The Cincinnati Reds have had multiple prospects stand out early on in spring training games. On Tuesday against the Chicago Cubs it was Edwin Arroyo who turned some heads.

For the third consecutive day he made a big defensive play. In the 8th inning he made what turned out to be a game saving play, catching a liner and making an athletic turn and thrown to double off a runner that would have scored later in the inning of what eventually wound up being a tie game.

But he wasn’t just flashing the leather and defense in the game. He also lined a double into right field, barely missing a homer as the ball bounced off of the base of the wall. Arroyo is now 3-6 on the spring with three runs scored and a walk.

Jacob Hurtubise, who had the only hit in Monday’s game against the Seattle Mariners, picked up another hit on Tuesday against the Cubs. He also picked up his first stolen base of the spring.

Daniel Vellojin picked up a hit late in the game. But it was another hit that had him exiting the game. After he singled, he took second base on a wild pitch. The throw to second pulled the fielder into the baseline and he and Vellojin collided, with Vellojin taking the brunt of the hit and winding up on the ground. He would be checked on by the trainer and eventually exit the game under his own power.

On the mound the Reds prospects had mixed results. Connor Phillips followed Frankie Montas on the day and he looked good. Phillips fired off 2.0 hitless innings and struck out two batters with a walk. Zach Maxwell pitched a perfect inning in the 6th.

It was a tough day for Carson Rudd, who came over from minor league camp. He hit a batter, walked three batters, gave up a hit, and allowed four runs without recording an out. Two of those runs came after he exited the game.

Jake Gozzo’s line in the box score looks rough. He allowed two runs in the 9th inning and gave up four hits. But two of the four hits he gave up were bloopers that went about 120 feet and were somewhere between inches to two feet from being caught, while another was a grounder just beyond the reach of Arroyo at shortstop. It was just one of those days for him where the baseball gods just weren’t on his side.

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17 Responses

    • Redsvol

      I agree @melvin. I’ve followed him here because of doug but now I am going to find a way to watch him in person. I should be able to get to Chattanooga in April.

      I don’t see anyone at the major league level playing a slicker shortstop than EA. And he seems to be able to hold his own at the plate. There is just something special about sticking a slick shortstop in the middle of your infield. If we don’t trade him, that’s our starting shortstop in 2026.

      And hurtibese just doing his thing. Getting on base, scoring runs, fielding at a high level. Too bad Dunn has been hurt.

  1. Andrew

    Jacob Hurtubise just gets on base. This guy would have been a star in the 80’s

    • MBS

      If he can replicate what he did in the minors this year on the Reds, he’ll be a star here too. I’d take .330/.479/.482 with 45 SB’s from everyone.

  2. SultanofSwaff

    Got to watch Phillips on the Cubs rebroadcast here in Chicago. His fastball was boring in on the hands on multiple batters catching them off guard. Got some chases with the slider as well.

    Yes, continue to start him, but at worst you have a pretty nasty reliever ready to make an impact now.

    • DaveCT

      I thought his second inning was better than his first, where the Cubs made some loud contact. If the breaking ball he struck guys out with was a slider (which I’m leaning towards), it has a lot of sharp break.

  3. Jonathan

    The Cowboy was all in on Arroyo Defense commenting that his Defense current state is MLB ready. Could be an amazing few years for the Reds infield. 1st: CES, 2nd: McLain, SS; Arroyo, 3rd: ELDC…through in Marte as a DH, 3rd, maybe RF?? If only the Reds had this sort of Minor League system in the early 2000s (with Dunn, Griffey, Larkin and a young Bruce & Votto) they could have been a power house.

  4. Stock

    I agree that Arroyo and Hurtusbise have been impressive so far. But what really has me excited is how good the pitching staff will be in Louisville this year.

    SP: Abbott/Williamson, Connor Phillips, Lyon Richardson, Carson Spiers and hopefully by midseason Rhett Lowder and Chase Petty.

    RP: TeJay Antone, Fernando Cruz, Tony Santillian, Alex Young, Casey Legumina and Christian Roa.

    The first three are probably better than several of the pitchers who will start in the majors but have no options.

      • MBS

        I like the Martinez, Suter, and Pagan signing because I think they are better options than the AAA guys.

        I didn’t like the Farmer signing. He’s solid, but we have guys I like better, and who seem destined to start the year in AAA. It feels weird to complain about depth, but really the Farmer signing is the only one that has me scratching my head.

      • Stock

        I agree MBS. I love the Suter signing. I liked the Pagen signing and am not as high on the Martinez signing as most but love the flexibility. I also would have loved to sell high on Gibaut. I would not even mind selling high on Moll.

    • DaveCT

      Stock, while I also believe Roa ends up in the bullpen, I don’t think he was added to the 40-man to be a reliever.

      In your projections, there’s space for him to start, until the anticipated promotions, if I’m reading things right.

      Also, a couple of other discussion points. One, the Bats infield is flush with veterans, as least until guys start opting out. I’ve viewed this as ML depth but am now also looking at it as putting a solid defense behind these AAA starters.

      Two, if some of the main goals of Lowder’s development this year are to transition to pitching every fifth day as well as to build innings, I have thought we may see him in Dayton for 10 or so starts against less demanding competition. Follow that with another 15 starts at AA and/or AAA and he’d be right where they’d want him for 2025.

  5. BK

    Phillips looked particularly good. He had excellent movement on his fastball, although the umpire had difficulty tracking it, which cost him his walk. His delivery appeared more controlled, which resulted in more strikes (multiple called balls in this PA were clearly strikes on trackman). It was an excellent showing and I’m starting to hope for the automatic ball/strike system in the majors.

    Hinds, Hurtubise, and Arroyo have all looked good from the position players.

  6. MK

    Shouldn’t forget in 8 of the 9 positions in the batting order players are required to play defense and Hurtibese has not looked that MLB ready there this Spring.

    • DaveCT

      His running and speed are kind of interesting, too. Seems like he has a lot of quickness or acceleration, which I think should give him good range in the OF, too. But I agree something seems off at the moment. Maybe his routes are off?

  7. DaveCT

    Arroyo is playing with a lot of confidence. He just looks like he belongs.

  8. The Duke

    Arroyo looked real slick at SS when I saw him in Dayton. Total package defensively, range, arm, hands, quick twitch, instincts. If the bat is enough to be .700+ OPS at the ML level, he’s going to be a big leaguer for a good 10+ years.