And after a few days off for the holidays, we’re back in action here. The winter leagues regular season is coming to an end and the playoffs get started soon for the teams in most leagues. That will lead up to the Caribbean Series where the champions from the Dominican, Puerto Rican, Mexican, and Venezuelan Leagues will face off against teams from Curacao, Nicaragua, and Panama in a round robin style tournament from February 1st through the 7th before four of those teams move onto a 1-game semifinal series with the winners playing for the championship on February 9th.

This fall and winter has been a light year when it comes to the amount of players from the Cincinnati Reds organization participating, and even more so when it comes to gets getting a lot of playing time among the guys who have appeared. It does feel like it’s a good time to check in on who has done what to this point, though.

The Dominican Winter League

Three players have gotten regular playing time in the Dominican Winter League this year from the organization, but one of those players just recently joined the organization as a free agent signing. Erik Gonzalez, who signed with Cincinnati earlier this month, has racked up 189 plate appearances and is hitting .321/.370/.429. Hector Rodriguez is the youngest player in the entire league, but he’s hitting .309/.344/.487 in 160 plate appearances. His .831 OPS is 4th best in the league. Then there’s Jose Barrero, who hasn’t played every day, but has gotten 94 plate appearances. He’s made another mechanical adjustment this winter, but so far it’s not paying off as he’s hitting just .221/.323/.312.

Noelvi Marte, Francisco Urbaez, and Allan Cerda have all had a handful of plate appearances here, too. No pitchers have appeared in the league from the organization.

The Venezuelan Winter League

Only one position player has regularly been playing in Venezuela from the organization and he’s a recent signee. Hernan Perez has hit .300/.385/.471 in 169 plate appearances. Both Pedro Garcia and Luis Mey have been pitching in Venezuela, throwing 12.1 and 8.1 innings in relief, but both have had some struggles with ERA’s of 5.11 and 9.72.

The Mexican Winter League

No position players from the organization have played in Mexico this winter. But two pitchers have made appearances. New signee Peyton Gray has been dominant. And I mean dominant – he’s thrown 25.0 innings and has not been charged with an earned run while giving up 10 hits and striking out 38 batters. Teenager Edwin Cervantes, who had previously only pitched in the Dominican Summer League, has thrown 3.1 innings in the league this winter.

The Puerto Rican Winter League

No current Reds player has seen much time in this league. Until this past week it had only been Wendell Marrero and Yan Contreras making any appearances at all, and they had 33 and five plate appearances. But just before Christmas Alex McGarry made his debut and went 1-3 with two runs batted in. That’s his only game played in thus far. No pitchers have appeared from the organization.

The Australian Baseball League

Carlos Sanchez has spent most of the ABL season with Perth. He joined them shortly after the season began and has 66 plate appearances, hitting .232/.349/.304 with two triples and a stolen base. Ben Walmsley has thrown 2.2 innings with three walks and two strikeouts.

The Full Rundown

The Hitters

The Pitchers

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12 Responses

  1. Andrew

    What does his performance say about HRod? I mean, he’s the youngest in the entire league and 4th in OPS? That’s rather impressive. Is the DWL A+ type competition? AA? A little concerning for Barrero

    • Doug Gray

      The talent level is all over the place. Some nights you’ll face pitchers who haven’t pitched above A-ball and then later in the game face big leaguers. Usually the later in the winter you get, the better the league gets because you start seeing more “advanced” guys showing up and playing.

    • RedsGettingBetter

      The Lidom is a good pitching league so one guy hitting around .300 avg and an OPS above .800 is very good. On the other side, Venezuelan league (LVBP) is very hitter friendly meaning a guy sporting an batting avg about .300 with OPS as .800 is likely to be an average hitter…

      • Doug Gray

        This year the league average OPS for the various winter leagues:

        Dominican: .683
        Venezuela: .780
        Mexico: .692
        Puerto Rico: .593 (!!!)
        Australia: .688

    • Optimist

      Good point about Hector and the DWL – I wonder where he fits in the “small man can hit” scale – somewhere between Torreyes and Altuve. Torreyes had a fine MLB career, nearly 1,000 PAs, but anything beyond that toward Altuve makes Hector very valuable, edging into 4th Ofer territory. A long way to go, but between this and Daytona, if he keeps up the numbers thru the end of DWL, he’s a hot start in Dayton from a quick promotion.

      He’d be at 1,250 PAs with a .300/.500/.800 line.

      • MK

        Got to know Ronald very well.Always worried about him as his English language skills were poor. You see in movies how many of the Latin players order restaurant food by pointing to pictures in the menu. That was Ronald, but the young man could hit and hustle. His hit tool was superior to Hectors but the power was stronger by Hector.

  2. zblakey

    HRod is named the Dominican League POY – I know he is super young – but where will he be slotted in the spring? Jump to AA?? He would be an untouchable (trade wise) on my list.

    • Optimist

      He will be 20 on opening day. Have to think he’ll begin the season in Dayton, and be there for a while, but . . . if he keeps it up at anything close to his career 300/350/500 line he’ll be moved at or before mid-season.

    • Old Big Ed

      Rookie of the Year, not Player of the Year. Nonetheless, a very strong winter showing for him.

  3. MK

    Doug, I can’t find the data but do we know whether Vellojin or anyone else is playing in Columbia this winter?

    • Doug Gray

      As far as I’ve been able to tell, Colombia is not having their league this year.