It was a short hiatus between the end of the season and the Arizona Fall League getting started. The wait was a little bit longer for others, but the time between the end of the season and the fall league starting is much shorter than it used to be. This afternoon will see games begin at 3:35pm ET.

We broke down the players who will be playing for the Glendale Desert Dogs a few weeks ago when the rosters were released, so for a more detailed look at each guy check out this link here. Pitchers Christian Roa, Jake Gozzo, Sam Benschoter, and Vin Timpanelli will all be representing the Reds. Gozzo and Timpanelli were both relievers this season. Roa started every game he appeared in, while Benschoter saw action out of the bullpen and in the rotation – though even out of the bullpen he was in a piggy back type system early in the season and threw 3-4 innings nearly every time out of the bullpen. How Benschoter and Roa will be used will be interesting to see. But it’s worth noting that even the guys that start out there only throw a few innings before the bullpen takes over.

Infielders Matt McLain and Noelvi Marte, as well as outfielder Rece Hinds will be among the position players for Glendale. Marte, who has only played shortstop as a professional, will see action at third base for the Desert Dogs as the organization wants to get a look at him at the position. McLain could see action at both shortstop and second base – positions he played in 2022 in the second half once Elly De La Cruz arrived in Chattanooga and the two split time at shortstop.

Will we get Statcast Data?

We will almost assuredly get some data from the Arizona Fall League, but like in the past it seems it will only be coming from games played at Salt River Fields or Chase Field. For Glendale, that means that these are the dates to keep an eye on:

  • October 4th
  • October 10th
  • October 11th
  • October 15th (Chase Field)

It’s possible the other ballparks could have some sort of Statcast data introduced this year – there’s almost no way that the teams aren’t getting this data as there’s at least some system set up in these parks – but whether we get it in a public facing manner is another story. We’re all going to have to find that out together.

The Fall Stars game will take place on November 6th, kicking off the final week of the AFL. The playoffs begin on November 11th and the championship game will be on the 12th. Every Sunday is an off day (except November 6th).

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6 Responses

    • Doug Gray

      I didn’t see one, and I didn’t ask for one. From what it sounded like when I asked about instructs at the end of August the impression that I got was that it was going to be basically an extension of the ACL guys. Every other team still had weeks to play when instructs began. I asked if there was going to be any secondary instructs for the older players like there has been a few times in the past and there wasn’t.

      • Denise Newbolt

        Hmmm. Does this Reds team have an instruction base at all? Does this Reds team have viable scouting? A small market team can’t effectively spend millions of dollars on players. Who are those scouts that are supposed to know how to recruit young talent? ? Where are they in the rebuilding process? Has Krall even talked to them in years? Have these mysterious scouts been carried away by the Florida turtles or spirited away my some other minor league mascot? What are the Reds scouts doing?

  1. DaveCT

    Benschoter throwing in relief today. Two nice innings. 26 pitches 18 strikes.. with that big breaking curve, I winder if we accelerate the ETA for him.

    McLain/Marte batting 2-3 in lineup. Hinds a bit lower down.

    • Doug Gray

      The general rule once a guy reaches AA for me is “anytime soon”. He’s one of the guys that I’m really looking forward to doing a deep dive on once I get all of the data downloaded for Daytona and can get the Hawkeye data from their road games for. The plan is to try and finish up parsing all of that data on Tuesday and then I can start taking a look at it. Early in the year his breaking ball was just eating people alive down there. Really looking forward to seeing what the metrics are on it beyond the “simple” data that gameday was spitting out.

      • DaveCT

        I’ll be really curious about that data. Plus his first name is Sam.