Cincinnati Reds prospect Matt McLain has been on an absolute tear in 2023 with Triple-A Louisville. Last week was just more of that, plus a little extra. McLain won the International League Player of the Week for his efforts in Omaha against the Storm Chasers.

When the Bats headed out to Omaha to begin their series last week, Matt McLain was hitting .312/.444/.602. Those are MVP level numbers. But it was mundane compared to what the Reds prospect was about to do.

Over the six game series, Matt McLain went 11-25 – that’s a .440 batting average. Of his 11 hits he had four doubles, a triple, and two home runs. That was good for a .920 slugging percentage. He also walked twice and was hit by a pitch, which gave him a .483 on-base percentage for the week. In total, that all added up to an OPS of 1.403. And just to add something in for good measure, McLain had 11 RBI in that span while striking out just three times.

Among the prospects in the farm system, Matt McLain’s at or near the top of the guys who have boosted their stock early on. He’s hitting .339/.451/.670 on the season with 22 walks and 29 strikeouts. While he was a Top 10 prospect in the organization entering the season he was coming off of a campaign in 2022 where he struggled to hit for average and his strikeout rate was much higher than you would have expected it to be based on his past results.

This season his strikeout rate is down significantly, his walk rate has remained elite, and his power output has gone from very good to elite. Aside from his stolen base rate being down – he’s gotten better across the board on offense and in most cases, in big ways.

McLain, along with several of his Bats teammates, are trying kick down the door to get to Cincinnati. Watching the Louisville offense over the last few weeks since getting Christian Encarnacion-Strand and Elly De La Cruz into the lineup to go along with McLain, Chuckie Robinson (1.082 OPS), TJ Hopkins (.976 OPS), and at times Jhonny Pereda (.976 OPS in 10 games) has been a real fun thing to see.

Here are the other Players of the Week this season from the farm system:

  • Andrew Abbott – Southern League – April 10-16
  • Blake Dunn – Midwest League – April 24-30
  • Noelvi Marte – Southern League – May 1-7
  • Matt McLain – International League – May 1-7

10 Responses

  1. Doug Gray

    Noelvi Marte also won player of the week. I’ll have a write up about him tomorrow morning.

  2. patrick

    Anything surprise you on BA lastest top 100

    • Doug Gray

      That Andrew Abbott still isn’t on it.

      • Redsvol

        Yes, what does he have to do. He is 23 years old – he is not too old to be considered a prospect.

        I bet if he played for the Red Sox, Dodger or Yankees AAA club he would be in the top 10 of all prospects by these “independent” publications!

      • Tom

        JJ Cooper was gushing about him a week ago on the podcast.

  3. Redsvol

    Very well deserved by Matt McLain. Keep it going young man……you’ll be in Cincinnati very soon where you are much needed. Oh, and tell Pat Kelly you want to play a little outfield in May please. You will get called up quicker if you do!

  4. Optimist

    Next injury, depending on position, brings up McLain, CES, or Abbott; otherwise McLain by June 15, CES by July 15, Abbott one of the next spot start holes in schedule. EDLC at the trade deadline. Hopkins and Chuckie when needed, Siani if he can turn it around. Marte one of the 2 spots in September.

  5. MBS

    We’re watching quite a run by the SS prospects in the organization. The footsteps must sound thunderous for Barrero. McLain should probably really swap spots Barrero. Barrero is talented, and might get his bat back in AAA, or at least work on his CF.

  6. Tom

    Keep doubting McClain, he’s burning it all up!

  7. Bubba Woo

    I think it’s still a little early. That said, if current trends continue, i think you go all-in on making this the learning year so that we can hopefully go all-in on 2024. After Memorial Day, trade Newman, Barrero, and Senzel (before he gets hurt again). Bring up Abbott to start, put Strand at 1b, Steer at 3b, Elly at SS and McCain at CF. Play them every day and suck it up because it’ll probably be ugly for a while. Offer Ashcraft, Elly, and most importantly, India, long term deals that buyout arbitration and get you a couple of additional years. That said, SELL THE TEAM BOB!