After losing much of the 2020 season due to the cancellation of the college season, he missed much of the 2021 season – his senior year – after breaking his hamate bone early in the season. He would have just 111 at-bats in his final two years at Western Michigan before being drafted in the 15th round by the Reds. He would sign and then play in 11 games between the ACL Reds and Daytona Tortugas following the draft before a nasal fracture cost him the final month of the season.

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When the 2022 season began Blake Dunn wasn’t on a roster. It would stay that way until May 11th when he arrived in Single-A Daytona. He would pick up four hits, including a home run in his first three games, but then he’d go into a slump. In the next five games he would go hitless. Dunn would rebound well, though, hitting .310 over the next two weeks with four extra-base hits and stealing 10 bases.

On June 2nd Dunn would collide with first baseman Ruben Ibarra as the two converged on a fly ball in foul territory. Both would leave the game. Ibarra returned to the lineup five days later, but Dunn went on the 60-day injured list and wouldn’t return to the field until August 15th when he began a rehab assignment in the complex league. After four games in the span of a week there he returned to join the Tortugas. It was late in the season as he joined the team on August 23rd, but he made the final two-and-a-half weeks count, hitting .342/.561/.553 with 14 walks and just 11 strikeouts in 14 games. He also added in another seven steals in that span.

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Blake Dunn Scouting Report

Position: Outfield | B/T: R/R

Height: 6′ 0″ | Weight: 210 lbs | Acquired: 15th Round, 2021 Draft

Born: September 5, 1998

Hitting | See below.

Power | He shows above-average power potential.

Speed | He has plus speed.

Defense | He’s an above-average defender.

Arm | He has a plus arm.

When it comes to tools, Blake Dunn has them by the bunches. The only questionable tool he has is the hit tool, and he hasn’t really had a ton of time to change opinions on them recently, either, given his issues with remaining healthy enough over the last two seasons – that also followed up a shortened 2020 season.

At the plate Blake Dunn uses the entire field, and at least in 2022 he pulled the ball into the outfield significantly less often than he went up the middle or the other way. He’s got a good understanding of the strikezone and he makes contact at a solid rate for a guy with some pop in his bat.

The question is – can he continue to show those things against more advanced pitching. Due to the cancelled 2020 season and then the injuries piling up, Blake Dunn was quite old for the level he played at last season. He will be 24-years-old for the entirety of the 2023 season and he’s never seen a pitch in High-A. And he’s only played in 38 games in Single-A over the last two seasons, too. Dunn has found success, but the amount of time he’s been on the field leaves plenty of questions that he will need to answer, and with his age Cincinnati may look to try and push him a bit quicker if he plays well.

Despite having plus speed, Dunn hadn’t played much center since turning pro. Last season he started just two games in center, while starting in 28 in the corner spots. Some of that may have been due to who was on the field with him and his college experience in center, but ideally you want to see him get some more time up the middle where he was considered a strong defender coming out of college. His speed did help him make a mockery of pitchers and catchers in 2022. He went 20-for-21 in steals in 37 games during the season.

Remaining healthy and on the field is going to be important for Dunn as he’s missed plenty of developmental time over the last several years. He’s flashed big time tools, and he’s produced strong numbers at times, too. But it feels like 2023 is a big year for his career because of his age and where he’s likely at to begin the season. If the tools play, he’s got the looks of an everyday center fielder who could be a very well rounded player.


This is of 10 consecutive plate appearances where he reached base safely.

Blake Dunn Spray Chart

Interesting Stat on Blake Dunn

We’re dealing with two small sample sizes here for Blake Dunn, but he hit .356/.491/.533 against starting pitchers and he hit .229/.448/.458 against relievers.

12 Responses

  1. Matt

    Hopefully he can stay healthy this year and wind up in Chattanooga at some point. He should get plenty of playing time if healthy. I’d guess Dayton’s OF starts the year as Dunn, Rogers, and Allen II. If any of Dunn, Hendrick, or Cerda can come around, that’d be great (both for them and the Reds in the future!)

    In case anyone hasn’t seen, it got passed around on the Twitters yesterday that for $29.99 you can subscribe to At Bat and get MiLB . tv with it. You’ll be able to watch most of these dudes on a pretty regular basis, with Daytona (I think) being the one exception.

    • MBS

      I was just looking, the MLB package is currently listed as $149 for all teams, and $129 for 1 team, either way includes the MILB games. If these prices stay the same, and they allow streaming local games without blackouts, it will be a good deal.

      • Doug Gray

        I would bet plenty of money that the price to stream in-market if it comes to that, will cost you more than the currently listed prices.

      • MBS

        @Doug, you might be right, but they’d have a tricky situation on their hands. Some people will have paid under the current price. So are they going to be able to watch local games? Will they have to pay $50 more to open up the blackout block? Is their system even capable of functioning that way?

        I don’t think they plan on increasing the price, but simply increasing the number of subscribers. Next season would be a different story, but we’ll see what they end up doing soon enough. BTW I’d be happy anywhere under $200. Especially with the MILB games included.

      • Doug Gray

        My guess if it comes to MLB taking over the rights to the games – yes, if you already had MLBtv paid for, you will have to pay another fee to access the Reds games in Cincinnati.

        And yes, they are capable of detecting that. It’s why you currently can’t just pay for MLBtv and get the local team in your area.

  2. MK

    The game where he and Ibarra collided was one of the few games on milb-tv. It was a play where Dunn raced into foul territory as Ibarra was running back. Hitting Ibarra was like a bicycle hitting a pickup truck. It was a freak thing so shouldn’t be an injury concern. I was just impressed he could get up at all.

  3. MBS

    Dunn seems to have had a lot of obstacles in his path, I hope Doug is correct, in that if he finds success the Reds could move him up quickly. I’d love to see him earn a promotion to AA by midseason. That would put him in the mix for 24 / 25 if he continues to develop.

    I’m really looking forward to Doug writing up Hurtubise. I’d be interested in seeing his feeling on him. I think this will be the 1st year that I watch MILB games. Normally I’m just looking at box scores and the rare highlight.

  4. DaveCT

    Dunn’s draft scouting report was sure exciting, given his tools. He’s likely one of those guys whose age may not be all that telling because of the lost 2020 season. And, even at 24, it’s not all that unreasonable for a guy to begin just his second year in full season ball at Hi-A, especially with the current status of the almost non-existent rookie seasons these days for guys just drafted. I wouldn’t mind seeing Dunn get 2-3 months at Dayton with a bump to AA if he’s hitting. Big time speed, arm and power might be worth the wait. Assuming a Dayton assignment, and given he’s a Michigan kid, I wonder if the cooler weather won’t bother him much getting started.

  5. MK

    Reds added Pedro Alfonseca a age 25former Guardians CF prospect, who has never played above Low A