The two complex teams were the only ones on the schedule for the day, but only the team in Arizona was able to get a full game in as the Dominican Summer League team had their game suspended by rain.

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The ACL Reds lost 11-8. Box Score

Game Notes

Miguel Hernandez began a minor league rehab assignment. He went 0-2. Hernandez missed the entire season up to this point.

Luis Chevalier extended his hitting streak to seven games. In each game he’s had one hit, going 7-21 with five walks.

Carlos Sanchez has been mired in a slump since the 4th of July. Including Monday night’s game he’s gone 2-26 in his last eight games. He has walked nine times in that stretch, so he’s still gotten on base, but he hasn’t been getting hits for the last two weeks.

The DSL Reds game was suspended by rain

7/17 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 48-40 6:35pm Roa Here Here Here
Chattanooga 46-37 8:05pm Boyle Here Here Here
Dayton 42-42 7:05pm Abel Here Here Here
Daytona 38-43 6:35pm Fransen Here Here N/A
ACL Reds 16-14 9:00pm TBA Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds 17-11 11:00am TBA Here N/A N/A

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13 Responses

  1. DaveCT

    Pretty unbearable heat out there in AZ.

    I’m really pulling for Valdez to break out. Getting something out of that international class’s larger ticket items would be great. But there aren’t going to be other kids laying down for them. There had got to be some strong competition in the ACL, as well as Daytona. when, if ever, have we been able to say that?

    • Michael

      My daughter lives in Mesa and I think it is 16 straight days over 110. Brutal!

      • mac624

        They say it’s a “dry heat”. I say 110 is hot regardless! Last time I was out that way, it was 100 degrees by 8 AM! I’ll take midwestern muggy any day over that!

    • DaveCT

      I read where he used to throw a screwball. Supposedly it’s a fastball, curve, and change these days.

  2. Brad

    Have to imagine Nick Krall is looking to trade away some position player prospects for some major league pitching in next two weeks.

    Reds: 1B CES (Control through 2029), 2B McLain (2028/2029), SS, De La Cruz (2028/2029), 3B Marte (2029/2030). 2B India (2026), UT Newman (2024).
    AAA: SS Barrero, 1B McGarry
    AA: SS Arroyo
    A+: 2B/SS Jorge, Balcazar, Acosta, 1B/3B Stewart, 3B Collier.
    A: 2B/SS/(CF) Stafura, Sanchez, Cabrera, Lin

    OF depth is similar. I am sure I missed some prospects but wanted to keep list to top 25/30 types. Finding enough playing time for so many prospects is a heck of a problem to have.

    • Mike

      I’d include Siani at triple A. His power still hasn’t shown up, but he’s been great at the plate the last six weeks and his speed and defense are still valuable tools

    • Tom

      In reality, not everyone is going to be healthy or be productive. Having a stacked system is a good thing. I could see some deals happening, don’t get me wrong, but hopefully not like the Latos deal which shipped out way too much talent and shut the window after 2013.

      At the same time, the right call would have been to trade Stephenson prior to 2013 to bolster the MLB team.

      I think the Reds have a better idea than anyone on the internet about who they’d like to keep and who might be a good risk to move. Look at Shed Long, for example. That worked out. It was a risk, that worked out well.

      Somehow, you have to zoom all the way out and consider who is really just overrated and can be sent out.

      When you look at the career of a player like Mike Leake, which was very successful yet overall underwhelming (16 war in 10 seasons), and you compare that to what Nick Lodolo might be able to do at the rate he’s going (often injured with 2.7 war in 2 seasons), it’s pretty clear that Nick has a long way to go to match that career value. You start to see how the Padres have been successful in selling high on nearly every prospect over the last 5 years (yet not much success to show for it).

      It’s a topic I’m fascinated by, but have no final opinion about, although I lean towards keeping and hording and investing in and developing prospects to a further degree than most feel comfortable.

      Right now, for example, I’m ok with Marte in AAA most of next year unless injury makes it practical for him to come up. I’m ok with using an option on a developing player. Selling low on Barrero is ok with me because the upside was there. Still is, perhaps.

      The pitching gap is concerning for the Reds, but they might get healthy enough down the stretch and avoid overpaying in this bad market. Hopefully they can acquire 1 or 2 arms though, at a low cost.

  3. DaveCT

    Cade Hunter promoted to Dayton, starting at catcher, receiving Abel