The “regular season” in the Arizona Fall League didn’t exactly go well for Noelvi Marte. The Cincinnati Reds #3 prospect walked 12 times and had just 14 strikeouts in 21 games played, but he struggled to find hits along the way as he posted a .211 batting average, a .321 on-base percentage, and he slugged just .310 with one double and two home runs in 84 plate appearances. But with the “playoffs” starting last night (1 and done format), Marte helped lead Glendale to an appearance in the Championship game. The infielder homered in his first at-bat. He added a double in his second at-bat. The third time he came to the plate he would walk. He’d finish 2-3 with a walk and a strikeout.

Tonight you will be able to watch the AFL Championship game at 8pm ET at this link. No lineups are available yet, so I can’t say for certain if any of the Reds prospects will be in the game or not. We’re all just going to have to find out together.

23 Players Elect Free Agency

It’s minor league free agent season and on Friday there were 23 players in the Reds organization who elected minor league free agency.

Position Player
RHP Brandon Bailey
3B Cristian Santana
RHP Deck McGuire
RHP Diomar Lopez
C Chuckie Robinson
RF Isiah Gilliam
3B Juniel Querecuto
LHP Justin Nicolino
SS Leonardo Rivas
CF Lorenzo Cedrola
SS Michael De Leon
RHP Miguel Medrano
RHP Nick Hanson
RHP Parker Brahms
RHP Pedro Payano
IF Ranser Amador
RHP Raynel Espinal
LF Ronnie Dawson
RF Stephen Piscotty
RHP Trey Wingenter
RHP Walker Lockett
RHP Wilder Zapata

Some of these names are more recognizable than others. Brandon Bailey, Deck McGuire, Chuckie Robinson, Justin Nicolino, Raynel Espinal, Ronnie Dawson, Stephen Piscotty, and Trey Wingenter all have spent time in the big leagues in the past (some with the Reds, some with other teams). One player on the list, Walker Lockett, I didn’t even remember being in the organization. He saw action in the big leagues from 2018-2020 before pitching in Korea in 2021. He signed with the Reds in May of 2022 but never made it into a game at any level during the season.

Winter League Updates

The Australian Winter League began this week. At least as of now the only Red playing there is Donald Lutz, and he’s a Reds employee (he’s one of the scouts in Australia) and no longer a Reds player. Michael Siani’s younger brother Sammy is playing in the league, though, just in case you happen to be browsing some box scores or tuning into broadcasts of the games.

Venezuelan Winter League

Eduardo Salazar has been having a good showing so far in Venezuela while pitching for Caribes de Anzoategui. A starter for the Reds, he’s pitched mostly out of the bullpen this fall/winter, making one start and four relief appearances. In his 7.2 innings he’s allowed just one earned run (1.17 ERA) on four hits and two walks while striking out five batters.

Manuel Cachutt is also pitching out of the bullpen for Anzoategui. He’s allowed one run in four outings, striking out two batters with two walks in 6.1 innings while giving up five hits.

Puerto Rican Winter League

There are a handful of Cincinnati Reds minor leaguers in the league this year. Brian Rey is out to the best start among the group so far. He’s hitting .286/.450/.286 with five walks, two strikeouts, a steal, three runs, and two runs batted in so far through five games played. Edwin Arroyo is on the same Mayaguez team as Rey and he’s played in four games so far, hitting .182/.308/.182 with two walks and three strikeouts.

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4 Responses

  1. DaveCT

    It’d be nice if the team can re-sign Gilliam, given the need at the ML level as well as the opportunity for him.

    I’ve seen two of Marte’s home runs down in Arizona this fall. Both looked like inside pitches that he just jumped all over.

  2. MK


    Australian Darcy Longstaff a seventeen-year-old right-handed pitcher that recently signed with Reds by Donald Lutz is on the roster of the Melbourne Aces. He has pitched a third of an inning so far. Expected to see Ben Walmsley on a roster but don’t see him.

    • Doug Gray

      I had to look up Darcy Longstaff because I didn’t remember seeing him anywhere in the transactions. First, I was disappointed to find out that the Darcy Longstaff on YouTube was not his channel about horses. Second, he’s still not in the transaction logs. My guess is that they are awaiting some sort of approval/physical or something before it’s truly official. I’ll add him to my list though so I can keep tabs on him.

  3. MK

    If you go to: there is a post about his signing plus the same thing is on Donald’s Facebook page.