As far as we can tell, the Cincinnati Reds have made their first release of the spring on the minor league side of things. According to the transaction log the team has released 2020 3rd round pick Bryce Bonnin.

It’s been nearly two years since the right-handed pitcher last took the mound in a game. On June 1st he threw 5.0 shutout innings and had six strikeouts for the Dayton Dragons. He was placed on the injured list with shoulder impingement and didn’t return to the mound that season. Bonnin then missed all of the 2023 season, too. This spring he was back on the mound as he attempted to work his way back, but at least with the Reds, that didn’t happen.

Prior to his injury, Bryce Bonnin had some of the best pure stuff in the organization. His fastball topped out at 99 MPH and it had a lot of rise. He also mixed in a plus slider in the mid-to-upper 80’s and a fringy change up. Shoulder injuries, though, are far less forgiving than elbow injuries. While a torn ligament in an elbow can often be repaired and see a pitcher return to where they were before the injury, serious shoulder injuries have a far lower recovery rate.

Spring Breakout

Don’t forget that both of the Reds Spring Breakout games will be played this week. Cincinnati opens things up against the Texas Rangers on Thursday evening against the Texas Rangers at 6:05pm ET. They’ll play their second game at 7:05pm ET on Saturday against Cleveland. Both games will be available to watch for free on

While I reported the other day that the roster could be a little different on Saturday than it is on Thursday, the Reds have already made a change to Thursday’s roster. Right-handed reliever Andrew Moore was added by Cincinnati. That puts them at 25 players, and if they wanted to they could add two more guys. The games are only scheduled for seven innings, so there should be plenty of pitching available and unlike other teams who may just try to get as many players into the game as they can just for the experience of being in such an event, the Reds get to play in two such games and can just add some additional players to the roster for Saturday.

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19 Responses

  1. mac624

    That 2020 draft was just a complete flop for the Reds. Granted it was during COVID and only 5 rounds, but Bonin is dropped after several injury plagued years. Jackson Miller has been hurt so much he’s switched to the infield. Mac Wainwright never has, nor probably never will play due to his criminal activity prior to signing. Joe Boyle was traded (but at least has pitched in the majors). First round pick Austin Hendrick looks like a flop and Christian Roa has been lit up when pitching above AA. There’s certainly still time for Roa and Miller and Hendrick, but the only MLB success so far (if you want to even call it that) was Boyle’s 15 innings with A’s last season, and his career has been plagued with Brillance and head scratching terribleness from the start. Not all drafts will be successful and COVID really screwed up scouting and development, but 2020 was just simply a draft year to forget for the Reds so far. Maybe Bonin can get healthy and find lightning in a bottle down the road somewhere.

    • James K

      yes, the draft was a flop, but after the draft the Reds did sign a couple of free agents who might become contributors—Spiers and Hurtubise.

    • Jonathan

      @Mac -to be fair, A LOT of teams had bad drafts in 2020. Some times got lucky. Regardless…the draft was very bad.

    • Optimist

      4 years out is almost the time needed for retrospective view to have any value. That said, looking at the 2020 draft it seems the pitchers have done fairly well, but the hitters have not yet shown up in MLB. Perhaps some of the HS draft picks are still on the way, but this is really the final season for the 25-26 year old hitters to arrive.

  2. Doc

    Off the wall prediction for 2024 – Joe Boyle will have a better season than Hunter Greene.

    To be clear, I hope Boyle pitches very well and Greene pitches even better and my prediction is wrong come playoff time. However, Joe Boyle shows signs of reducing his walks, Greene does not and I suspect that will make a big difference.

    • Pete

      It’s not the walks that bother me. With his stuff he can work around them. My problem is the number of pitches. He has to start cutting down on that at some point or he will end up in the bullpen. I don’t think your prediction is surprising.

    • Doug Gray

      The difference is that Greene has never needed to reduce his walks, while Boyle has had historically bad walk rates.

      • Doc

        FWIW – So far this spring, Greene has walked 7 and hit another in 7.2 innings.

        Walks are a major contributor to the number of pitches, as are the three ball counts that must be worked around.

      • Doug Gray

        It’s spring training, Doc. He’s specifically working on things in order to get ready for the season. He’s walked 96 batters in 237.2 big league innings in his career. He walked 72 batters in 200 innings in his minor league career. At no point has he ever had a problem throwing strikes.

    • BK

      FWIW, Boyle walked five in three innings yesterday, 33 strikes in 66 pitches.

      • Doc

        Yep. That brought his WHIP to 1.06 for the spring, with a 2.38 ERA, if the data presented in the box score are right.

  3. Tom

    Spring training, if a player is already on the team, is only about getting ready and testing things out. It matters 3.30.24 and thereafter.

  4. MK

    I thought I saw where Bonnin retired last year. Maybe they talked him into another try and it just wasn’t there.

  5. Max

    Doug it is not Greene Walk rate it is his high pitch counts. Has TERRIFIC stuff so rely on that and less on being tricky!!!

    • Doug Gray

      Sure, I guess you can argue that. But when you say something like “Joe Boyle will have a better season than Hunter Greene because of walks”, it’s a wild take.

      • Doug Gray

        I mean this is the exact thing he typed:

        “Off the wall prediction for 2024 – Joe Boyle will have a better season than Hunter Greene.

        To be clear, I hope Boyle pitches very well and Greene pitches even better and my prediction is wrong come playoff time. However, Joe Boyle shows signs of reducing his walks, Greene does not and I suspect that will make a big difference.”

        How is one supposed to read that?