After picking up their first opening day win in a decade on Friday night, the Louisville Bats kept the good vibes going on Saturday afternoon. The 2023 1st overall pick Paul Skenes handled Louisville for the first three innings, not allowing a baserunner. But he was on a pitch limit and only pitched those first three innings and the Bats took advantage when he left as they grabbed a 3-0 lead in the 5th inning. They would wind up having to come to the plate in the bottom of the 9th, but they picked up a walk-off victory to move to 2-0.

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The Louisville Bats won 4-3. Box Score

Game Notes

Let’s start off with the highlight of the game – Michael Trautwein hitting a walk-off home run with two outs in the bottom of the 9th inning. Nice time to pick up your first hit of the season (was 0-6 with a walk before the home run).

Rece Hinds homered for the second time in as many days. This homer went 401 feet. After Hawkeye failed to pick up his home run on Opening Night in real time, it was later confirmed (not by Hawkeye on the public side) at 417 feet. Last season Hinds didn’t hit his second homer of the season until his 16th game of the year.

Lyon Richardson threw five complete innings. The last time he did that was August 19th of 2021. He missed all of the 2022 season and when he returned from Tommy John surgery in 2023 the Reds limited his innings and pitches and couldn’t complete five innings before reaching his pitch count during the year. He threw just 75 pitches on the day and got 6 ground outs with 3 fly outs on the day.

Top Pitch Velocity: Lyon Richardson – 98.2 MPH (strikeout)

Top Exit Velocity: Michael Trautwein – 106.2 MPH (home run)

Furthest Hit Baseball: Rece Hinds – 401 feet (home run)


Top 25 Prospects Rundown

With just Cincinnati and Louisville playing the rundown is going to be a bit empty with information for the next few days until other teams begin to play.

3/31 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 2-0 1:05pm Lodolo Here Here Here
Chattanooga 0-0 Friday TBA Here Here Here
Dayton 0-0 Friday TBA Here Here Here
Daytona 0-0 Friday TBA Here Here N/A

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10 Responses

  1. MK

    Trautwein continues to build a reputation. Last year at this time he was getting more time as an outfielder in Dayton while backing up Mat Nelson. He has surpassed Mat by a lot and is now starting ahead of two Major League veteran catchers.As a lefthanded hitter he could have a very nice big league career as a compliment to a righty on a two catcher squad.

    • DaveCT

      I think it was Chris Welsh who said Trautwein had really impressed on the back fields in AZ this year.

  2. Grover

    I am about ready to see Jacob Hurtubise in Cincinnati, not because of Fairchild’s bad day but because he seems to be an on base machine the last couple years and is a better CF. Give him a couple more weeks and call him up.

    • MK

      I would not rush Jacob. If you look at a 5-tool player, Jacob right now has two ( a hit tool and speed). He is still short on defense, arm strength and offensive power. I can remember a knock on Jesse Winker coming up was he didn’t hit for enough power. If that was the case for Jesse it is a bigger case for Jacob. He needs time to work on his game, that a season in AAA can certainly augment

      • Optimist

        MK – how is “short on defense”. Is it just arm strength? I understood the speed to be such that the ground he covers exceeds the lack of arm strength.

        Namely, he’s the best defensive CF in the organization. Is that incorrect?

      • DaveCT

        Optimist, Hurtubise isn’t even the best CF on his AAA team. Blake Dunn is. At AA, Alan Cerda and Justice Thompson are better. At A, Ethan O’Donnell is a true CF.

        From BA: “Hurtubise’s speed isn’t as useful in the outfield, where he’s a choppy runner and an average defender with a fringe-average (45) arm.”

      • Grover

        Time in AAA won’t improve his power and he is 26 already. They have a need with Friedl out and this is a chance to see what he can do.

      • MK

        Time in AA improved his power as he had never hit a home run previously at any level including little league prior to AA. Working on launch angles and other hitting techniques can help with power. He is plenty strong enough but just needs to work on techniques.

        Defensively I’m sure he has gotten by previously on raw speed to help with his defense. But he needs to learn proper routes and angles to the ball as well as drop steps. In the limited tv games in ST he failed to catch and/or cutoff balls that ended up at the fence just by taking improper angles. These are all learnable skills. He will get it as he is a smart guy but it takes work.

  3. MBS

    Nice outing by Richardson, 5IP with 75P, and 0R. Assuming he’s allowed to extended out to a normal starters workload he was pacing 6+IP. Looking forward to seeing Phillips go.

  4. RedBB

    Seeing a lot of Jorge Soler swing and power potential in Rece Hinds.