hit the ball with authority when he makes contact, plays a good OF. That 1-34 or whatever the stretch was really drags down his batting average and overall numbers. But they’re still really solid for a young player in his first taste of AA.

    • DaveCT

      Hinds certainly needs more game time after his injury this season. I’m not sure, however, he is a serious candidate for the ML’s next year. 2024 for me. For Cerda to arrive there, he’d have to leapfrog over Hopkins and to some degree Gilliam. Not impossible if he blisters early next year.

  2. MK

    Pretty sure de la Cruz will beat these three to the majors as he has been better than all three of these by a lot. I was told by a Reds official that they expect Elly in Cincy at some point in 2023. I could really see Hinds and Cerda spending a whole year in AA next year.

  3. AMDG

    Ever since drafting Tyler Stephenson in 2015, the Reds have really seemed to struggle to draft a catcher who can hit the baseball.

    Looking back at their top catcher drafted every year since, with career minor league slash lines…

    2016 Chris Okey (2nd Rd) … 0.208 / 0.282 / .0329 … (no longer with Reds)
    2017 Mark Kolozsvary (7) … 0.217 / 0.328 / 0.346 … (hit 0.182 in AAA this year)
    2018 Jay Schuyler (7) … 0.249 / 0.331 / 0.329 … (hit 0.182 in AA this year)
    2019 Eric Yang (7) … 0.229 / 0.361 / 0.337 … (hit 0.203 in AA & AAA this year)
    2020 Jackson Miller (2) … has played 3 career games in minors. Injured.
    2021 Mat Nelson (1) … 0.215 / 0.307 / .0360 … (hit 0.219 in A+ this year)
    2022 Logan Tanner (2) … 0.200 / 0.329 / 0.300

      • Old Big Ed

        Exactly. There are only a handful of MLB catchers who can actually hit. Many of the ones who can aren’t great receivers, like Will Smith or Gary Sanchez, who can kinda/sorta hit.

    • DaveCT

      It may be a touch early to send Tanner to this list. Given his history of swing and miss, I didn’t quite get the drafting of Nelson, though.

  4. Dan

    Doug, normally you aren’t behind the ball in reporting potential prospect news. Last BA had a tidbit about the Venezuela catcher the Reds are set to sign in January, he’s now listed at 6’3” 225 lbs, and they are raving about all of his tools except speed, pop times at or below1.9

  5. RedsGettingBetter

    I wonder if actually TJ Hopkins will reach the major league team in 2023 because he has been a very good season thru the farm system and considering the Reds OF status maybe he could deserve one chance sometime… The spring training could be the key to him can make it…
    Abbott is a hope to 2023, he should settle in AA and ocasionally be promoted to AAA staying ready to any call up at the end of the 2023 season…

    • Bdh

      Hopkins absolutely should be with the reds next year and hopefully from opening day.

      The reds more than likely will take 5 outfielders into opening day.

      3 locks for me

      Hopefully a free agent corner outfielder is signed. It’s the biggest need in the lineup next year and the reds can actually afford a good sized contract.

      That leaves 1 spot and with Fraley being a platoon player it needs to be a right handed hitter. The options for that role look to be Aquino, Almora (was he DFA’d or released?), Fairchild, Piscotty, and Hopkins. With there being somewhat of a 40 man crunch this offseason it would be the best case scenario for Hopkins, who mashes lefties, to get the spot and try to keep one of the former 4 in the system (not on the 40 man) for depth at AAA.

      • Matt

        I’m holding out hope they can be a mystery team and sign Aaron Judge (yes, I know there’s probably a < 1% chance that the Reds offer enough money to bring Judge to Cincinnati, but I can dream).

        VS Righties: Fraley, Friedl, Judge
        VS Lefties: Judge, Hopkins, Aquino

      • Redsvol

        Why in the world do you consider Senzel a lock? He’s going to start costing real money next year and his results this year are well below league average.

  6. Bdh

    Cade Hunter is right there with Vellojin for the top catching prospect in the system for me now. I’m probably more excited for Hunter but Vellojin is playing 2 levels ahead of him and is only a couple months older.

  7. Bdh

    After signing a corner outfielder (Benintendi) and a back end starting pitcher the biggest move I want the reds to make is letting go of Moustakas

    Votto, India, and Barrero are locked in at their spots for opening day. 3rd can either be Farmer or Steer with the other at DH. That likely leaves 1 spot for an infielder on next years team. Does anyone really think Moustakas at this point deserves it over Alejo Lopez?

    • RedsGettingBetter

      Moustakas is injured and nobody misses him, it is sad to say…

  8. Randy in Chatt

    I hope they bump EDLC up to AAA when Chattanooga’s season ends this week. Gives him two more series to get the 30hr, 40SB season which would be just awesome (if he doesn’t get those HR’s this week). Plus it gives him some time in the highest ML level.

  9. 2024WSChamps

    Surprised no one has talked about the turnaround Hendrick has had in Dayton. His season stat line: 300 PAs with a .759 OPS is easily the best season of his MiLB career. What is more significant is how he played from August – September. Over those 118 PAs, he had a K rate of only 27.1% (not usually impressive, but more than a 10% drop for him). He hit a slash line of .247/.373/.536 for a .909 OPS. Is it possible he figured something out? That is undoubtedly the best month+ stretch of his career.

    • Old Big Ed

      Doug has posted some positive murmurings about Hendrick. I had written him off, but it kinda sounds like he finally understood that what he was doing wasn’t working and that he needed to listen to what the coaches were telling him.

  10. Old Big Ed

    Doug, when will we hear about the Arizona Fall League participants? The selections tend to baffle me, although Michael Siani seemed to have gotten a lot out of it this year. I have some sense that they will pick guys who had an injury, so Rece Hinds would seem to fit that profile.

    • Doug Gray

      I’d imagine it would be soon. There’s been an unconfirmed report that Noelvi Marte will be one of the Reds selections for the AFL. The league begins in less than a month, so we shouldn’t have to wait much longer until we find out.

    • DaveCT

      Given his injury this year, I’d hope Blake Dunn will be considered as well. Even though he is just in Lo-A, he is also 24 and only managed 11 games last year. I think he is certainly age appropriate. Perhaps Tyler Callihan, too.

  11. JaxDan

    Austin Hendrick hit .255/.377/.543 (.920 OPS) over his final 27 games, with 7 dingers and 28 ribbies in that span (alongside 17 BB and 30 K). Hopefully in 2023 he can continue this slash line if not better than finish the season in Chattanooga.

  12. MK

    What was the Jackson Miller injury issue this year? I think it was a hernia last year.
    looks like a wasted pick at this point. He has a brother Aiken who is a top high school prospect for the next draft. Wonder if the scouts will rate him down due to genetics and his brother’s injury issues.