The season is over for the Cincinnati Reds minor leagues. This afternoon the Louisville Bats wrapped up their season by picking up two wins in a quasi-doubleheader. Jacob Hurtubise capped off his outstanding season with three more hits and four more stolen bases while Alejo Lopez got on base multiple times and ends the season having gotten on base in 70 of his last 72 games for the Bats.

The Louisville Bats won a doubleheader

Game 1: 4-2 win. Box Score

Game 2: 8-4 win. Box Score

  • Matt McLain (rehab) went 0-2 with a walk.
  • Jacob Hurtubise went 2-4 with a walk, 2 steals (45), a run, and an RBI.
  • Miguel Hernandez went 1-2 with a run, and an RBI.
  • Alejo Lopez went 1-3 with a walk, double, and a run.
  • Henry Ramos went 1-4 with a double, run, and an RBI.
  • Jason Vosler went 1-3 with a walk, double, steal (3), 2 runs, and 2 RBI.
  • Jhonny Pereda went 1-4 with an RBI.
  • Brett Kennedy allowed a run in 3.0 innings with a walk and 3 strikeouts.
  • Randy Wynne threw a perfect inning.
  • Silvino Bracho threw a walk and 2 strikeouts.
  • Eduardo Salazar threw a hitless inning with a walk and a strikeout.
  • Casey Legumina threw a perfect inning with 3 strikeouts.
  • Ricky Karcher threw a hitless inning with a walk and a strikeout.

Gameday Notes

The streak is over. Finally. Louisville picked up two wins on Sunday to finish 75-73 on the season, giving them a winning season for the first time since 2011. To get there the Bats had to win their final three games of the year against Iowa, who finished 82-65 on the year. The win also meant that the Bats wouldn’t finish at .500 for the first time in their entire existence.

Game one of the doubleheader began on Saturday night. With Louisville up 3-2 in the top of the 7th inning part of the stadium, and part of downtown Louisville lost power and the game couldn’t resume. That’s where the game picked up on Sunday morning.

Jacob Hurtubise played in 36 games with the Bats and hit .390/.537/.460. Combined with his 83 games in Double-A Chattanooga, Hurtubise finishes the minor league season with a .330/.479/.482 line with 11 doubles, 10 triples, 7 home runs, 45 steals, 77 walks, and 63 strikeouts in 455 plate appearances.

Alejo Lopez got on base in each of the two games. He got on base in 70 of the final 72 games of the season, dating back to June 8th. From that day through the end of the season he hit .311/.440/.412 with 59 walks and 36 strikeouts.

Jhonny Pereda ends his season on a 5-game hitting streak. He his .325/.408/.433 on the season for the Bats.

Top Pitch Velocity: Lyon Richardson – 98.8 MPH (strike)

Top Exit Velocity: Jhonny Pereda – 109.6 MPH (lineout)

Furthest Hit Baseball: Alejo Lopez – 366 feet (double)

Top 25 Prospects Rundown

9/25 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable
Louisville 75-73 Season Complete
Chattanooga 70-67 Season Complete
Dayton 67-65 Season Complete
Daytona 56-72 Season Complete
ACL Reds 28-28 Season Complete
DSL Reds 28-26 Season Complete

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21 Responses

  1. James K

    When they pick the Reds’ minor league player of the year, probably Dunn, but Hurtubise should get some consideration too.

    • Doug Gray

      It’ll probably be Dunn for Player of the Year and Hurtubise for Hitter of the Year. Pitcher of the Year? Julian Aguiar or Chase Petty seems like the options. Petty had a 1.72 ERA to Aguiar’s 2.95, but he threw nearly twice as many innings.

  2. LDS

    Where do you see Hurtubise come spring: trade material, in the Reds OF mix, or a perennial AAA player? The Reds could use the hitting and speed if he can make the transition, but the usual knock here is lack of power.

      • MBS

        Hurtubise .330BA, .479OBP, .961 OPS (2023)
        Friedl .278 BA, .371 OBP, .839 OPS (2022) Last year as a minor leaguer

        I’d say what Hurtubise did this year is light years away from what Friedl ever did in the minors.

      • BK

        Hurtubise’s results are impressive, but is the comparison valid due to the dearth of AAA pitching this year?

      • MBS

        @BK, I don’t know if I understand your question. Are you saying that the pitching was better when TJ was in the minors? I’m sure there’s some variance year to year.

        I was just pointing out it was a stretch to call what Hurtubise did this year as, “Friedl with less power”

        There are plenty of MILB hero’s that are MLB zero’s, so that when the real test begins.

      • BK

        @MBS, yes, I suggest that AAA pitching took a nose dive this year, although I have looked at data across the leagues to validate my theory. I noticed this year that the Bats (and their opponents) had more bullpen days than I can ever recall seeing. Also, more Bats than I remember put up gaudy numbers this year. This is partly due to Louisville’s many Top 100 position player prospects. However, Hopkins, Robinson, Hurtubise, Perada, and Reynolds all had career years at AAA. On the surface, 2023 may have favored hitters in a way that makes comparisons between players in different years less valid.

      • Doug Gray

        I’d say hitters 1000% benefited from the automated strikezone. But I don’t think the Bats pitching is entirely representative of Triple-A pitching. The Reds dealt with far more injuries and ineffectiveness than most, which caused an insane shuttle of players up, down, in, and out.

      • BK

        Like I said, I don’t really have time for a full analysis. However, earned runs were up significantly this year across the International League:

        2021: 12,797* (11,068 actual adjusted for 20 less games than ’22 & ’23)
        2022: 13,323
        2023: 14,717

        Pretty good evidence that pitching got a lot worse across the league.

      • BK

        When adjusted for games, there were 15 percent more league runs in 2023 vs. 2021. Add 15 percent to Friedl’s 2021 OPS, and it becomes .965, which is about the same as, but slightly better than Hurtubise.

        So, until I see a more complete analysis, there is a good reason to assert that comparing a 2023 International League player’s hitting to a player from another season may lead to distorted conclusions.

    • Tom

      I like having a higher batting average team for the games where a base hit at the right time makes a big difference. However, having just 1 player over 20 home runs really lagged the offence overall. It would be nice to fix that somehow. EDLC, McClain and CES should all hit 20 or more next year so I guess that fixes it. That said, Hurtubise could really keep a strong defensive rotation going in the outfield while providing speed and average. I really like the idea.

      • MBS

        I was thinking about this the other day, and I think most of the main guys will be 20HR’s if healthy, and playing.

        CES 21 MILB 11 MLB combined 32 HR’s
        EDLC 12 MILB 11 MLB combined 23 HR’s
        McLain 12 MILB 16 MLB combined 28 HR’s
        Steer 22 HR’s
        India 16 HR in 115 games / @ 145 games = 20 HR’s
        Fraley 15 HR in 110 games / @ 147 games = 20 HR’s
        Friedl 17 HR in 137 games / @ 162 games = 20 HR’s
        Benson 11 HR in 103 games / just a terrible start for the kid, but he’s got all kinds of power and good pitch recognition

        Marte, and Stephenson are the 2 biggest stretches to get there, but both clearly have the power. Stephenson likes to go the other way too much to get a ton of jacks, and Marte is still tapping into his power, maybe it will come this season.

    • jon

      Isn’t there room on the Reds for guys like Hurtibise,Dunn and Lopez?Guys that make contact and have speed.

      • LDS

        @Jon I like the idea but it doesn’t seem to fit with the Reds’ strategy or the “modern” game. No place for guys like Carew these days I guess.

      • Optimist

        These are 3 fairly different players – Dunn has the highest ceiling – power, speed and defense, he’s a year younger than Hurtubise and 2 1/2 than Lopez. Only injury has kept his off field. Hurtubise is a late starter (USMA), even faster and excellent BB/K recognition, unlikely to show much HR power at all, but very good defense. Lopez is basically a AAAA star – very good hitter, no power, no standout defense, not notably speedy.

        Dunn may make the roster in the spring, Hurtubise may get a brief callup, and Lopez is simply AAAA.

    • RedBB

      I’ve asked this a couple times. How good is Hurtubise’s D? The fact that he hasn’t played center a lot tells me that his arm is not a strength.

  3. RedsGettingBetter

    I think the farm system season has been successful despite the record is 7 games under .500 (would be 9 under .500 if we considered the 2 Lookouts losses in playoff) but 4/6 teams have winning records and the most important is the amount of players arising on the levels and having pretty good performances during the season. I think next year will be very interesting to watch especially the drafted players like Lowder, Floyd, O’Donnell and top prospects such as Collier, Arroyo, Dunn, Hinds, Petty, Stewart and others like Hurtubise, Spiers, Maxwell, Trautwein even Alejo Lopez is still intriguing…

  4. Brad

    The Reds have now released their 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th highest paid players.