Elly De La Cruz hit another baseball to the moon in Louisville’s win, Noelvi Marte, James Free, and Ivan Johnson picked up two hits each in Chattanooga’s victory, Dayton got back-to-back triples from Tyler Callihan and Austin Callahan in the 8th to put the Dragons ahead for good in their win, and Chris McElvain struck out nine while Kenya Huggins had another strong outing with four shutout innings for Daytona.

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The Louisville Bats won 5-3 in 10. Box Score

The Chattanooga Lookouts won 5-4. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons won 4-2. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas lost 3-2. Box Score

5/26 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 24-23 6:35pm Stoudt Here Here Here
Chattanooga 22-19 7:35pm Phillips Here Here Here
Dayton 19-23 7:05pm Aguiar Here Here Here
Daytona 17-25 6:35pm Pelio Here Here N/A

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23 Responses

  1. MK

    When is the last time two Reds’ affiliates have been above .500?

    I read your article about Bats .500 record and that is about as pathetic as it gets.

    • Doug Gray

      On April 16th Daytona was 5-4 after their game ended and Chattanooga was 6-3 when their game ended.

  2. wolfcycle

    I worry less about record in minors b/c of all the movement of players and more about seeing the development. You will always have a guy or 2 out of their depth, and when it is pitching it can really hurt any team just look at reds now. But, it is nice to see teams learning how to win, the rays farm team is perfect example of this. So, their is give and take to both sides.

    • Doug Gray

      When it happens once or twice, sure. The Reds farm system has had 3 winning years as a whole since 2006.

      They went 424-399 in 2006 – the first season I began covering the farm system.

      Then they went 420-415 in 2011. It was a decade until they had a winning record again, going 301-295 in 2021.

    • Luke J

      And the reality is, at any given time there are only a few players at each level that have realistic expectations of making and contributing to the major league club. Those are the players that really matter. The rest of the minor league players are essentially filler. And when every team in the minors is made up of a majority of players who will more than likely never make the majors, does it ultimately matter if your filler is better than our filler? Baseball is the ultimate team sport. Trout and Ohtani can’t make the Angels relevant. You need a full team of quality players to be a winning team. The minor leagues just aren’t designed for that. They are mostly filled with less than quality players. So making much of minor league records is pointless. You want your top 3 or 4 guys on each team to be studs. And they can be Elly and CES and McLain, but that still doesn’t mean the team will be good if the filler is bad. And bad filler means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

      • MK

        All organization are made up the same way and if you look at the perennially successful big league teams they have winning minor league programs. I point specifically to the Rays, Dodgers and Braves. These organizations have just as many team fillers as the Reds. Winning breeds winning.

  3. Optimist

    What happened to cause the ejections in Daytona? Unless extremely egregious, MiLB ejections seem a waste of time and resources – good for neither the umps or those ejected.

  4. Redsvol

    Nice to see starters Richardson, Rivera and mcelvain have good starts. They even let Richardson get up to 69 pitches! They do need to cut down in the walls though – a common theme for Reds minor league pitchers. Really hoping Richardson can stay healthy this year.

    Even though the hitting hasn’t shown up much in Daytona yet there is tremendous talent there. Hopefully it starts showing up in the box score.

    Still surprised at how anemic that Chattanooga lineup is.

    • LarkinPhillips

      I keep chalking the somewhat lack of hitting in Daytona to that team being very young and the league being notoriously pitcher friendly. At least I hope that is the case. I was rooting for Daytona to win more this year though with the talent they have and a new young manager (IIRC).

    • DaveCT

      Perhsps the sticky stuff baseballs in AA have something to do with the weaker hitting. And maybe the sticky stuff is actually a good indicator of who stands a good chance of hitting major league pitching. Abbott’s pitches had pretty significant differences in the amount they were breaking, one being a four inch difference if I recall. Some guys are under-performing, McGarry, Johnson, perhaps Quintana and Torres. But others are continuing their high K rate batting, Hinds, Cerda, and Northcut.

    • MK

      In Richardson’s first year at Greeneville I had a talk with him at a fast food restaurant. He told me he really did not pitch that much as an amateur and thought he would be an outfielder. Starting to put pitching strain on his arm a little later in the process might have been the cause of elbow issues. The rehab process should protect him for the future.

  5. RedsGettingBetter

    The Reds farm system is playing for .500 from A+ to AAA overall (65-65) just level A is sporting a losing record of 8 games under .500 but I think that team of Daytona has a very good potential and they should get better as the season progresses…Maybe Louisville will be hurt if EDLC and CES are called up in near future although they could receive the Marte promotion too…

  6. Andrew

    So, basically EDLC is the hardest position player thrower, hardest hitter and fastest runner in the sport? His highest sprint speed recorded is .5 mph faster than anyone in baseball, his 99.2mph throw is the hardest recorded and his exit velocity is Judge-like. What can’t this kid do now that he is drawing walks at an elite rate in May?

    I’d love to hear from the haters that call him a future bust and hear about how disappointed we Red fans will be when he debuts…..

    • Doug Gray

      Hate to break it to you, but his 99.2 MPH throw isn’t the hardest recorded. His 100.2 MPH throw, is, though (it pulled CES off of the bag – but I think a more experienced first baseman stays on the bag for an out on that play).

      • Andrew

        Eh, I suspect you enjoyed breaking it to me. But it even solidified my point that EDLC is going to break statcast

      • Doug Gray

        Hawkeye needs more cameras to rightfully track the athletic feats of Elly De La Cruz.

    • MK

      The people calling a future bust have obviously not watched him play.

  7. MBS

    Free isn’t getting the accolades he deserves. His has a .867 OPS in AA batting against the “sticky ball”. For the record Marte is sporting a .865 OPS against the same sticky ball. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see those 2 plus Hurtubise .860 getting calls up to AAA very soon.

    Getting back to Free, he’s a catcher that doesn’t catch anymore starting this year, save 1 inning. He would be an interesting bench guy on the Reds if his hitting holds up. 1B/DH combo, and the emergency catcher.

  8. Laredo Slider

    Time to promote Huggins, McElvain, Timpanelli.

    • MK

      Timpanelli is like that proverbial box of chocolates. You never know what your going to get.

      • Laredo Slider

        MK, that’s true but it’s time to find out what they have in him. He’s quietly having a decent enough year, bump him up a level and see what he can do.

  9. wolfcycle

    Hinds is still young and lost time early due to injury. He just needs to learn to stay inside the ball better he has the ability similar to Nolan Gorman of cards.