Rece Hinds extended his hitting streak to 9 games with a long home run in Louisville’s win, Chase Petty threw five shutout innings in Chattanooga’s win, Kevin Abel struck out seven in Dayton’s shutout win, and Ariel Almonte hit his league leading 8th homer in Daytona’s victory.

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The Louisville Bats won 8-4. Box Score

Game Notes

TJ Friedl had a good day at the plate on his first game of rehab. In his first at-bat he flew out to the warning track in center. The next at-bat he doubled off of the wall in center. He would line out in his third at-bat. His day was capped off with a walk in his final plate appearance.

The Chattanooga Lookouts won 3-1. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons won 4-0. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas won 4-2. Box Score

5/3 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 15-15 7:37pm Kennedy Here Here Here
Chattanooga 7-16 7:35pm Parks Here Here Here
Dayton 10-14 7:05pm Lowder Here Here Here
Daytona 15-9 6:30pm Brutti Here Here N/A
ACL Reds
0-0 Begins Saturday Here N/A N/A

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25 Responses

  1. Melvin

    “TJ Friedl had a good day at the plate on his first game of rehab.”

    If this game is any indication Friedl will be ready much sooner than expected. That’s very good news for the Reds.

    • MK

      I thought a big positive for Friedl was he played 7-innings of defense. Typically rehab players who have been out as long as he don’t play much more than a couple at bats before they are out of the game. Sounds like he is on the fast track.

  2. DW

    Things have been looking much better at the minor league levels as of recent. Good to see.

    • Redsvol

      I agree. First couple of weeks were rough except Daytona. Several good pitching performances last night. I was expecting more offense out of the Dayton group but I think it will come.

      Nice to see Phillips and Petty get thru 5 innings. Small steps. They are still very young for their levels – 22 and 21 – and I forget that.

  3. The Duke

    Funny enough that in what was probably Serwinowski’s “worst” start of the season he gets his first career win as a professional.

  4. The Duke

    Man, Ariel Almonte is the quintessential three true outcomes hitter. 8 of his 14 hits are HR, he has 32 Ks and 14 BB in only 86 plate appearances. Sub Mendoza hitting .194, but a .326 OBP and .882 OPS.

  5. Redsgettingbetter

    Great news about TJ Friedl looking good in his first rehab game where he hit two drives at the wall in CF so the pop isn’t gone apparently.
    Could it mean something Conner Capel wasn’t play lastnight with the Bats?
    Almonte should work on lowering his K% so having more contact it will turn in better BA without sacrificingmuch power escaping away from the Aquino syndrome
    Serwinowski and Lorant or Laureano have been a successful piggyback system for Daytona so far

  6. Michael Wilson

    On the hitting side it’s Almonte starting to gather the attention. Lorant is sneaking into the headlines on the pitching side. Only two walks in 19 innings. Louisville is a team of 30 year olds, youngster Hinds showing them how to get it done. On the surface it seems Soto is a vet but he’s the same age as Hinds. Looks good so far. Hector Rodriguez hits no matter where he goes.

  7. Old Big Ed

    Hinds now has only 1 strikeout in his last 10 PAs. Small sample size alert, obviously, but he has also been hitting the ball harder, too. He destroyed last night’s homer.

    It took Hinds two months last season to get the whiff problem behind him. Maybe this is where it starts this year. He’s still only 23, and the Reds need RH-hitting outfielders.

    • The Duke

      Charlie Condon is a right handed hitting OF. Just saying.

  8. MK

    I see in the transactions that Jake Wong signed a minor league deal with the Cubs. Anyone know how he left the Reds organization? His transaction information on shows him on Chattanooga at end of year then signing with Cubs, nothing in. Eteren.

    • Doug Gray

      I’d guess he was a free agent. There are some transactions missing on MiLB dot com. Kind of stinks. But the Reds released several guys two years ago during spring training who are still missing that transaction.

      • DaveCT

        I just saw this in the BA Minor League Transactions.

        “Acquired: RHP Jake Wong (R) from Reds for cash considerations”

  9. Laredo Slider

    Gozzo with second AA save, Lorant with second save in Low A as he auditions for a promotion.

  10. Stock

    Ten things I noticed from last nights games:

    1. TJ Friedl – He is on rehab and based upon hitting a double off the wall, I am hoping much of his power remains. I know Friedl never hit the ball last year but he looked pretty special in September. Hopefully he will be traveling with the Reds to San Francisco next week.

    2. Alex Young – He is also on rehab but unfortunately for Young there is no room for him in the bullpen and because he has options he will stay in Louisville until injury provides a need.

    3. Edwin Rios – I have to admit he was one of my favorites when he was with the Dodgers several years ago. He was constantly on my fantasy bench in the hopes that he would get a full-time gig. He has the power. Can he control his K%. I loved this acquisition last winter. I can’t help but feel he is better than Patrick Wisdom but is always in the wrong situation. Let’s see how this works out.

    4. Tony Santillan – Another good outing for Santillan. Unfortunately for Santillan, he is not on the 40-man roster and he has no options. If the Reds call him up then it is for the rest of the year or they risk losing him to waivers. The fact that Young is pitching further reduces Santillan’s chances of a call-up.

    5. Chase Petty – Pitched five shutout innings. No walks after the first inning and the only fly ball he allowed in the game never left the infield. Hopefully, this is a sign that he is making the adjustment to the big jump between A+ ball and AA ball.

    6. Jay Allen II – Is the Jay Allen show fantastic or what? He is walking. He is hitting with power. He has his K% under control.

    7. Cam Collier – He took two BB yesterday and his K/BB currently sits at 20/6. This is trending in the right direction.

    8. Adam Serwinowski – Although this was his worst outing of the year he clearly looks like a prospect on the rise.

    9. Nestor Lorant – I know he has yet to start a game this year. But that is nothing more than a formality. He has pitched 3 – 5 innings in each of his 5 appearances and since his innings will be limited this year it makes sense what the Reds are doing. While in the game he has been dominant. Adam Serwinowski is getting all the press on this site but Lorant has quietly been the best pitcher for Daytona this spring.

    10. Ariel Almonte – Speaking of Patrick Wisdom, Almonte is a large and strong man. Unfortunately, between the bulk and height, I felt there were large holes to be exploited. They are without a doubt being exploited. But when a pitcher misses, lookout.

    • The Duke

      Serwinowski is getting more of the hype because he is doing it at 19 and with more potential in his raw stuff. Lorant is 21, which is teetering on old for Low A.

      They finally let Serwinowski go 5 full innings last night, but he still only needed 60 pitches to do it.

      • Stock

        I agree with you 100% that Serwinowski is a better prospect. My point was that Lorant should not be ignored. I have not updated my top 25 yet but Lorant could very well make the list.

      • Stock

        Also, the age/level situation should be considered but it should be nothing more than another thing to consider. Lowder is 22 and still in A ball but no one is dropping him outside the top 10 Reds prospect lists.

        If 21 is borderline for Daytona, then 22 is borderline for Dayton.

    • Stock

      Further comments

      1. I left out an important word on my Friedl statement: Friedl never hit the ball hard not never hit the ball.

      This refers to his low exit velocity on the season.

      2. Look what has happened to Michael Busch when released from Dodger prison. Will the same happen with Rios? I think it could.

      3. 13 balls were put into play vs. Petty last night. The last 8 were all ground balls. In total 2 line drives, 10 GB and 1 IFFB.

      • BK

        His bunt attempts depress his exit velocity numbers making any comparisons based on this stat unhelpful.

    • MBS

      2) & 4) We’re developing quite the bullpen in AAA, Santillan, Young, Legumina, and Bruihl. When you look at what Maxwell has been able to do so far this year, it makes you feel pretty comfortable that the Red’s pen should be in good shape all year long.

      5) It’s good to see some success come Petty’s way. It was his longest, and most efficient outing of the season.

      6) Allen is like found money. I don’t think anyone was expecting him to flip the switch like this.

      • DaveCT

        Bruihl may be another astute pickup by Krall and friends. He was most recently the Dodgers’ #22 prospect in 2022. Getting any LH help in the bullpen is good, and getting a possible solid contributor for the ML club is better.