Tonight the Cincinnati Reds prospect team will face off against the Texas Rangers prospect team to open up the 2024 Spring Breakout series. This is the first of it’s kind, at least when it comes to matching up against other organizations. The Reds, and several other teams, have played similar style games in the past, usually where a team of prospects would face off against the big league team in an exhibition game.

When and Where

The game will begin at 6:05pm ET (3:05pm local time in Arizona). There will be no radio coverage of the game, but you will be able to tune in on and watch the game. If you happen to be in the greater Phoenix area, the game will be played at Surprise Stadium.

The Rules for the day

  • There is no 3-batter rule for pitchers.
  • Pitchers can be removed and re-enter the game at a later point.
  • Position players can not re-enter the game once removed unless it is to replace an injured player.
  • There will be a pitch clock.
  • Teams will be limited to seven mound visits.
  • Pitchcom is allowed to be used.
  • The game will be played with the Triple-A baseball.
  • The game is scheduled to be a 7-inning contest.

The Roster

# Pitchers # Infielders
21 Ty Floyd 3 Austin Callahan
37 Ryan Cardona 4 Cam Collier
40 Hunter Parks 7 Carlos Jorge
49 Cody Adcock 15 Carlos Sanchez
72 Gabe Starks 25 Sal Stewart
79 Andrew Moore 27 Victor Acosta
80 Arij Fransen 80 Edwin Arroyo
81 Anyer Laureano 85 Tyler Callihan
81 Rhett Lowder Outfielders
84 Julian Aguiar 2 Ethan O’Donnell
Simon Miller 9 Jay Allen II
Dylan Simmons 21 Hector Rodríguez
Catchers 28 Esmith Pineda
6 Alfredo Duno 89 Jacob Hurtubise
32 Cade Hunter
94 Michael Trautwein
95 Mat Nelson

The Coaching Staff

  • Jose Moreno – Manager
  • Todd Naskedov – Pitching Coach
  • Daryle Ward – Hitting Coach
  • Dick Shofield – Coach
  • Francisco Rodriguez-Castillo – Performance Coach

This is the Double-A Chattanooga staff and they’ll serve these roles with them when the season begins.

Quick Fun Facts

  • Alfredo Duno is the youngest player (1/7/2006)
  • Jacob Hurtubise is the oldest player (12/11/1997)
  • No one on the roster has big league experience
  • Four players were acquired via trade
  • Five players were 1st round draft picks
  • There’s no left-handed pitchers among the 12 pitchers on the roster
  • There are 9 left-handed hitters among the position players

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