Today is the day that teams can begin signing international players to contracts. While the more high profile guys are known and expected to sign with a certain team, today is a day where plenty of currently lesser known guys will be signing and one day will be names we talk about on a daily basis.

With the Cincinnati Reds we know three guys that they are expected to sign today – all of whom rank in the Baseball America Top 100 expected signing bonus list. Outfielder Adolfo Sanchez is expected to be the top signing from this class for Cincinnati and is expected to have the 6th highest bonus of all players in the class. Shortstop Naibel Mariano came in as the #11 guy on Baseball America’s list. Catcher Jirvin Morillo is also within the Top 100, checking in at 94.

The Reds have been quite successful of late on the international market when it comes to signing amateur players. Their last three classes have found immediate success, providing the club with four of their Top 11 prospects (Ricardo Cabrera, Carlos Jorge, Alfredo Duno, Leo Balcazar), and there are plenty of promising guys behind that group from those same signing classes.

Signing information will likely start rolling in early in the morning. Last year things started rolling in for all teams around 9:30am ET. The Reds didn’t officially make their acknowledgement of signings until just after 4pm ET a year ago, though.

When it comes to how the coverage will be here – there will be a new post when signings begin to roll in. Assuming things go as expected, there will probably be an article about the signings of Sanchez and Mariano – this is a business venture afterall, and those two signings are a big deal that people will be looking for more information on through search engines – and then an article with all of the signings as they roll in.

As it’s gone in past years, I will do my best to get scouting reports/information on all of the players that are signed this week. That usually does not happen immediately – last year I was able to get stuff for everyone that signed in the first day written up and published on the following day. That may or may not be the case – very particularly with this kind of stuff, my sources are incredibly limited and I’m essentially awaiting for them to have the free time to give me a phone call in what is one of the busier stretches of their year.

For now, let’s use this for discussion in the comments if you’d like. My work and sleep schedule probably mean that I will not be awake by the time that some teams signings are being publicized (I’d recommend following Ben Badler of Baseball America on twitter for the quickest relay of information on signings). But once I’m up and moving, and signings begin to roll in, I’ll get to typing away with as much information as I can get out there.

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3 Responses

  1. Josh

    Not sure if it is official or not, but Baseball America has the Reds already with six signings:
    Adolfo Sanchez, OF, Dominican Republic
    Naibel Mariano, SS, Dominican Republic
    Jirvin Morrillo, C, Venezuela
    Pablo Nuñez, OF, Venezuela
    Shendrion Martinus, SS, Curacao
    Jose Sabino, SS, Venezuela

    • Doug Gray

      Technically not official official. Guys still have to pass physicals and have deals approved by Major League Baseball. Neither of these are usually an issue, but every so often something comes up and a deal we thought was coming through doesn’t. I can recall a few over the years on guys that never came to fruition that we expected to happen.

      With that said, if it’s being reported today by BA or MLB – I’ll be reporting it and trying to gather information on it all.

    • Josh

      Another 10 reported signings:
      Erlin Aguero, RHP, Dominican Republic
      Jhan Almeida, RHP, Venezuela
      Oniel Diez, RHP, Dominican Republic
      Manuel Marchan, RHP, Venezuela
      Jaset Martinez, OF, Venezuela
      Franyer Mendez, RHP, Venezuela
      Peson Revierre, OF, Curacao
      Stharlin Torres, RHP, Dominican Republic
      Nayerich Waterfort, 2B, Curacao
      Diorland Zambrano, SS, Venezuela