Last week during the end of April Mailbag, one reader asked about having a check in on the top 25 Cincinnati Reds prospects every so often. I decided that the first Monday of every month would be a perfect time for that since the non-rookie level teams are all off on Monday. That happens to be today, so let’s dive on in.

The Position Players

I decided to break things down between pitchers and hitters out of ease of the stats.

It hasn’t exactly been a banner start to the season for many of the hitters in the organization, but not everyone is struggling. Jay Allen II, who has struggled in Dayton in limited action (late call up in 2022, injuries in 2023) in the past, is out to a great start this season. He’s lowered his strikeout rate, walking more, and hitting for a ton of power this year.

Cam Collier has more home runs in 2024 than he hit in 2023. The power has taken a big step forward, but he’s also hitting for a higher average to go with the increased power this year, too. Ricardo Cabrera, who has hit well outside of the first month of his professional career, is out to a strong start in Daytona where he’s got an OPS of .883 – 219 points better than the league average OPS.

And then there’s Hector Rodriguez. He’s hit everywhere he’s been and that hasn’t stopped this year. He’s currently in a run of having just one strikeout over his last 72 plate appearances and has one of the lowest strikeout rates in all of minor league baseball.

The Pitchers

There aren’t nearly as many pitchers in the top 25 as there are hitters, but you have a similar situation with them – some guys are really struggling to begin the year, but a few guys are having good starts to the season.

At the top is Rhett Lowder, and he’s pitching like you would expect the 7th overall pick to be pitching in High-A. He’s got a 2.49 ERA, isn’t walking guys and is striking out a bunch of hitters. At the bottom of the top 25 is reliever Zach Maxwell. He’s been dominant for Chattanooga. He’s yet to allow a run in his 10.1 innings pitched, has given up just four hits, and he’s striking out more than half of the hitters he’s faced.


One month a season does not make. There are a lot of reasons a guy could be out to a tough start. Or a great start, for that matter. But baseball is a game of adjustments and all of these guys have had to make them at some point in their career. And they’re going to have to do so again.

That’s not to say it’s not concerning to see so many guys hitting under .200 with strikeout rates in the 40% range. And it’s not excusing pitchers with WHIP’s twice as high as some others on the list. Those guys are going to have to get better at what they have been doing. If they can’t, they’ll be looking at potentially moving back to a level that they’ve already played at with the hopes to get things moving back in the right direction.

For now it’s just one month. Let’s see how things are trending in four weeks.

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9 Responses

  1. Melvin

    Too bad the guys who are hitting well aren’t close to being up with the Reds as they’re all down in the lower minors. Maybe some will get promoted soon?

    • DaveCT

      And don’t hesitate to put this on Patreon 3-4 days earlier than publishing here.

  2. The Duke

    Probably not until midseason until there is a top 25 updated rankings? I have to think Adam Serwinowski will be making a large rise up the rankings given what he’s done in Daytona so far.

    • Doug Gray

      My general rule has been after the draft but with how everything is so late in the year now I might have to consider changing that. We’ll see.

  3. DW

    Great update Doug. Thank you. I really like how you often include and emphasize BB% and K% for both hitters and pitchers. These are great tells for where a guy is really at. They aren’t everything, but they are quite helpful and often quite telling.

  4. mac624

    Love the update and hope you continue to do something like this every month if time allows. That said, it’s just not been the best of starts for the entire organization from top to bottom. Inconsistency, injuries, and just awful offense. Hopefully not a bust year for the organization, but it’s sure progressing that way early. At least there’s some strong and encouraging performances on the farm!


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