The final Cincinnati Reds prospect list has now been released from the major publications for the “offseason”. MLB Pipeline updated the Reds Top 30 Prospects list. There aren’t a ton of surprises on the list, but a few things did stick out to me.

The biggest thing that stuck out was that Alfredo Duno, who received the largest signing bonus the team has ever handed out to a non-Cuban player on the international market came in at #25. The Reds system is pretty deep with talent, so on it’s own that isn’t a surprise. But when it’s coupled with last year’s top international signee being at #14, it’s one that feels a little bit strange. Ricardo Cabrera started out very poorly before flipping a switch and turning things up about ten notches after the first month of the season. Still, he played in all of 45 games last year. Cabrera being at #14 feels right, but that also makes me feel like Duno should be closer to that range than he is. Your mileage may vary on that one.

At the top of the list it’s all of the names you expect to see – Elly De La Cruz, Noelvi Marte, Edwin Arroyo, Cam Collier. One thing to keep in mind if you go look at the list, the players “level” isn’t quite accurate because anyone that is in big league camp is listed as being at the MLB level. Those not in big league camp their listed level is where they finished the 2022 season.

In a separate piece Jonathan Mayo looks at the list, talks about the top rated tools in the organization, and the biggest rise and fall among the prospects from last year. The biggest riser is Carlos Jorge. That’s not terribly surprising even though he was coming off of a huge 2021 year in the Dominican Summer League. He went out and had another strong year – this time in the Arizona Complex League – but didn’t go about it quite the same way. His strikeout rate was up, his average was down, but he still led the league in steals by a mile and had an OPS over .900 that was 4th best in the league. He went from being unranked last year to the #16 spot on their list this year. He came in at #18 on my list.

When it comes to the top rated tools, one guy sticks out from the pitchers – Bryce Hubbart. He shows up in three different categories. The 3rd round pick out of Florida State last summer only threw 7.1 innings after the draft. He gave up one run (1.23 ERA), three hits, did walk six batters, but picked up 12 strikeouts. As a starter for the Seminoles in 2022 he walked 21 batters, hit 12 more, and struck out 96 while posting a 3.32 ERA in 76.0 innings. Despite showing up in three different categories on the top tools list, the left-handed pitcher came in at #20 on the list.

Previewing the 2023 Dayton Dragons

Each year Tom Nichols, the voice of the Dayton Dragons, does a series before the year begins where he previews each position on the field and the players who could be playing there for Dayton when the year begins. Yesterday that series began with Nichols looking at the catchers. He lists six candidates on his list: Mat Nelson, Daniel Vellojin, Logan Tanner, Cade Hunter, Michael Trautwein, and Hayden Jones. Among that group it was only Tanner and Hunter who didn’t play for Dayton at some point during 2022. Those two were also both drafted last summer, with Tanner being selected in the 2nd round of Mississippi State and Hunter being the 5th round selection out of Virginia Tech.

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15 Responses

  1. MBS

    Jorge, Cabrera, and Balcazar are making their way up the ladder. It should be a fun year in Daytona.

    • DaveCT

      Acosta, possibly, too not sure where Faltine lands as a college guy. There won’t be much room in either A club. Who knows, even Minier may break out some, too, but he’s hardly middle infield anymore given how thick his body’s gotten.

      • Bdh

        And even then you still need to add Torres. If there’s a spot you want to be loaded at it’s Shortstop so a good problem to have!

        Won’t stop me from getting a good laugh at posters going crazy if the reds take Gonzalez or Wilson at 7

      • Bdh

        Whoops. Just realized you were only talking about Daytona possibilities

      • DaveCT

        Point still stands. Best player available. Heads will explode, yes, but since when is too much talent a problem?

      • MBS

        If we are adding to the middle infield tally Ascanio got promoted Aug 9th to Daytona. It’s going to be interesting to see who they hold back or who possibly skips A ball all together and goes to A+. I just don’t see how that many guys get playing time in the middle infield.

      • Bdh


        Daytona has a crunch for sure!

        I think Faltine and Arroyo are safe bets to move to Dayton where Callihan should be the only middle infielder returning (Torres and Marte to AA)

        Daytona still would have

        Minier might grow off the position but with Collier, Stewart, and Pino getting the reps at 1B/3B idk where you move him to.

        Outfield should have Rodriguez (when healthy), Almonte, Confidan (until promoted), Antonia, and Valdez. I don’t know where they plan to play everyone

        Good lord that team is loaded

      • DaveCT

        If Minier stays at Daytona, he’ll be on the corners and DHingwith Collier and Stewart. He’s still just 19, and with the two other kids, I suspect they won’t be piling on playing time too much.

  2. Tom

    One reaction I have to this list is that if they have Collier up by 2025, he should be #1 or # 2 already.

    • Tom

      Overall, maybe a little aggressive with the etas but a nice stratification of near ready high end prospects in the top 15 with unproven young talent on the bottom 15. Siani is a bit low, but Calis doesn’t like low power speed players very much.

    • Colorado Red

      Probably higher with a year under his belt.
      Wait till next year.
      4 is not bad for kid as young as he is.

  3. Chuckles

    I was doing a bit of digging on the various shortstop prospects, just out of curiosity and saw where Edwin Arroyo pitched as a lefthander in high school. That’s pretty intriguing in itself. I’d assume his pitching days are well in the past, just very unique talent to pitch as a lefty but as a position player throws right