It looks like I just got out in front of Baseball America this year with releasing my version of the Cincinnati Reds top prospects list. While my list is 25 players deep, they have released their Top 10 today (they actually have a top 30, but the 11-30 group comes in the Prospect Handbook, which won’t be released for a few months). You will need a subscription to see their list, but I will talk about some of the things within.

There weren’t really any surprises among which 10 players made the top 10. Their list and my list featured nine of the same players. They had Leo Balcazar on their list, while I had him at #11.

What I found a little bit more interesting was the placement of some of the guys within the top 10. Cam Collier being at the 10th spot was the one that jumped out to me a little bit more than any of the others on their list. The scouting report on him still has plenty of good things within it, and it backs up much of what I’ve written about him here, but I guess I’m a little more optimistic about him making some of the adjustments he needs or that they are simply higher on some of the others who had strong 2023 season’s and what they showed.

The Australian Baseball League begins tonight

Late tonight/early tomorrow morning the Australian Baseball League will get their season started. As long as the official website is correct, their games will begin at 3am ET on Friday morning.

Some of the games are available to watch for free (you need to sign up, but it is free), but it seems that not all of the home teams have the ability to broadcast. Despite the games beginning in 12 hours, only half of the teams in the league have publicized their rosters. Among those rosters that are finalized, only two Reds prospects are listed. Ricardo Cabrera is playing with the Perth Heat. Ben Walmsley will be pitching for Brisbane. Unfortunately, looking at the schedule it seems that Perth won’t have a game that you can watch until November 30th, but perhaps that could change. Brisbane’s first two series will be available to watch.


It seems that Melbourne, who is hosting Perth in the opening week’s series, has their games live on Youtube and you can tune in to watch if you would like. Here’s the link.

Daytona to remain at Jackie Robinson Ballpark

The Tortugas announced this afternoon that they had a new lease with the city to remain at Jackie Robinson Ballpark for the next 20 years, and there’s an option to extend that lease for 10 years after that.

Jackie Robinson Ballpark is getting some upgrades this offseason – new lighting, a new batters eye, and new foul poles. Now if we can just get them on the plan…. well, that would be an early birthday present for me that I’d love to share with all of you.

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  1. Hoyce

    So in The Australian league are curveballs actually screwballs??

  2. JaxDan

    JJ Cooper has an interesting Q&A along with 2027 projected lineup and Tools….

    • DaveCT

      BA has been down on Collier since mid-summer. Given his age and the league he was in, it can seem pretty harsh. The question to me, however, is the degree of validity in these takes on him. Meaning, data and eyes on scouting. Are these brief takes or are they consistent? It’s seem they have been persistent for several months now if nothing else. That usually indicates something. The good knewd, his age and skill.