After Louisville hogged the first week of the minor league season to themselves, the Chattanooga Lookouts and Dayton Dragons got on the field on Thursday for their season openers. The Lookouts needed extra innings to complete their game, but their pitching was dominant as they came out on top as the organization’s lone winner on the day.

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The Louisville Bats lost a doubleheader

Game 1: 5-3 loss. Box Score

Game Notes

Indianapolis grabbed a 1-0 lead in the top of the 1st inning and held the lead until the bottom of the 5th inning when Louisville tied things up. That didn’t last long as the bullpen allowed four earned runs in the top of the 6th. Matt McLain hit a 2-run homer in the bottom of the inning, his second of the season. In the bottom of the 7th – in what was the final inning since minor league doubleheaders are just 7-inning games – the Bats loaded the bases with two outs, but they couldn’t come up with the needed hit to bring in any of the runners.

Joey Votto didn’t play in the second game. He’s now 3-16 (.188) with 2 walks and 10 strikeouts. Matt McLain went 0-3 in the second game, but he finished the night with a .316/.458/.737 line through the first 6 games of the season with the Bats.

The Hawkeye system seemed to be struggling with gathering data throughout the game, so we got bits and pieces in some innings and not in others. Matt McLain’s home run provided no data. It cleared the wall in left-center by about 5 feet, so there’s no missing an enormous home run this time at the very least. That said, the data below for the game’s “top stats” is an incomplete look.

Top Pitch Velocity: Levi Stoudt – 95.6 MPH (ball)

Top Exit Velocity: TJ Hopkins – 103.1 MPH (single)

Furthest Hit Baseball: Matt McLain – Unknown (home run)

Game 2: 1-0 loss. Box Score

Game Notes

The game began with back-to-back triples to put Indianapolis on top 1-0 and neither team scored from that point forward, but that’s only because on the next play Michael Siani threw out a runner trying to score on a fly out at the plate. Neither Joey Votto or Nick Senzel played in the game.

TJ Hopkins hot start to the season kept going. He’s now hitting .350/.381/.600 with 3 extra-base hits through the first 6 games of the year.

While Hawkeye seemed to get more data in game two, it still missed plenty. Here’s the information from what we did get, though:

Top Pitch Velocity: Tayron Guerrero – 98.9 MPH (swinging strike)

Top Exit Velocity: Michael Siani – 104.4 MPH (ground out)

Furthest Hit Baseball: TJ Hopkins – 339 feet (double)

Highlights from both games

The Chattanooga Lookouts won 6-3 in 11. Box Score

  • Rece Hinds went 1-5 with a double.
  • Allan Cerda went 2-4 with a walk, home run (1), and 2 runs scored.
  • Nick Quintana went 1-2 with a double, 2 walks, an RBI, and a run.
  • Quincy McAfee went 2-5 with a triple and 2 RBI.
  • Andrew Abbott threw 4.2 hitless innings with a walk and 11 strikeouts.
  • Jake Wong threw 2.2 perfect innings with 6 strikeouts.
  • Tommy Eveld allowed 1 earned in 2.0 innings with a walk and 3 strikeouts.
  • Pedro Garcia threw a perfect inning with 2 strikeouts.

Game Notes

Andrew Abbott struck out the first 9 batters of the night. He began the 4th inning with a walk to lose the perfect game, but he’d pick up one strikeout in each of the the 4th and 5th innings to finish with 11 of them before hitting his pitch count and turning the game over to the bullpen. Rocket City would break up the no-hitter and shutout in the bottom of the 5th. Over his last four starts dating back to last season, Andrew Abbott has thrown 20.2 shutout innings while allowing just 7 hits, walking just 4, and striking out 32. Batters are hitting just .111 against him in that span with just one extra-base hit (a double).

Chattanooga led 2-1 heading into the bottom of the 9th. After a 1-out single, Edgar Quero doubled to right field and had Kyren Paris rounding the bases. As he got to third the stop sign was put up, but an off-line throw led to Paris being sent to the plate where he scored the tying run. Both teams would score a run in the 10th inning. The Lookouts put in some work in the 11th, scoring 3 runs – one on a double by Nick Quintana and then 2 more on a Quincy McAfee triple. Pedro Garcia came out for the bottom of the 11th and tossed a perfect frame to pick up the save.

Chattanooga’s pitching staff combined for 2 walks and 23 strikeouts. Rocket City’s pitching staff had 4 walks and 19 strikeouts. 14 different players had multiple strikeouts at the plate. Nick Quintana was the only starter who didn’t strikeout for either team. Ashton Creal came off of the bench late and didn’t strike out in either of his two plate appearances.

The Dayton Dragons lost 8-3. Box Score

Game Notes

It was a rough day for Dayton. A grand slam in the 1st inning putt the Dragons behind early and they never recovered. Dayton made three errors on the day, walked nine batters, and hit another one. The team also struck out 17 times on the day, including five of them by Jay Allen II. Allen II had never had a 4 strikeout game before Thursday night. Justice Thompson was the only Dragon who didn’t strike out on the day.

For those who couldn’t find the game on, it wasn’t anything you did. It wasn’t there. But the game was streamed live on the Lake County Captains official YouTube page. If you’re looking for the games on Friday and Saturday and they still aren’t showing up on, try the Captains YouTube page at game time.

The Daytona Tortugas

Daytona’s season begins on Friday. They open up against St. Lucie, who is a part of the package, so you can tune in and watch those games if you would like to (and have the service).

Top 25 Prospects Rundown

4/7 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 2-4 7:15pm Williamson Here Here Here
Chattanooga 1-0 7:35pm Phillips Here Here Here
Dayton 0-1 6:35pm Farr Here Here Here
Daytona 0-0 6:10pm Richardson Here Here Here

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30 Responses

  1. DaveCT


    Quintana’s hit was a rocket is a key situation. He looks better and better, and, if not already, is a true sleeper.

    Ivan Johnson hit the ball hard in two late inning at bats.

    Rece Hinds had a nice ab late in then game, working a full count, and having a legit gripe about a low strike called to K.

  2. Stock

    My goal is that come October the Reds have 8 players in the top 100.

    EDLC, Marte, Arroyo and Collier will probably repeat and take four spots.

    Even though the games do not matter CES did plenty in Spring Training to turn heads.

    McLain continues to beef up his resume for inclusion.

    Tonight Andrew Abbott put in his application for acceptance into the top 100. I am looking forward to him updating his resume in coming weeks.

    Up next Connor Phillips, Joe Boyle, Carlos Jorge, Sal Stewart, Leonardo Balcazar and Ariel Almonte.

    Coming soon to a theater in Dayton: Chase Petty.

  3. AMDG

    Andrew Abbott
    In his first start in AA last year Abbott went 5.2 IP with 12 K’s.
    But he followed that up with a pair of subpar outings.
    Hopefully this time around the 24 year old shows he needs to be in AAA.

    Mat Nelson
    Wow. I’d forgotten all about him. He’s 24 and still in A ball.

    42 strikeouts in an 11 inning game! If my math is correct, the 2 teams combined for a 48% K rate!

    • MK

      Takes a while for catchers to develop. Nelson might make it or might not but in a league where average age is 23, as a catcher 24 isn’t horrible.

  4. Mike in Ottawa

    Organization racking up the K’s….pitching AND hitting.

  5. SultanofSwaff

    Abbott did nothing to dissuade me from my spring training assessment that he’s the most ready to fill a rotation spot if the need arises. Hopefully he can string together some quality outings and get himself to Louisville before June.

    Developmental concerns aside, McClain is probably more worthy of the callup than Senzel if you just need a utility IF. It’s just difficult to envision a role for Senzel that helps the Reds.

  6. Bdh

    . Jake Wong could turn out to be a really solid pickup from trading Sabol. Impressive performance!

    . There’s some impressive outfielders in the lower minors for the reds but I’ve been really hoping for one of the AA/AAA guys to breakthrough. Im bought in on Cerda clicking this year and becoming a legit MLB outfielder. Also think Hopkins is still good enough to at least get an opportunity. I’m not real high on Siani and not the highest on Hinds as well.

    . 36 strikeouts combined for the A+ and AA hitters. Hope that was just first game nerves getting out of the way

    • Doug Gray

      Obviously it’s just one game, but Wong looked very good last night.

      • MK

        Agree Doug. Wong has the frame to really stand up to the wear and tear of a long season. Wong and Brooks Crawford at Dayton were teammates last year for a Giants minor league championship team and both made positive debuts last night.

  7. LDS

    I think the elephant in the room here is Votto. He’s not fairing well at the moment. What are the options? Can he be placed on the 60? The real question is whether he still needs more recovery time, hence more time on the IL, or did the surgery take all he had left? Regardless, it’s hard to see how a quick return to the Reds lineup benefits him or the team.

    • Doug Gray

      Can he? Yes, he could. Will he be? No, he won’t. They could also just recall him from his current assignment and keep him on the 10-day IL, then send him back out on a rehab stint later and his 20-day clock would begin again.

      He’s still got two weeks left on rehab, though. Let’s give it time before sending him to be worm food.

      • Optimist

        Just a quirky rules question – what, if anything, is the rule on retroactive IL designation? Can you go back a week or two? Could they do so with Joey to set a return by June 1? If he has serious intention of playing next season, then taking plenty of time this season may be worthwhile. Certainly unlikely, but is it even permitted?

      • Doug Gray

        I need you to be more specific with what you are trying to ask to be done.

      • Optimist

        Basically – how long can Joey stay in AAA? Are there different limits to the different ILs? 10 day, 60 day and so on? Can he stay there as long as he thinks necessary or does that interfere with the 26 and 40 man rosters? If he stays past 10 days is he stuck staying 60 days?

        At this point in his career I’d expect he’d want to stay until he’s ready, but not if that keeps him stuck there longer due to whatever IL list he’s on.

      • Doug Gray

        No. You get 20 days on an assignment. He can’t stay longer than that.

        What can happen is that they could recall him from the rehab assignment, if he’s actually injured (maybe even with a wink and a nudge), then send him back out when he’s “healthy” and he can be there for another 20 days. This is unlikely to happen, but in theory it is possible.

  8. MK

    Watch often enough and you see something you’ve never seen. Twice that happened last night. I once saw Don Wilson strike out 8 Reds in a row to start a game but never nine. Second the Indianapolis Indians led off Game 2 with back to back tripled. These things have certainly been done before but I’ve never seen it.

    • Dan

      I wonder how many games in baseball history have started w/ back-to-back triples… and then ended 1-0!

  9. MK

    Suppose Pat Kelly is calling Krall this morning asking him to send Votto to another team?

    Seriously he looked absolutely bad last night.

    • DaveCT

      Gotta be tough. Raging against the dying of the light.

  10. Adam

    The Votto overreaction is wild. One game???. I bet he is up next week.

    • LDS

      Reread the article. It’s not one game. Votto is 3-16 with TEN strikeouts. That’s not a typical Votto hitting line.

    • MK

      Actually been more than one. He hit home run on first pitch first game and been a lot of poor at bat’s since.

  11. MK

    If you have milb-tv have you had audio issues with the Bats. It is the only team where I am not getting sound.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Yes. I get sound sometimes. But my tv is up to level 98 and I can barely hear it still.

  12. MBS

    Anyone know where Johnny Ascanio is? I can’t find him on any of the rosters.

  13. LarkinPhillips

    Cam Collier- Reds minor leaguer of the year 2023.

  14. MK

    All the shortstop talent in the system and MattReynolds starting at short for Bats tonight.

    • LarkinPhillips

      EDLC is hurt. I think they want McClain to get looks all over the field.

  15. DaveCT

    First impressions, Daytona

    Richardson was throwing bb’s, even if he’s more advanced than the league.

    Both Brody Jessee and Arij Fransen (from the Netherlands) looked good. Nice stuff and decent control.

    Almonte is a big, big guy. One nice hit snd two hard hit fly balls.

    Collier and Stewart looked exactly as advertised, advanced approach, nice swings.

    Valdez looked lost at the plate and in the field. I mean very lost. I can’t see him sticking very long with the peers he now has. Like Minier.

    Jorge, Balcazar, and Acosta are the types of guys who complement the big boys really well. Hitting, speed, nice defense (for the most part).

    Tanner’s arm is for real. Threw a laser to 3B that beat the runner getting back to the base. Long swing though.

    Mets’ Jett Williams is a nice player.