The Cincinnati Reds prospects beat the Texas Rangers prospects 4-1 in the first ever Spring Breakout game. Cam Collier, the club’s 1st round pick in the 2022 Major League Baseball draft, made the biggest impact at the plate in the game as he crushed a 2-run home run in the 2nd inning of the game to put Cincinnati up for good in the 7-inning contest.

“Sitting heater, gave me the heater, just exploded,” Cam Collier said after the home run. “It’s a blessing (to be in the game). I worked very hard to get here.”

In a game that saw just seven innings and most guys didn’t play the full game, Carlos Sanchez was one of the guys who did spend the full seven in the game. He picked up two hits – the only Red to do so – and that included a double and two runs batted in. His double was followed up one hit by Sal Stewart.

That would be the final scoring for either team as it handed the Reds a 4-1 lead that they’d hold onto for the 7-inning win. They held onto that win because they got strong outings from three pitchers on the evening. Julian Aguiar gave up a run in the 1st inning, but he shut down the Rangers prospects for the following two innings and finished with two strikeouts in his 3.0 innings. Rhett Lowder took over in the 4th inning for Cincinnati and fired a perfect inning. When he returned in the 5th he had to work around an error, but he accomplished that with ease as he struck out the next batter to end both the inning and his day. Hunter Parks began his outing by giving up an infield single in the 6th. It was the only baserunner he would allow in his 2.0 shutout innings.

While the Reds did win the Spring Breakout game on Thursday, the big league club did fall to Texas in the regular spring training game. But that game did feature some of the prospects making their presence felt. Miguel Hernandez homered in the 7th inning to get the Reds on the board. James Free would double in a run in his only at-bat. He would then come around to score when Allan Cerda capped off the scoring with a long 2-run homer in the 9th. On the mound it was Michael Byrne firing a perfect 8th inning.

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  1. DaveCT

    A year with Daryle Bragg at AA seems to have helped Rece Hinds last year, as well as others. I’m wondering if Allan Cerda can get the same benefit. Would sure be a nice addition to the outfield pool.

    James Free can just plain hit. Hard to see him catching fulltime. For whatever reason, he only caught a couple games last year, and I think Trautwein may be ahead of him at this point.

    I still think Miguel Hernandez is going to make a dent this year. He’s just such a good short stop and has played all over the infield, and I think he’s hit enough to carve out a utility career.

    • MBS

      I like Free and Trautwein both as potential emergency C’s. That’ll let Stephenson DH when he needs a rest. If Stephenson’s bat is pre injury level we will want him in the lineup as much as possible.

      I’m guessing we wouldn’t see Free or Trautwein until later in the year.

      • DaveCT

        I really like Trautwein’s work behind the plate. He’s not your standard issued, thick bodied catcher, but more long, lanky and athletic. He seems to be really in synch with the pitchers, too. I don’t see him replacing Maile before the Reds have moved on from him (Maile), however, but as a LH bat who can play a respectable corner OF and 1B, he’s a good asset.

      • MBS

        If Maile stays productive this year and next year, I’d look to extend him again.

        I’d also be in talks with Stephenson about extending his contract. I think he’ll be open to discussions in the offseason. He’s either going to have rebuilt his value for a larger contract, or shown that he’s not the same player, and willing to take some security.

        I don’t know if we have a true successor until Duno arrives. I like Hunter, but he’s also been turned into a hybrid C. That is fine for a backup, but he, Trautwein, and Free shouldn’t be thought of as starting C’s. Nelson hasn’t exactly taking the MILB by storm, and Tanner has an arm, but can’t find a bat.

      • DaveCT

        Keep your eye on Connor Burns, too. His defense is reportedly excellent. He’s a twitchy guy who, also, Ned’s to prove he can hit in pro ball. He may be the dark horse for a reserve catching role more than Trautwein at this point (especially since Trautwein is getting more well known).

  2. MBS

    This is the most obvious statement ever, but I really hope Collier does well this year. If we see him make the same jump, or better that big strong Sal Stewart made last year that would be huge for the organization.

    A+ might have Collier, and Stewart in the infield with Jorge, Rodriguez, and O’Donnell in the OF. That could be an exciting team to watch.

    • DaveCT

      Not sure if Leo Balcazar makes the jump to Dayton after missing most of the year in 2023, but I think Victor Acosta will, and I can see an Edwin Arroyo type year for him there. Jay Allen II should also start the season there after missing most of 2023, and there’s a very unheralded infielder, Yan Contreras, who has some tools, as well, Logan Tanner should be bumped up — dude has an arm, to say the least. Good times!

  3. Stock

    Most impressive players in the game were Carlos Sanchez, Rhett Lowder and Hunter Parks.

    Parks did give up a hit if you want to rule it that way. Routine GB to the 1B who slipped on the grass and could not get the ball out of his glove to make the easy throw to parks. Parks got 4 or 5 check swings in addition to several swinging K’s. Very impressive outing for Parks.

    Lowder faced 7 batters and threw 7 first pitch strikes. He had a 1-2 count on all seven batters and only one hitter saw 2 balls. Impressive outing.

    Sanchez’ defense was fantastic. Sanchez was one of the younger players in the game but hit the ball well. Batted cleanup which surprised me.

    • DaveCT

      Sanchez’ hands and arm seem to work really well at short stop, and his speed really impressed me, as well.

      Lowder is very polished. And Parks is a real sleeper. He apparently converted late to pitching and BA wrote this in his pre draft report: “some scouts have said he has real 70-grade arm speed, which could allow him to throw 100 mph one day as he continues learning how to pitch and filling out a still-lean frame.”

      • MK

        Watching the Australian League games, I saw Sanchez play more third base than shortstop. He had some quick hands there.

  4. doofus

    “The star of the show was easily Cincinnati right-hander Rhett Lowder (No. 60 overall, No. 3 Reds prospect), who threw two hilariously efficient innings, working quickly in the great Cincinnati tradition, à la Tom Browning. Lowder, the Reds’ 2023 first-round pick out of Wake Forest, was 94-95 mph with the fastball. He also had a plus changeup at 86-89 and a plus slider that was sharper than it was last spring in college, attacking hitters with all three pitches. He struck out two and the only batter who reached base did so on an error. Also, Lowder’s hair remains tremendous, even stronger than his changeup.” ~ Keith Law, The Athletic