Two weeks ago we saw Noelvi Marte named Southern League Player of the Week after hitting .417/.482/.958 against Birmingham in their 6-game series. He’s now collecting the award for the second time this month after being named the Southern League Player of the Week for his series against Biloxi.

Noelvi Marte had a hit in each game, and had two hits in four of the six games against the Shuckers. On May 19th both of his hits were home runs. The next day he also had two hits, but this time he added two walks in as well. During the week he extended his hitting streak to seven games.

Over the span of his 28 plate appearances against Biloxi, Marte hit .400/.464/.880 with three doubles, three home runs, eight runs scored, five runs batted in, three walks, two steals, and he struck out just four times. It was just a continuation of his hot hitting.

From April 15th through April 21st, Marte went into a slump. Over the six games in that period of time he went 1-20. Since then, over the span of a month, he’s been on fire. He’s played in 24 games and hit .347/.406/.642 with seven doubles, seven home runs, nine walks, and just 14 strikeouts in 106 plate appearances. The infielder has also added five steals in for good measure during that stretch.

All of that has pushed his season line up to .292/.364/.528. On the surface that’s a good line, but when you consider what has been happening in the Southern League this year with the “sticky baseball” that is being tested out by Major League Baseball there, it’s a very impressive one. Marte’s batting average of .292 is the 4th best average in the league. His .528 slugging percentage is 6th best in the league, as is his .892 OPS. Marte’s eight home runs are tied for second in the league. His eight stolen bases rank 10th best in the league.

Here are the other Players of the Week this season from the farm system:

  • Andrew Abbott – Southern League – April 10-16
  • Blake Dunn – Midwest League – April 24-30
  • Noelvi Marte – Southern League – May 1-7
  • Matt McLain – International League – May 1-7
  • Noelvi Marte – Southern League – May 16-21

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36 Responses

  1. Jamison

    Is Marte considered a better long term solution at SS than EDLC? I’m curious how their defense ranks against each other.

    • Jer-B

      It’s not likely he’ll stick at short. EDLC is the better defender there. His long term home is likely 3B unless he starts getting some reps in the OF.

  2. BigBill

    Doug, could you rank the defense of Elly, MCLain, Marte and Barrerro for SS? Seems we need to get positions figured out between them and Steer, CES and Senzel..

    • Jer-B

      Not Doug, but I would go with Barrero, EDLC, McClain, Marte in the defensive pecking order.

      • MBS

        Everything I’ve ever read and heard would echo @Jer-B’s rankings.

        I kept thinking Marte would be trade bait because of our infield depth, but now I can’t stop dreaming of an infield of Marte at 3B, EDLC SS, McLain 2B, and CES 1B. That could be a reality by opening day 24, but if not certainly at some point in 24.

      • Little Earl

        Don’t they say Arroyo is the best fielder of the bunch?

      • 2020ball

        Arroyo has the highest ceiling if he was included between those four from what I understand. Just need his bat to come through and he’ll be a very nice future piece.

    • Doug Gray

      Barrero > EDLC >> McLain

      For the most part, McLain isn’t believed to be a true defensive shortstop with most scouts thinking second or center is his long term spot. No one really thinks Marte’s a shortstop.

      • LDS

        Given these rankings, it would seem to make sense to play Barrero at SS daily and see how he progresses. Move McLain to 2nd. Start getting EDLC time in CF with a fall back to SS if Barrero crashes and burns. Marte would seem to be heir apparent at 3B. India, LF or DH? Steer at 1B until CES is ready and then to a utility role. Senzel to the trading block?

      • AMDG

        This would explain why Bell likes to play Barrero in CF, while using McLain at SS (sarcasm intended)

      • 2020ball

        @LDS I tend to lean EDLC as the SS with Barrero as his back-up. Steer isn’t a SS and all Barrero needs to do is hit lefties and back up the skilled defensive position. If he starts hitting finally, you can find a spot for him. CF is Friedl’s to lose at this point for me. I think EDLC’s better than just an outfielder.

        I wouldn’t be upset at all if it played out the way you described either, that sounds fine to me.

    • JaxDan

      @MBS, where does that leave Steer and India? I like them both

      • RedBB

        As long as India keeps getting on base hard to move him from 2B and his dWAR numbers are slowly getting better as the year goes on. I see the following for next year. Although you could swap 3B for 2B below.


        Super Utility-Steer meaning he will still play a lot but will be all over the field 1B, 2B, 3B, OF, DH. Think of Chris Taylor

        Don’t think we see Marte until 2025.

        If Senzel continues to hit we may see McLain move to OF as he’s played there before.

      • MBS

        @Jax, If we assume we are at the point in 24 when Marte is up with the Reds.

        C Stephenson
        C Robinson

        1B CES
        2B McLain
        3B Marte
        SS EDLC

        U Steer
        U Senzel
        U Barrero

        RF India
        CF Friedl
        LF Fraley

        OF Hopkins

  3. MK

    As 2022 came to a close I got the feeling most experts thought Arroyo was moving ahead of Marte in the prospect pecking order after a couple months of 2023 that trend seems to have reversed.

    • Stock

      I agree MK. Fangraphs dropped Marte to 101 (Arroyo is #54). Doug made a great point in this blog. Marte has a .892 OPS in the league where pitchers are dominating. A good week by Marte this week and he is a lock for Player of the Month in the Southern league. He should be in Louisville sometime in June and once again a top 50 prospect.

  4. Laredo Slider

    Larkin has compared Marte to Miguel Cabrera, not as tall but thick body with a lot of power and he’s only 21. Reds FO has GOT to figure out how/where to play these young HR hitters. They totally wasted fall ball ’22 as a starting point to relocate guys to OF. Natural starting point for me is to deal India/Senzel for pitching and clear the way for CES, McLain, EDLC, Steer 1B-3B with Steer to LF when Marte’s ready. Looking at contenders….they’re power teams with HR/RBI guys, not a bunch of nickel and dime singles hitters like the Reds currently have. Just not sure the FO is up to the task.

    • Andrew

      They don’t need to “figure out” who can play left field. Adam Dunn played left field. They are all premium athletes and literally any of them could play left. It’s not a big deal

      • MK

        Andrew, Adam Eaton is a friend of mine, He started as a center fielder and then played right field. Last was left field which he told me was definitely the hardest to play of the three. He thought balls hit to leftfield by righties or lefties moved much more than to the other two. Adam was pretty good defensively so although it surprised me, I had to take him at his word. So, maybe it won’t be such an easy move.

    • Andrew

      So trade India, the teams absolute best hitter right now, for more prospects because we have other prospects? Seems short sighted to trade your best player when trying to build

      • Laredo Slider

        I’m not advocating trading India for prospects, I’m saying trade him for an established SP. India is the only position player who would give a good return. Steer shows promise, TS is lagging but worth holding on to, Senzel’s a .250 singles hitter with less than 10 extra base hits. Steer, Marte, CES easily replace him. Have to give something to get something and India’s the best bet to do that.

      • Andrew

        I respectfully disagree. Keep your best hitter, Abbot/Petty/Phillips will fill that #4 SP behind Ashcraft, Greene and Lodolo. Then sign a FA SP that’s a #3-5 type

      • Greenfield Red

        Agree Andrew. There will be money to spend this winter. Get a good starter and 2 good bull pen guys for the $40 mil that’s being wasted this year.

        Do not trade a good bat with controllable years left. Find a place for all these good bats to play in the field.

        To me, the hit tool is the most important of the 5 tools, and it’s not close. When you have young guys who understand the strike zone, you do not trade them unless they are about to hit free agency and you can’t sign them.

  5. Stock

    Assuming no trades and assuming EDLC, CES and Marte are ready the Reds look very promising in 2024.

    C Stephenson
    1B India/Marte
    2B McLain
    3B Senzel
    LF Fraley/Steer
    CF Friedl
    RF Marte/India
    DH CES

    Super sub: Steer

    I would love to see India traded to Philadelphia in a deal involving Painter or Abel or LA in a deal involving Bobby Miller or Toronto in a deal involving Ricky Tiedeman

    • Not Doug

      Doug has already stated that any talk regarding trading India will result in a lifetimeban from his website as he is the next Joey Votto and the face of the franchise. Please keep these ludacris thoughts to yourself

    • BK

      I’m not seeing how Senzel has earned a starting role over Steer. Steer is solidifying a daily role on the team. Senzel still needs to prove he can hit RHP at a level to warrant playing daily. Way too early to count on all of the prospects in the minors earning starting roles in the big leagues. Trades are warranted when a team has a surplus, not when the team hopes it will have a surplus.

    • DaveCT

      Stock, I’ve been tinkering with this defensive alignment for 24.

      C: Stephenson, with ?
      1B CES, with Steer, Stephenson
      2B India, with McClain, Barrero
      SS EDLC, with Barrero, McClain
      3B Senzel, with Marte, Steer
      LF McClain, with Benson, Steer
      CF Friedl, with Barrero, Benson
      RF Fraley, with Steer, Benson
      DH Steer/Benson/Barrero/Marte

      Bench = Barrero (CF, SS, 2B); Steer (1B, 3B, Of); Marte (3B/DH/OF), Catcher (Robinson, Vellojin)

  6. Dee

    I have read all about the lineups for the next couple of years. But the fact is that the Reds need 2 or 3 more starters to get anywhere close to challenging in the National league. What I’m wondering is if there is a Mike Leake kind of talent that the Reds could grab with the 7th pick this year. Possibly the kid from Wake Forest? Couple that with a return from a possible India trade and maybe you have a good chance. I really don’t see the Reds spending enough to bring in a reliable starter in free agency.

  7. Zach

    Marte will be due for a promotion mid-season. But you have to figure out what to do with Barerro first (assuming EDLC is promoted mid-season too). Barerro should be traded for pitching prospects.

    Newman and Myers need to go (trade or released). Senzel is an asset but I feel bad keeping him in a utility role, so I say trade him and try to pick up pitching prospects instead.

    Really, they should promote EDLC, CES, Hopkins, Abbott, Marte, and even Phillips before years end. Petty will be knocking on the door next season as well. The Reds need these players to get the MLB experience to improve going into the future. Those who don’t adapt well will start the next season at AAA. Fill the holes that are left in free agency. They will have plenty of available cash.

    • Andrew

      I just don’t get it. The Reds, finally, developed Senzel, India, Stephenson, Barrero, Friedl, etc and now we need to trade them because there are more guys to develop behind them? Senzel was an universal top-10 prospect for two years and he is just now hitting his stride. CES EDLC McLain Marte Arroyo are all unproven and could flop. In fact, it’s much more likely they ALL flop than they ALL hit. Dont cut your nose off despite your face

      • Laredo Slider

        Problem re Senzel is he WAS a Top-10 prospect, no longer. His BAs in the .250s, has fewer than 10 extra base hits, RBIs only in the teens….despite playing every day. He’s a singles hitter with limited ability to drive in runs and he’s 28 years old. CES is 23, EDLC/Marte are 21 and they have HR power. Look at playoff teams, all have HR power, the Reds don’t yet play in a hitters park. Time to move on from Senzel.

      • Andrew

        So trade the guy the guy that sucks. Should be a great return….

  8. MK

    Andrew, Adam Eaton is a friend of mine, He started as a center fielder and then played right field. Last was left field which he told me was definitely the hardest to play of the three. He thought balls hit to leftfield by righties or lefties moved much more than to the other two. Adam was pretty good defensively so although it surprised me, I had to take him at his word. So, maybe it won’t be such an easy move.

    • PTBNL

      I think he was talking about Adam Dunn not Adam Eaton

    • Andrew

      So move them to right field. If between EDLC, Marte, India, McLain, Senzel, one of them can play right or left field. The Reds don’t need to trade India because we have multiple infielders.