We’re just over a week into spring training games, so it’s still early. And when you toss in that during the big league games that no one is playing a full game and probably won’t for another two weeks or maybe more, even guys who are playing regularly aren’t getting a ton of playing time. It’s the old “small sample sizes apply” situation.

Let’s take a look at how all of the prospects have performed so far this spring in the big league games.

The Hitters

Only two guys have double digit plate appearances but both of them have found plenty of success. Tyler Callihan has hit .364 and half of his hits had been extra-base hits. Edwin Arroyo has gone 5-10 and he’s picked up two doubles and added in a stolen base for good measure. Blake Dunn has played in just two games, but he’s gone 4-5 with a walk and a double after missing the first week of games. Jacob Hurtubise has gone 4-7.

The Pitchers

Carson Spiers has thrown more innings than anyone among the prospect group so far, and he’s had some mixed results. He’s given up seven hits, but has a 3.86 ERA and he’s struck out six. Lyon Richardson has thrown 4.0 shutout innings and allowed just two hits.

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12 Responses

  1. MK

    Just wonder what the plan is for Austin Hendrick. He has spent a year and 2/3 at High A and quite frankly hasn’t been successful and didn’t see much improvement in ‘23. Can see hm going back to Dayton but he really hasn’t shown much to be promoted.

    • Doug Gray

      Sending him anywhere buy Daytona or Dayton would seem like a big mistake.

    • Jonathan

      That entire 2020 draft is junk. Not much has really come out of that draft going on 4 years later. I don’t blame the Reds for picking Hendricks…but it is disappointing they haven’t seen much development.

      • Little Earl

        2020 drat was only 5 rounds. Add in the free agents and it looks a little better. Jacob Hurtubise and Carson Spiers signed that year, and Joe Boyle was traded for Moll.

      • Jonathan

        MLB wide 2020 draft is really messy in hindsight. Everyone should get a mulligan

      • Mauired

        Not at all. Some serious young talent in that draft. Reds did HORRIBLE but to be fair most of their drafts have been good lately. Jordan Walker went just nine picks after Hendrick. But I would even be satisfied with Mick Abel, Pete Crow Armstrong, or Garret Mitchell who all went in top 20 right after Hendrick.

        Bobby Miller at the end of the 1st was a steal. Probably should have gone 1 overall. Jordan Westburg right after Miller was another great pick for Baltimore.

        In the second round Evan Carter went two picks after Christian Road. Whoops!

        If the Reds took Jordan Walker in the 1st and Evan Carter in the second instead of Hendrick and Roa and you add those two to the OF we are talking about the new Big Red Machine.

        Oh and in the 3rd round. One pick after Reds took Bryce Bonin, Giants got the best left handed pitching prospect in the sport, Kyle Harrison.

        In the 4th, Reds took Mac Wainwright who was banned for legal problems. Just 13 picks later Braves got a guy named Spencer Strider. Lol.

        Boyle in the 5th made it to MLB and has alot of potential if he throws enough strikes big arm.

        But if Reds now had Jordan Walker, Evan Carter, Kyle Harrison, Spencer Strider, and Joe Boyle I don’t think anyone would call the 2020 draft trash.

      • Old Big Ed

        Well, Mauired, the Reds didn’t have the hindsight to go by in 2020. They were forced to use what they’d seen the year before, plus about 15 ABs in February that no scouts saw. Their draft wasn’t good, but there is nobody to blame for that.

        Woulda, coulda, shoulda can be endless. They took Mike Leake instead of Mike Trout, and for that matter Bernie Carbo ahead of Johnny Bench.

      • Mauired

        Agreed Big Ed. Can’t win them all. I give credit for Reds drafting well most of the time. I’m just pointing out the 2020 draft was not entirely bad. It was full of talent.

    • Mauired

      No surprise but MLB.com just released updated Reds top 30 prospects and Hendrick is not on there for the 1st time since he was drafted. As this point if Reds could throw him into a trade as the 3rd or 4th piece it would be something. Doesn’t look like he is even getting to the majors much less making an impact.

    • DaveCT

      Lots of the scouting on Hendrick said the Reds knew he’d take lots of time to develop. I suppose one more half or whole season in A ball fits that. But still, he’s miles from GABP.

      • Old Big Ed

        At this stage, Hendrick is Bob Hope’s little brother, No Hope.

  2. Stock

    Of the top 25 prospects with more than 1 PA Rece Hinds has the lowest OPS of the group at 1.000. Pretty good.
    The accumulative line for the top 25 thus far in 42 PA is .472/.548/.639/1.187. Very Impressive

    The ERA for top 25 pitchers in 14 innings thus far is 2.57.

    One thing to consider, in addition to the sample size is that most of these PA have not been vs. ML pitchers.