A little more than a month ago it was announced that starting this year that minor league baseball games would be available to watch as a part of MLB.tv in 2023. The minor league games would be included in your purchase price and could be viewed on your television through the MLB app on your smart tv. For those who had interest in watching games on their television this was a blessing. But if you weren’t already planning to subscribe to MiLB or MLB.tv then that announcement didn’t mean much. This week news came out that Bally Sports had worked out a deal to have all available minor league broadcasts for free on their Bally Live casino app.

The New York Post is reporting that the broadcast rights for all 120 full-season teams to Bally for an undisclosed amount of money. What’s interesting with that is the fact that not all 120 teams have video broadcasts available. Or at least they didn’t last season and when MLB’s announcement came through about MiLB.tv being included with MLB.tv this year they noted that not every team had it. Perhaps it’s simply an overall deal in case the holdout teams decide to give it a shot down the line. Or hopefully it’s a sign that they will be getting it sooner rather than later.

This won’t begin when the regular season does. The New York Post is reporting that it will begin on April 15th. There will be no local blackouts according to the report.

While the games will be on a “casino” app, you will not be able to bet on minor league baseball games or any parts within the games themselves. You can, however, participate in “free contests” where you can “win” points that can be of value in other aspects of the app where you can bet on actual things with real money. There are reportedly already 750,000 people with the app, and while they aren’t all going to be tuning into the minor league baseball games, it’s a pretty big number of people who already have the app and could stumble onto some free baseball.

For those who are actually looking for the ability to watch more minor league baseball games and don’t want to shell out the money for MiLB.tv or MLB.tv, this could be a more annoying but cheaper option.

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11 Responses

  1. Stock

    I don’t know if this will send or not but am in Goodyear today and esmith is starting for Daytona. I was told he will begin the year there

    • Doug Gray

      I can speak to past spring training – where a guy is playing on a given day isn’t too indicative of where they’ll wind up. That’s particularly true for the lowest level teams because there’s going to be some chain reaction fill ins for the minor league guys called up to play with the big league club – they aren’t double dipping games.

      Still, if you were told he’d be starting there, that’s exciting to hear, and also very surprising. It’s probably the second most aggressive move I can recall the team making with a teenage prospect in my like 18 years of following and covering the system.

      • Stock

        I agree with everything you just said. I also don’t know what role this person told me this plays with the reds. He did get the game winning RBI single in the 7th inning though. Some observations Ariel AlMonte walked in with Carlos Jorge and the difference of their sizes was huge AlMonte is at least 6.5 and weighs 230 easy. Jorge is probably 5.5 and 150. Balcazar and Acosta have great arms. Carlos Sanchez got an AB and was overmatched.

      • Doug Gray

        Esmith Pineda – one of the top signings the team made in the international class in 2022. Got out to a hot start, but hit the injured list after 2 weeks and never got back on the field.

  2. Stock

    One thing I forgot to say. I talked to Jacob Heather Lee’s dad today and he said Jacob is throwing 96. He’s scheduled to start in Chattanooga but if Doug mentioned above as things slow down he may end up in Dayton again. Theinnings limit this year so we’ll begin the year pitching only one inning per outings. He hasn’t pitched since 2019 so I’m hoping that Doug can help me out here and tell everyone pictures he has other than a great fastball, assuming 96 for Lefty is good

    • DaveCT

      Heatherly at 96 would be another interesting development.

      • Doug Gray

        I’m just interested to see him pitch in games. It’s been so long, so many injuries.

  3. stock

    Back at the Airport after a great day in Goodyear. Sorry about the typos earlier but it was the first time I used internet on my phone in my life. Watched Overton get devoured by CWS back up players. Every ball hit was a line drive. Fraley and India looked good. Votto did not. Barrero looks like a different player than from 2022. He could add another SS to the SS surplus the Reds have. This is a good problem.

    As for Heatherly. Read that in 2018 he had a good curve and average changeup. Heatherly and Richardson will be interesting pitchers to watch in 2023.

    A special thanks to my son for providing free plane tickets so I could enjoy this day.