There’s a whole lot of bad weather rolling through the midwest right now, so hopefully all of you are staying alert and safe. But the weather has also threatened many games in the International League on Opening Day for Triple-A and the Louisville Bats and Nashville Sounds game has been a victim of the storms. The game will be made up on Saturday evening as the two teams will play a doubleheader starting at 6:05pm ET in Nashville.

The Bats still have no released their roster for Opening Day (I tried waiting as long as I could to post this with the hopes a roster would show up). With the postponement of the game tonight I’m not sure if we will see it before tomorrow or not. But some moves have hit the transactions page already.

Shortstop Miguel Hernandez and right-handed pitcher Matt Pidich have been placed on the 60-day injured list. Infielders Elly De La Cruz and Christian Encarnacion-Strand, outfielder Drew Mount, and right-handed pitcher Eddy Demurias were all placed on the 7-day injured list. Right-handed pitcher Zack Brown was placed on the development list.

Outfielder Henry Ramos has been placed on the suspended list. The length of his suspension, nor the reasoning for his suspension is listed. But it would seem to be due to an on-field brawl that he started back in September of 2021 after hitting a home run. The opposing team didn’t take kindly to his celebration and as he rounded second base one of the infielders said something to him and Ramos motioned to him to come his way. The infielder did, Ramos threw his helmet at him before he reached third base on his home run trot and then the benches cleared. Ramos was called up the next day by Arizona and didn’t return to the minors and thus couldn’t serve any suspension handed out to him until he did return to the minors.

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6 Responses

  1. MK

    Kind of surprised Pidich is still around. He is now 28 years old and numbers have not been good since his time in Low A when he was one of the oldest in the league. He throws hard but that’s about it. His drop and drive mechanics puts the pitch in a straight line to the hitting plane.

  2. MBS

    So that’s the reason Ramos didn’t make it out of spring. Vosler is already off to a good start. Couple that with a soon to be healthy Votto, and Senzel, and Ramos might have to wait a bit to get his chance.

    • Doug Gray

      No, that’s not why. He only has to serve the suspension if he’s in the minors. He would not have had to serve it in the Majors – which is why he didn’t have to serve it in 2021 after he was called up by Arizona the next day and spent the next month with them in the big leagues. *Assuming that’s why he’s suspended*

      • MBS

        Lol, you could have let me live in ignorance, all the moves made sense that way. Still Vosler came up big yesterday, let’s hope he continues to impress.

    • BK

      He didn’t make a strong impression with the Reds in Spring Training. Good luck on our west coast affiliate!