Isiah Gilliam picked up two hits and a walk for Louisville on Thursday night as he kept his hot hitting going for the Bats, but the rest of the team managed two hits as well in another loss.

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The Louisville Bats lost 5-1. Box Score

Game Notes

Overall it was a tough night for the Louisville pitchers when it came to throwing strikes. There were five relievers who combined for eight walks in 6.0 innings.

Isiah Gilliam picked up another extra-base hit. The switch-hitter hit .189/.318/.324 in his first 18 games for Louisville. In the 31 games since then he’s hit .287/.345/.546.

Brandon Williamson had rebounded a bit from his last start where he walked four batters in 2.0 innings and gave up two runs by limiting the walks to just one in 3.0 innings where he allowed just one run.

9/23 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 57-88 7:05pm Overton Here Here Here
Chattanooga 61-75 Season Complete Here Here Here
Dayton 67-61 Season Complete Here Here Here
Daytona 54-75 Season Complete Here Here N/A
ACL Reds 32-19 Season Complete Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds
24-26 Season Complete Here N/A N/A

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16 Responses

    • DaveCT

      It makes a certain amount of sense to add Hopkins and Gilliam as low cost 40 man guys to fill in next year, as opposed to the standard AAAA player for depth.

    • BK

      I don’t think Gilliam should be added to the 40-man. His wRC+ at Louisville of 116 is admirable. However, he was signed prior to this season as a free agent to play at AA. He’ll be 27 next season. If the Reds want to keep him, simply resign him.

      Hopkins is a year younger and has less pro experience. His wRC+ at Louisville is 118–like Gilliam, promising. He’s also a bit older (turns 26 next season). While they’re both corner OFs, I’d prefer Hopkins. That said, as of today, Hopkins is the last guy I would protect.

      • Matt

        Stoudt, Williamson, Marte, de la Cruz, and Vellojin (as well as Siani, but he’s been added already) are the sure fire locks. I think Hopkins would be next in line. Quintana I go back and forth on.

  1. Doc4uk

    Who among Stoudt , Williamson, Phillips or Abbott will make the 2023 Reds Rotation or will all start at Louisville in 2023? Will Cessa jump over them as a starter? Can Overton come all the way back or will he too be at Louisville to start 2023?

    • EyeballsInNooga

      Abbott looks ready for AAA to me. Phillips should start in AA again; he’s not really close to AAA ready. Unless Williamson has made a ton of progress in the last ~3 months, he’s also not really close to the majors. Stoudt might be the closest of them (and he should be – he’s 25 in December), but remember he’s also had maybe a half-dozen starts above AA.

      So, my answer on a “should” basis would be none of those guys. But that’s predicated on that 2023 “should” have fewer injuries than ’22. I’d be inclined to give Overton a shot. The time it takes for him to either seize it or not might be enough to provide some clarity on what’s next.

      • Reaganspad

        Agree on Overton. Cessa should get a shot as well based on what he has shown this year. Dunn will be another year removed from surgery. If his velo ticks up a little more, it will help. I like his makeup.

    • MBS

      Cessa and a FA starter would be my vote. I like Dunn, and Overton, but neither can be plan A due to injury or injury and inexperience respectively. Those 2 seem like the guys that if healthy would come up to fill in for an injured starter.

      Williamson, and Stoudt could push their way on to the roster with a good showing in in the 1st half of 23. Abbott just had a big season, it took him a bit, but he seemed to adjust to AA. It would be cool if he shot up past Williamson and Stoudt and took a rotation spot at some point in 23. I’m thinking Phillips, Boyle, and Roa are more 24, or later arrivals.

      • Optimist

        +100 to all of this except Cessa should not become a starter. He and Hoffman can be the multi-innings/spot starter roles, but neither is likely a 5th starter.

        Dunn is the best of the bunch, but for how long? Overton/FA/FA/Stoudt will be the tryout list after that, unless they get lucky or spend wisely for one of the FAs.

        Also, add Chase Petty at the end of the list – he’s the youngest of the bunch and progressing nicely. Could advance quickly, but not likely next year.

      • RedsGettingBetter

        Now you mention a FA could be a rotation spot option, What about Chase Anderson? He’s thrown well in September against good lineups additionally he has a good experience and is cheap…

      • Optimist

        Anderson is certainly playing himself into FA consideration. I wonder how much Syndergaard will cost next year, or Cueto? Otherwise, I’ll be impressed if they only go with 1 FA.

      • MBS

        I’d like Syndergaard, but I am afraid of his health. To be fair that’s the only reason he’d be gettable for the Reds. Bleacher Report has him at 2Y/$32M. That would be doable, but that much into a FA starter probably would come at the expense of another position of need. Closer is the number #1 need, and it would also cost about 2Y/$32M for a quality one. OF bat is also a top need and would be as expensive or more depending on who you target. Then we need smaller pieces like a setup man, and a back up catcher. If $120M is the budget, I don’t know if the Reds could get all of that with a Syndergaard level FA, but probably could with a Cueto level FA.

      • Optimist

        Agree on Thor and health issues, but IIRC someone thought the price would be much lower than what Bleacher report shows – both for health, and secondary analytics are not too good – hence, more like a Cueto price, except Cueto’s price is going up.

        Also agree on the other needs ahead of this, but thinking it’s better to go high risk/high reward than another Minor fading end-of-career type.

        Was surprised at the Minor/Miley exchange, and cannot see them going over $10m again.

      • MK

        Optimist Cessa has been a lot better as a starter than he was in relief, which was not good. I’d pitch him where most successful .

      • Optimist

        Small sample size as a starter, and a career sample size as a very good middle reliever, and IIRC his troubles this year came when playing through an injury – and has returned to form since his return, both in relief and starting. Akin to SanMartin, but with much more experience and a track record. They should be the middle inning lefty-righty combo.