The Cincinnati Reds had 47 players as a part of their early minor league camp that got started earlier this month. We talked about it earlier in February, but essentially, it was mostly more advanced guys who were showing up a few weeks early in order to supplement and help out when needed in big league camp. Those same 47 players are among the 149 players who will be in Goodyear at the Reds complex for minor league camp.


# Player Position
52 Adam Serwinowski LHP
77 Adrian Herrera RHP
78 Alan Busenitz RHP
0 Alex Blandino RHP
99 Alexander Johnson RHP
79 Andrew Moore RHP
81 Anyer Laureano RHP
80 Arij Fransen RHP
52 Ben Brutti RHP
45 Braxton Roxby RHP
27 Brett Kennedy RHP
82 Brian Edgington RHP
22 Brock Bell RHP
54 Brody Jessee RHP
47 Brooks Crawford RHP
33 Bryce Bonnin RHP
55 Bryce Hubbart LHP
61 Carson Rudd RHP
56 Chris McElvain RHP
49 Cody Adcock RHP
40 Cole Schoenwetter RHP
48 Connor Curlis LHP
71 Connor Overton RHP
57 Cristian Galindo LHP
73 Darcy Longstaff RHP
36 Dennis Boatman RHP
84 Dominic Scheffler LHP
41 Donovan Benoit RHP
50 Dualvert Gutierrez RHP
44 Dylan Simmons RHP
58 Easton Sikorski RHP
38 Eddy Demurias RHP
48 Evan Kravetz LHP
72 Gabe Starks RHP
62 Gabriel Aguilera RHP
58 Graham Osman LHP
65 Hunter Hollan LHP
40 Hunter Parks RHP
27 Jake Gozzo RHP
59 Jake Wong RHP
60 Jared Lyons RHP
63 Javi Rivera RHP
85 Jefferson Lopez RHP
50 John Murphy RHP
74 Johnathan Harmon RHP
86 Jonah Hurney LHP
61 Jonathan Batista RHP
62 Joneiker Arellano RHP
44 Jose Acuña RHP
68 Jose Franco RHP
65 Jose Montero RHP
68 Joseph Menefee LHP
51 Juan Martinez RHP
69 Kenya Huggins RHP
26 Kevin Abel RHP
67 Logan Van Treeck LHP
60 Luis Mey RHP
71 Luis Morellis RHP
70 Mason Pelio RHP
43 Michael Byrne RHP
67 Myles Gayman RHP
71 Nestor Lorant RHP
54 Nick Payero RHP
47 Nick Sando LHP
63 Nicolo Pinazzi LHP
39 Owen Holt RHP
26 Pedro Alfonseca RHP
41 Pedro Garcia RHP
55 Peyton Gray RHP
49 Randy Wynne RHP
38 Reynardo Cruz RHP
70 Ricardo Quintana RHP
37 Ryan Cardona RHP
48 Sam Benschoter RHP
35 Simon Miller RHP
53 Spencer Stockton RHP
60 Stevie Branche RHP
57 Tanner Cooper RHP
51 Thomas Farr RHP
50 TJ Sikkema LHP
75 Trey Braithwaite RHP
21 Ty Floyd RHP
34 Vin Timpanelli RHP
76 Vladimir Davila RHP

It’s possible the that most fun player to follow on this list of pitchers is Alex Blandino. If you happened to miss the news, the former big league infielder is attempting to become a knuckleball pitcher. He made a few big league appearances as a pitcher, topping out at 91 MPH with his fastball, but he also fired off some knuckleballs during that time.

A handful of guys on the list have yet to make their professional debuts – at least in terms of games that count. Perhaps the biggest guy from that group is 2023’s 4th round pick Cole Schoenwetter. The Reds backed up an armored truck to get him to pass over college, signing him with a $1,900,000 bonus – nearly three times the slot value of the pick.


# Player Position
6 Alfredo Duno C
22 Andruw Salcedo C
32 Cade Hunter C
34 Connor Burns C
66 Diego Omana C
3 Eric Yang C
23 Hayden Jones C
44 James Free C
75 John Michael Faile C
59 Juan Garcia C
33 Logan Tanner C

Alfredo Duno, unless I missed someone on the list, is the only player who was exclusively in the Dominican Summer League in 2023 to be in minor league camp this spring. My assumption at this point is that after this spring training comes to an end that the organization will bring additional players stateside in April to supplement the roster for the Arizona Complex League team that will begin their season in May.

John Michael Faile is an interesting pick up. Signed back in December, the 23-year-old is the NCAA Division II career home run leader. He went undrafted after his senior season and also unsigned to affiliated ball. His career continued with the now independent league (it’s still the Pioneer League, but they aren’t affiliated and are considered a “Partner League”) Billings Mustangs where he obliterated the ball, posting a 1.175 OPS in 54 games. At his age, there’s probably not much wiggle room – he’s going to have to show out from the start.


# Player Position
4 Alex McGarry INF
3 Austin Callahan INF
7 Bernard Moon INF
4 Cam Collier INF
7 Carlos Jorge INF/OF
15 Carlos Sanchez INF
30 Carter Graham INF
16 Dominic Pitelli INF
30 Edwin Rios INF
4 Hernán Perez INF
25 Ivan Johnson INF/OF
46 Iverson Espinoza INF
35 Jackson Miller INF
9 Johnny Ascanio INF
17 Jose Serrano INF
7 Jose Torres INF
17 Leonardo Balcazar INF
23 Levi Jordan INF/OF
39 Luis Chevalier INF
37 Luis Reyes INF
12 Miguel Hernández INF
23 Nick Northcut INF
12 Quincy McAfee INF/OF
39 Ricardo Cabrera INF
21 Ruben Ibarra INF
25 Sal Stewart INF
3 Sammy Stafura INF
40 Sheng-En Lin INF/OF
30 Trey Faltine INF
27 Victor Acosta INF
72 Wendell Marrero INF
32 Yan Contreras INF
45 Yassel Pino INF

It’s possible that there was simply a typo on the list and no one noticed it, but Jackson Miller is listed as an infielder and not as a catcher. The 2020 2nd round pick has had a run of injuries unlike just about anyone I can recall. He played in three games in 2021, missed all of 2022, and then played in 11 games in 2023. His only games behind the plate all came in 2021. He was the designated hitter in all 11 of his games last season.


# Player Position
60 Alexander Ovalles OF
44 Allan Cerda OF
6 Anthony Alford OF
64 Ariel Almonte OF
29 Austin Hendrick OF
35 Brayan Rijo OF
80 Drew Davies OF
17 Drew Mount OF
34 Eddy Isturiz OF
28 Esmith Pineda OF
2 Ethan O’Donnell OF
27 Francisco Urbaez OF
21 Hector Rodríguez OF
25 Jack Moss OF
15 Jack Rogers OF/1B
9 Jay Allen II OF
16 Justice Thompson OF
6 Kyle Henley OF
36 Luis Leones OF
29 Malvin Valdez OF
28 Yerlin Confidan OF

Among the outfield group there’s only one guy who will be making his pro debut. Drew Davies, signed out of Australia over the winter, turned 18 in December. He played in three games in the Australian Baseball League this winter, going 0-3 with a run scored for Adelaide.

The number of players will change throughout the spring as cuts from big league camp send some guys back to minor league camp. There are likely going to be some minor league cuts, too.

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15 Responses

  1. MBS

    Miller has missed so much time, maybe they think his best chance is to become a 1B or a 3B.

    • DaveCT

      We can only speculate but I’d think his body cannot handle the rigors of catching.

      • MBS

        I was thinking that might be the case, but I really don’t know what his injures were. Either way he’s running out of time.

  2. Krozley

    Andy Fisher not being on the list is a bit of a surprise, but maybe that is just an oversight. Hensey and Guilliams are the others missing, but that could be due to their injury status. Eddy Isturiz is another catcher that seemingly is changing position, now listed as an OF.

    • Doug Gray

      I have not been able to confirm it, but someone did tell me that he chose to retire. Not being here helps lead some credence to that – but his MiLB page has not been updated to reflect that.

  3. MK

    A few of the later arrivers played in the MLB game yesterday including a couple pitchers Byrne and Kravetz.

  4. Randy in Chatt

    James Free back at catcher or is that just a convenient listing?

    • Doug Gray

      I honestly do not know. I haven’t spoken to anyone about this stuff yet. I didn’t get the list until last night.

    • DaveCT

      And Francisco Urbaez listed as an outfielder, which may or may not be meaningful as he’s likely on a utility player track at this point anyway.

  5. MK

    Doug, any chance in the future these lists can be alphabetized by last names rather than first?

    • Doug Gray

      I am not sure when I’ll have another big list like this, but I’ll try to remember.