It’s another day for roster cuts in Goodyear, Arizona and Cincinnati made five of them this afternoon. The Reds sent 12 players back to minor league camp on Thursday, with all of the players being non-roster invitees. Today the club optioned five players on the 40-man roster to Triple-A Louisville. Simply being optioned there at this point in the year doesn’t mean that is where they will begin their season. With that said, the five players who were optioned there today all seem likely to be on the Bats roster when the season begins. Outfielders Rece Hinds and Jacob Hurtubise were optioned, as were pitchers Casey Legumina, Christian Roa, and Carson Spiers.

While managers and other front office personnel like to say things in public like “everyone has a chance to make the team”, anyone who has been around for very long knows that simply isn’t true. There are guys who no matter how well they perform in a 4-week stretch in spring training simply aren’t going to make the club. There are plenty of reasons for that – the biggest one should be that there are almost always years and years of data points on the field to look at with that player that outweigh – and they should! – what a guy does for a short stretch in spring training. Unless it’s a situation like what Tejay Antone did a few years ago and shows up throwing 3-5 MPH harder than he did the previous season, the past information is quite valuable and gives you a good idea of what to expect.

Why did I mention that? Well, because some of these guys were performing very well and were among the first 40-man roster players sent out. Carson Spiers leads the team with 11 strikeouts, he’s walked just one batter, and he’s got a 2.08 ERA in his 8.2 innings pitched (which are the second most on the team). He even saw action with the Reds late last year. Casey Legumina has allowed one run in 4.0 innings, walked no one, and has five strikeouts. It’s tough to ask for someone to perform better, yet they only made it the first week of March before heading back to the minor leagues.

Jacob Hurtubise, at least at the plate, has been nothing short out outstanding in the small sample size that has been spring training. He’s hitting .500 and walked twice as often as he’s struck out. There have been a few questionable defensive plays, but still, the guy’s hitting .500 and he’s struck out one time. Couldn’t even make it to the second week of March.

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  1. Optimist

    I expect the Reds use Legumina and Spiers before the AS break, and Hurtubise soon after unless an injury brings him up earlier. The pitchers are known MLB performers, and may get better, while Hurtubise is 1st in line for OF.

    With Marte out I suppose this means Barrero is on the 26-man along with Stu, unless they’re convinced he’s just not getting beyond the AAAA level.

    • DaveCT

      Barrero’s versatility as a SS, 2B, RF, CF, and (likely in the system used by the Reds) now a 3B, as well as his overall athleticism, keeps growing in importance. I really hope this kid can show improvements at the plate and can find his way better this year. Hard not to root for him.

      • MK

        If he could just play a part time role and get comfortable not having to be a main performer it just might be what he needs to become productive. That worked for Ray Knight and Dan Driessen back in the day.

  2. pw

    I am beyond disappointed/disgusted with Noelvi Marte and his performance enhancing drug suspension! I’ll never understand why anybody cheats at anything. You know you don’t deserve whatever advantage you may gain. How do you overcome lying to yourself? Sorry for posting these comments here, but I don’t think I have any other option, and I couldn’t keep them to myself.

    • Alan

      “I’ll never understand why anybody cheats at anything.”

      Money. As always, the answer is money.

      • pw

        I understand what you’re saying, but in this case his gamble failed. He won’t be paid while he’s suspended, and his reputation has taken a big hit. We’ll see what that does to his earning power in the future.