Major League Baseball announced the Spring Breakout series back in the middle of December. The premise was, and still is, a showcase of sorts for each organization’s farm system. Every team will participate and have a team made up of their prospects who will play against another organization’s group of prospects. The games will follow a regularly scheduled big league spring training game and will be available to watch in some capacity. This afternoon the rosters were released for the organizations, and the Cincinnati Reds roster has 27 players on it.

Before we take a look at the roster we need to note a few things. First, the Reds are one of two teams in baseball who will be playing two Spring Breakout games. With an odd number of teams in both Arizona and Florida, one team was going to have to play in two games in order to have every organization play at least one game. Cincinnati will play on Thursday, March 14th against the Texas Rangers in Surprise and then they will play Saturday, March 16th against the Cleveland Guardians in Goodyear. One final note is that on the official MLB release of the rosters it notes this with the Reds roster: “Please note: Roster expected to be adjusted for 3/16 game vs CLE” – that may simply be for pitching purposes, but it’s possible that there could be some additional position players added to the roster for that March 16th game.

The Reds Spring Breakout Roster



Cody Adcock Victor Acosta
Julian Aguiar Edwin Arroyo
Ryan Cardona Austin Callahan
Ty Floyd Tyler Callihan
Anyer Laureano Cam Collier
Rhett Lowder Carlos Jorge
Andrew Moore Sal Stewart
Hunter Parks
Gabe Starks
Arij Fransen
Simon Miller
Dylan Simmons



Alfredo Duno Jay Allen II
Cade Hunter Jacob Hurtubise
Mat Nelson Ethan O’Donnell
Michael Trautwein Esmith Pineda
Hector Rodriguez
Carlos Sanchez

On this version of the roster there are 13 Top 25 prospects from the organization. Rhett Lowder is the highest rated guy on this team. The #2 rated prospect was sent back to minor league camp on Thursday as a part of the first round of spring training cuts from big league camp.

These games are scheduled to be 7-inning contests (dumb, but they don’t let me set the rules). With seven pitchers on the roster, that would seem to make things easy – everyone pitches an inning.

The most interesting name on the list from the pitching side of things has to be Anyer Laureano. He’s the least experienced, most raw pitcher on the list. He’s thrown 27.1 innings over the last two years between his time in the Dominican Summer League and the Arizona Complex League. while that’s more pro experience than Lowder or Ty Floyd, their college experience certainly gives them more experience in my mind than a handful of innings in complex ball.

Laureano hasn’t exactly found success in his limited time on the mound, either. His ERA in 2022 was 6.46 and in 2023 it was 6.75. He’s walked 33 batters in his 27.1 innings and struck out 28. What he does stick out for is his raw stuff. The now 21-year-old can throw 100 MPH and has a good breaking ball. Cesar Garcia, the Dominican Summer League pitching coach noted on twitter that Laureano made some adjustments at the early camp in Goodyear back in January. Hopefully we’ll get to see those pay off this season.

Among the catching group there’s not exactly a name that sticks out, but there is a player who does. Alfredo Duno’s the only catching prospect in the Reds Top 25. The 10th rated prospect in the organization, Duno had a big professional debut in 2023 for the Dominican Summer League Reds. What he didn’t do, though, was actually catch. He was dealing with some throwing arm issues and the team decided to just use him as a designated hitter during the season while working with him on some mechanical things between games with his throws.

The infield is absolutely loaded. Five of the seven players on this roster that are infielders are currently Top 25 prospects in the organization, led by Edwin Arroyo. In limited action with the big league club this spring, Arroyo’s hit well. He’s likely the highest rated position prospect in the organization who will begin the year in the minors (Noelvi Marte is rated higher, but is likely to make the club out of spring training). But the guy I’m most interested in seeing from the infield group is Cam Collier. He didn’t have the greatest season in 2023, but he was solid despite being the only 18-year-old to get more than 230 plate appearances in the league and one of just three to get at least 60 plate appearances (and his OPS was significantly better than the other two guys who got any sort of real playing time at that age).

Collier hit the ball harder than just about anyone in the league despite being younger than just about anyone in the league. And we’ve learned (and intuitively understood long before we had actual data to prove it) that guys tend to hit the ball harder as they age (up to a point, of course). The only thing that really seemed to hold him back was his propensity to hit the ball on the ground more than most other hitters. If he can get the ball in the air with a little more frequency, he’s going to get things going in the right direction and quick.

The outfield group has something interesting of note in it – Carlos Sanchez is listed with the outfielders. In 2022 he split time between third base and right field. But in 2023 he played third base and shortstop for the ACL Reds, Daytona Tortugas (just two games), and then in the Australian Baseball League with Perth. On the official Reds minor league spring training roster Sanchez was listed with the infielders. We’ll see how this shakes out this year, but it was interesting to see when the roster came out.

Ethan O’Donnell was the club’s 6th round pick in the 2023 draft. After transferring to Virginia as a junior, he crushed the ball in the ACC – hitting .354/.448/.587 in 65 games during the season. After the draft he didn’t get a ton of playing time because of the timing of the draft, but he played four games in Arizona before joining Daytona for the final month where he hit .350/.447/.600. He’s even gotten into two games this spring with the Reds (0-4). ESPN’s Kiley McDaniel had him as a Top 100 draft prospect last summer and in his write up of the Reds organization noted that he really liked O’Donnell and thinks teams are going to regret allowing him to fall in the draft. With a hot start to his career, he’s certainly a guy to keep an eye on.

Both of the games involving the Cincinnati Reds will be available to watch on

This article was updated on March 12th when the club added pitcher four more pitchers to the roster.

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  1. Old Big Ed

    I lucked out on timing and will get to attend the Reds-Ranger game on the 14th. They play the Spring Breakout game, then a normal Cactus League game as the second game of a makeshift doubleheader.

    I have yet to inform Mrs. Old Big that she may spend 5 hours Thursday at the Surprise ballpark.

    • Greenfield Red

      I think the first thing I would do in this situation would be to not address her as “Mrs. Old Big”. That would be a non starter in my house. In fact, if I were to address Mrs. Greenfield Red as such, she wouldn’t even hear the next part of the conversation even I I told her we hit the Powerball. Just my opinion.

  2. DaveCT

    O’Donnell may prove to have greater value as a 6th round pick than our 2nd round pick the year before. This may also show the incredible depth of last years draft, given the impact of 2020, pushing lots of guys into the draft three years later. But still. And scouting reports say O’Donnell can likely stick in CF, which could be a huge plus.

    • MBS

      I’m trying not to get too excited for O’Donnell, but in his short sample size there’s a lot to like.

      • DaveCT

        Dunn continues to be compared to Friedl (at least for now), and I’d not be surprised to hear some of this for O’Donnell. So instead of one fried, we may have three.

  3. DaveCT

    Baseball America really soured on Cam Collier last summer, I want to say June. They ran with the high ground ball rate and were just so critical that I was really surprised. They neglected the fact that he was in his first full season and was among the youngest regulars in the league. And now, his exit velos are another positive. Can’t wait to see what he does in Dayton

    • Greenfield Red

      I think and hope he will emerge as a top prospect once again this year.