In his professional debut in 2021, Carlos Jorge put up one of the best debuts in the Dominican Summer League seen in recent years. The then 17-year-old hit .346/.436/.579 and stole 27 bases in 47 games played.

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After a strong debut the Cincinnati Reds brought Carlos Jorge stateside and placed him in Goodyear with the Arizona League Reds. The second baseman got out to a hot start, going 9-19 with five extra-base hits in the first week of the season. But over the next three weeks he went into a slump, going 6-36 (.167) with 17 strikeouts in just 45 plate appearances.

After an off day on July 3rd he got back into the groove of things, hitting .417 with more walks than strikeouts for the next week. But as hot as he was that week, he was as cold the next one, going 1-15 (.067). Over the next three weeks Jorge would play in just four games after he missed a few games before a bunch of games were cancelled around the complex the first week of August. Coming out of the off time, the slump continued until the final day of the year. In a doubleheader, Jorge went 3-5 with a walk and two home runs to finish out his season.

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Carlos Jorge Scouting Report

Position: Second Base | B/T: L/R

Height: 5′ 10″ | Weight: 174 lbs | Acquired: International FA, 2021

Born: September 22, 2003

Hitting | He has an above-average hit tool.

Power | He has average power.

Speed | There’s plus speed to his game.

Defense | He’s an average defender.

Arm | He has an average arm.

While Carlos Jorge didn’t put up the same kind of numbers that he did in his debut, he was still among the league leaders in plenty of categories. He finished 4th in the league in OPS with a .934 mark and he led the league in steals with 27 – no one else topped 16.

At the plate he walked 16% of the time in 2022 – up from a high rate of 13% in 2021. But with more walks also came more strikeouts. In 2021 he struck out just 17% of the time. That rate jumped to 27% in 2022. The power ticked up and once again stood out both for his age and for the league as a whole.

From a scouting perspective, Jorge has a good hit tool, but he’s going to have to cut back on the strikeouts to fully utilize it. While he’s a bit undersized and doesn’t have standout exit velocities, the ball carries off of his bat well. As he continues to mature and get stronger that could allow his power to play up a little bit. With his plus speed, he’s able to gain a few extra bases when he puts the ball into the outfield. On the bases his speed plays well and he’s stolen 54 bases in just 89 games during his career so far.

Defensively he can cover you at shortstop if needed, but he profiles a little bit better at second base. His range is solid and his arm plays at short or second just fine.

He battled some consistency at the plate in 2022, going through times where he was hotter than the sun or colder than ice. The walks and ability on the bases help alleviate that a bit, as did his ability on the bases. Still, becoming more consistent than he was in 2022 would be a good step in the right direction.


video from Carlos Jorge’s Instagram

Carlos Jorge Spray Chart

Interesting Stat on Carlos Jorge

He posted a .969 OPS against right-handed pitching with 24 walks and 33 strikeouts. Against lefties he posted a .730 OPS with 1 walk and 8 strikeouts.

18 Responses

  1. Stock

    I am excited to see Jorge and the rest of the Daytona 9 in action this April. I can’t remember a t ime when a team had a legit prospect at every position.

    C: Cade Hunter
    1B: Sal Stewart
    2B: Carlos Jorge
    3B: Cam Collier
    SS: Victor Acosta, Leonardo Balcazar
    LF: Donovan Antonio
    CF: Hector Rodriguez (INJ)
    RF: Ariel Almonte

    Seven of the nine made Doug’s top 25 and Antonio was close at midseason prior to the trades. The ninth player (Cade Hunter) had an OPS of 0.934 last summer in AZ.

    Throw in Malvin Valdez and a potential staff of Bryce Hubbart, Ben Brutti, Kenya Huggins, Adam Serwinowski, Gabriel Aguilera and Hunter Parks and the people in the Daytona area should have a great spring.

    • MBS

      It will be interesting to see how they find time to play Acosta, Jorge, Balcazar, and Ascanio.

      My gut tells me

      SS Balcazar / Acosta
      2B Jorge / Ascanio

      Maybe Acosta, and, or Ascanio getting some 3B or OF time to. Just too many highly rated middle infielders for 1 team. I doubt any will get bumped up to A+ out of spring.

    • BK

      Lots of really good prospects at the lower levels. Look forward to watching them develop and start a long pipeline of talent to the major league team. This is the best path to sustained success … hoping the Reds have the patience to stick with their plan.

  2. Michael P

    Wow, what a team. Really excited lots of these studs. I could see a 2023 organizational top ten list that included Collier, Jorge, Stewart and Amonte included. Potentially 4 top 100 prospects in this lineup.

  3. RedsGettingBetter

    Jorge is definetly a good prospect but he must to improve some aspects in order to climb up the prospects rankings, still he’s very young. I think he’ll be assigned to the Tortugas beginning this year…

  4. DaveCT

    It’ll be interesting to see how well these offensive minded players cope with and overcome playing in Daytona and a league that can suppress numbers. I’m coming around to the idea that guys like Cam Collier who are used to pretty good success at the plate can sure get a character check down there. That said, I strongly prefer this to the old California League’s inflated numbers. Billings, too, for that reason, though I was fond of having a team there.

    • Doug Gray

      I will be forever angry about how the Pioneer League was destroyed.

      • DaveCT

        No kidding. For a game that wants to honor traditions, do away with a summer league playing in and around the Northern Rockies. And the talent assigned there … now they are in 110 degrees in AZ or the tropics in FL. Pfffft.

      • Doug Gray

        It exists in the same way that McDowell’s existed in Coming to America.

      • James K.

        Absolutely right. Billings has a great stadium, one of the best minor league stadiums I’ve ever seen, and devoted fans. Such a pity.

      • Doug Gray

        I mean it’s great that the teams are surviving, but the level of baseball is inferior, and the connection those teams once had to MLB is going to cease to exist soon enough. The chances that the Billings Mustangs never have another future big leaguer come through town is probably like 98%.

      • DaveCT

        Doug’s point is well taken and lines up with my rose colored glasses looking back on the pipeline from Billings to the Reds’ full season teams. First, I’m glad there is still league baseball in that area. Also, Billings usually received the higher level, often college players from the draft so the quality was certainly there. In contrast, while the concept of the complex leagues is probably pretty good for the club, for the fans, going to AZ or FL in dead summer isn’t a draw. Going to Montana is. Playing in front of very enthusiastic fans in Billings or Great Falls is good for the players. I’m not sure playing in that AZ or FL heat in front of sparse crowds is the same, as well.

  5. Stock

    Just read this in Fantrax on Carlos Jorge and how the author feels he will be in his overall top 25 at year end 2023:

    Without question, my favorite prospect target at this position entering 2023 is Carlos Jorge from the Cincinnati Reds. For starters, Jorge is a plus runner that has run wild in the low minors with 54 steals in 89 games while only being caught nine times. It’s only rookie ball, but Jorge can definitely be a 20+ steal threat at the highest level, maybe approaching 30. As for his bat, that’s where Jorge gets undervalued. The AVG dipped to .261 in 2022, but many evaluators have projected him as an above-average or plus hitter and I’m 100% on board with it. Jorge’s swing is quick from the left side and direct to the ball with sneaky raw power. Jorge posted a .529 SLG and .268 ISO last season and projects to add more bulk to his 5’10 frame as well. Add in Great American Ballpark to all of this and the final product could see Jorge approaching or exceeding 20-homers annually depending on how much strength he adds moving forward. There’s a lot to like here in Jorge’s profile and I have a strong feeling he’s going to hit his way into my Top 25 overall by the end of 2023.

    Tier 1
    1 Connor Norby BAL 22.6 2023
    2 Termarr Johnson PIT 18.6 2025
    3 Curtis Mead TBR 22.2 2023
    4 Luisangel Acuna TEX 20.8 2023
    5 Edouard Julien MIN 23.7 2023
    Tier 2
    6 Brayan Rocchio CLE 22 2023
    7 Michael Busch LAD 25.2 2023
    8 Nick Gonzales PIT 23.6 2023
    9 Carlos Jorge CIN 19.3 2025
    10 Nick Yorke BOS 20.8 2024
    11 Justin Foscue TEX 23.8 2023
    12 Jace Jung DET 22.2 2024
    13 Eguy Rosario SDP 23.4 Debuted
    14 Spencer Steer CIN 25.1 Debuted

    They also have video of a HR by Jorge.

    • MBS

      I read that one the other day. He rated him pretty high. I’m partial to left and switch hitting middle infielders when all other things are equal. Even more so now that the shift is going away.

      Assuming we keep India at 2B we’re going to have an even bigger logjam of middle infielder coming up through the system. It will be interesting to see who is dealt away, and who makes a position change.

    • Doug Gray

      Top 25 seems awfully optimistic. Not saying it’s impossible, but I would say that he would basically have to go out and put up the same kind of slash line he did when he was in the DSL (as well as the same kind of walk/strikeout numbers he had there, too) to get that kind of buzz.

      • Stock

        I think he is referring to Fantasy top 25. He soars up the rankings in “Fantasy” because of his SB. That said you can’t steal bases in the majors unless you are playing in the majors. A top 25 fantasy player who steals a lot of bases would probably still be a top 100 player.

        Playing in the larger parks in the FSL may hold them back but I think that next year end Collier, Jorge and Almonte could all be top 100 prospects. I think Collier could be a top 10 prospect.