Louisville is the lone team still playing on the farm, with eight games remaining on the schedule after their loss on Monday night. Graham Ashcraft struggled in his second rehab start while both Ronnie Dawson and Isiah Gilliam had 3-hit games for the Bats.

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The Louisville Bats lost 8-6. Box Score

Game Notes

It was a rough night for Graham Ashcraft. He gave up 11 hits in just 2.2 innings, including three doubles. He didn’t walk anyone, and a few hits were bloopers that just found some open space, but 11 hits in 2.2 innings is 11 hits in 2.2 innings. He threw 70 pitches with 48 strikes on the night.

Isiah Gilliam picked up three hits, including two triples. He doubled the amount of triples he had on the season, entering the night with two of them. His first one came on April 24th and then he didn’t have another one for four months (and a day). All four of his doubles have come from the left side of the plate.

It’s been a tough stretch for Ronnie Dawson, who had hit .226/.266/.324 since July 29th (32 games), but he picked up three hits on Monday night. That was his first 3-hit game since he had back-to-back 3-hit games on July 9th and 10th against St. Paul.

Ricky Karcher hasn’t allowed a run in his last 10 outings, lowering his ERA with Louisville to 3.95 in the process.

9/20 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 56-86 6:35pm Stoudt Here Here Here
Chattanooga 61-75 Season Complete Here Here Here
Dayton 67-61 Season Complete Here Here Here
Daytona 54-75 Season Complete Here Here N/A
ACL Reds 32-19 Season Complete Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds
24-26 Season Complete Here N/A N/A

13 Responses

  1. AMDG

    Am looking forward to following L’ville next year when they have some legit, young prospects (Elly, Siani, McLain, Strand, etc.) with a good ceiling who are playing regularly.

    This year it seemed as if the AAA team was just a lesser version of the MLB team with low quality veterans and older minor leaguers.

    Not much to get excited about when guys like Querecuto, Motter, Dawson, Moran and Amburgey are among your leaders in playing time ;-)

    • Greenfield Red

      Agree with this, and also say, if all these guys at the minor league level are as good as we think, they should be winning a lot at all levels. The combined records were just as bad this year as previous years.

      • EyeballsInNooga

        I can only comment on AA, but there are a couple barriers that held that team back in the win column this year despite a decent amount of prospect talent.

        First was the pitching. The entire year they really only had two competent relievers – Garcia and Karcher – and both those guys were only there part of the season. It is difficult to encapsulate in words how messy things got after the 5th or so. And for a lot of the season, that mess included the starters as well. For a while, Abbott was slumping horribly and was still the only remotely capable starter.

        Second was the fact that, though prospect-laden, the entire roster was really young for level. Most AA teams have a couple 21-22 year olds playing big roles and learning on the fly. For Chattanooga, that was pretty much the whole team for more than half the year. On the flip side, most AA teams have a few capable org guys between 25-27 years old who put a floor under everything the whole year. Besides Isaiah Gilliam, Byrd Tenerowicz and Chuckie Robinson – who were only there for half the season each – that just didn’t exist in Chattanooga. That’s related to the next point.

        Finally, just as the roster was quite young, the paucity of prospects above caused promotions of a lot of decent talent out early in the season, both of prospects and org guys (Gilliam, Robinson, Tenerowicz on top of Williamson and Karcher) earlier than most of the corresponding promotions from Dayton were ready for AA. Combined with a couple injuries – McLain, most prominently – they just didn’t have enough talent to compete. From mid June to late July, they went 7-25. Unsurprisingly this ended when McLain came back and De La Cruz arrived, quickly followed by CES.

        But seriously, that pitching. During that bad stretch, just look at the nightly scores: it was a rare night they were giving up fewer than 7.

  2. Matt

    Stoudt got about 50 pitches in his last start, and he looked good doing so. Hopefully he can get a few more and then get one more start to close out the year.

    Regardless of the outcome, I feel like Ashcraft’s next start will be for the Reds. Get him a couple more starts. Get Overton a couple starts. End the Chase Anderson experience. Maybe roll 6 man the rest of the year with Lodolo, Greene, Minor, Cessa, Ashcraft, Overton.

    • Mike

      Highly doubt we’re paying Minor to come back, at least at this year’s price. Anderson is a DJ favorite from their days in Milwaukee, like Miley was. He’ll come a lot cheaper, too.

      • Matt

        Oh, I meant the rest of this season. I have zero interest seeing Mike Minor play for the 2023 Reds.

  3. LDS

    Ashcraft didn’t have a good night, but hopefully it’s rust and not a persistent medical condition that hasn’t been disclosed. The bigger issue concerns 2023. If he doesn’t return to form, the Reds need even more rotation help. Lodolo and Ashcraft seemed the most likely to be consistent next year, based on age and experience. Greene may suffer more variation in performance until he’s pitched a while longer. For the rest of the rotation, hopefully Minor is gone. Cessa, despite his last game, doesn’t have a good track record as a starter historically. Overton, hopefully, but his MLB tenure is too short to draw conclusions. So, the Reds start the off-season really short of dependable options going into 2023. If only they had an ace, like Castillo.

    • Mac624

      2023 is a lost season already. Might as well prepare yourself for that. While the focus will be on developing Ashcraft, Lodolo, and Greene and finding a true 4th and 5th starter, they are still going to have to find some inning eaters as they figure out the final slots to the rotation throughout the first half of the season. Cessa makes sense early, but a lot will depend on what Stoudt and Abbott and Williamson and perhaps Overton do over the winter and in spring training and starting out in AAA. I fully expect a junk heap signing like Minor to at least start the season as well. 2023 will be all about what the team starts looking like mid-season and beyond, and not necessarily how they look May 1st both with the pitching staff and on the field.

      • Rob

        I dont know that 2023 will be a repeat of 2022’s dumpster fire. I look for and expect some improvement toward 75+ wins. Several factors:
        – We have an abundance of tradable prospects. More than we possibly can use. Not all are A+++ but a number have market value. Example: Spencer Steer, our #7 Prospect has Tyler Mahle type value.
        – We have cash to spend. We have off loaded about $40-50M in salary obligations…mainly for prospects. How we spend this cash is an entirely different question. We could go the Pham, Minor, Drury, route again but I personally would prefer some emphasis at C, bullpen, and 30 HR bats.
        – We have 3 young stud pitchers waiting to earn their stripes. While there was alot of over excitement here, the fact remains these guys only won like 13 games. At some point, that number needs to approach 40+ wins. I look for some GM recognition here that these guys need some offensive support. Not the Yankees but something much better than 190-220 hitters. Or are they fodder for another year?

      • Zach

        Doubt they pay $10M for another junker like Minor. They should be getting a solid mid-rotation piece for that much. There are a lot of options out there.

        I would love to see Johnny Cueto back in a reds uniform for Minors salary (or less). He could also mentor the young guys.

        Here’s some other options who are FAs at the end of the season.

  4. Zach

    @Doug Any updates on Marte in the WBC? I saw one game reported from two days ago that said the following..
    “Cincinnati Reds top prospect Noelvi Marte went 4-for-6 and drove in five runs against the Czechs”
    Also saw a home run clip that Marte shot off of the top of the wall in center field. Maybe worth an article if you have additional updates? Just a thought. Cheers

    • Zach

      Pulling this back- I saw you already wrote a piece of the first part. The home run is newer news though. Nice to watch him light it up

  5. Doc4uk

    Stoudt stout tonight with 4 innings shut out ball. Could he break into the 2023 rotation?

    Also Sianni looks like he might be our 2023 CF. Speed and Fielding for sure. Average bat but more power than Senzel.