Elly De La Cruz is the top prospect in the Cincinnati Reds organization. Some publications have him as the top prospect in all of minor league baseball. He missed the start of the season as he recovered from a hamstring injury that he suffered in spring training.

When he got healthy he was assigned to Triple-A Louisville. Once he joined the Bats things got out to a slow start. He went 1-21 to begin the season. But he’s turned things around in a big way since that point. Elly De La Cruz has had 41 plate appearances since then and he’s hit .359/.390/.590 with two doubles, two triples, and a home run.

Overall his numbers still don’t look great – his OPS is .691 after going 2-4 on Friday night in Omaha. That 1-21 slump to begin the season is still playing heavy and hiding just how well he’s been hitting over the past week-and-a-half.

This season all ballparks in Triple-A have the Hawkeye camera system set up. That’s the system used in Major League Baseball to give us the Statcast data – pitch speed, exit velocities, launch angles, arm strength on throws, sprint speeds, etc.

These things have made Elly De La Cruz stand out, but we’re seeing it with real numbers that we can compare to other players now. His exit velocities have been high, his sprint speed has been among the best in Triple-A, and his throws have been impressive.

On Friday night he was playing third base in Omaha and he had to make a strong throw to try and get Brewer Hicklen out at first base. Hicklen got to first base in 4.21 seconds after contact – plus speed down the line.

As you can see in the video, Elly De La Cruz put just about everything he had into the throw. The video doesn’t show the other side of the play, unfortunately, but the throw got there in time for the out.

The throw itself was 99.2 MPH. That is the fastest throw by an infielder this year in Triple-A. It’s also faster than any throw by an infielder this year in Major League Baseball. Elly De La Cruz has played in 13 games. He has four of the 11 fastest throws recorded by Hawkeye this season between the Florida State League (Single-A), all of Triple-A, and all of Major League Baseball. Leo Balcazar, who is now out for the season after tearing his ACL, has the #4 spot on the list at 97.4 MPH.

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16 Responses

  1. RedBB

    Guy has crazy tools. The one thing I worry about with Elly is his SO/BB ratio which so far is very bad at 10:1. Previous years weren’t exactly good but were around 4:1.

    We saw this same red flag with Will Benson in spring training that told me no way does this guy make an impact this year.

    • Kindell

      He does have to improve his plate discipline but I imagine hitting in front of McClain and CES right now makes it scary for pitchers to walk him. That is why I think his numbers are about to blow up even more.

    • Doug Gray

      The first few games when he returned were rough. In the stretch I wrote about where he’s turned things around – he’s struck out just 10 times.

  2. Max

    These prospects are still fighting a organization that knows NOTHING about talent and when to STRIKE. Major league team needs SS stop and Right handed power,but GM still wants to play Barrero and Newman (NO STICKS). MYER is NO answer in OF!

    • PTBNL

      You are so right, Ashcraft, Lodolo, Greene, Stephenson, India, Diaz, ELDC, CES, Arroyo, Friedl, Marte & McClain all are no-talents because the Cincinnati FO has no clue about talent and they added these bozos and Barrero, don’t get me started. The guy has horrible AAA numbers proving that he has no real business being on a ML roster, nor should have ever been given a shot. He has a noodle arm and limited potential. I mean he looks like a stick with pipe-cleaners for arms out there and does not look athletic at all. Forget the fact that Davey Concepcion had similar numbers to Barerro his first three years before he turned it around. Why give this kid a shot too?

      I mean come’on Krall. Listen to Max. He knows. He’s got my vote for the next GM of Cincincati.

      • Doug Gray

        Reading this comment and I have to question if you’ve ever actually seen Jose Barrero or seen him throw a baseball. He’s got a plus arm and the dude has arms that while maybe aren’t going to be confused with Hulk Hogan are anything but pipe cleaners.

      • Kd

        You don’t know ball and sound rather confused.

      • Kd

        You don’t know ball and sound rather confused. Seems like you have a personal problem with Barrero dude has a gun.

    • Greenfield Red

      I agree with you on Myers and Newman, but to lump Barrero in with them shows you don’t know what you are talking about. The guy needs to play and play a lot. And PTBNL is correct, there is a ton of young talent in Cincinnati and in the minors. Krall seems to have an actual plan for sustainable success. Let him execute it.

  3. Fred Johnson

    I would have loved to have seen another World Series championship since ’90 but I’d also like to have seen three Super Bowl wins from the other team in Cincinnati. Spilt milk. The Reds seem to be on the right track and I’m enjoying watching most of the games. Player decisions are out of my hands so when these young guys get promoted I’m hoping for a few years like the early 2010’s. Until then jump on and off the bandwagon as much as you want.

    Please keep the minor league hype machine going.

  4. wolfcycle

    this is ELDC’s mo…. struggle for about a week and then go to town. He has done it at every level. Whether this year or next year when he is with the big league club, I expect more of the same. Hopefully by next year we have a good manager in the dugout to handle all these young guys. DB overmanages

    • Greenfield Red

      Agree on the overmanaging. It’s almost as if he’s trying to show us all how smart he is in every game.

      • 2020ball

        Isn’t that what you’re all doing on here?

  5. Melvin

    “Elly De La Cruz continues to amaze”

    Looks like a natural superstar centerfielder to me. He’d certainly be more valuable there than the 3B he’s been playing often in AAA. Don’t know what the Reds are thinking when it comes for places to play for all these guys. Something’s got to give sooner or later.

    • Doug Gray

      Elly is going to be the shortstop unless Jose Barrero figures it out and in a big way and in next to no time.