The minor league schedule typically leaves Monday as an off day for the full season teams. That means that most Monday’s are going to only be the Arizona Complex League and Dominican Summer League Reds playing on the day when their season begins. The ACL Reds are just getting started and on this day they were the only club on the schedule.

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The ACL Reds won 7-3. Box Score

Game Notes

The first professional season for Sammy Stafura went about as poorly as it could. He went 3-42 in 12 games (.071). All three of those hits were extra-base hits, but he struck out 23 times in his 53 plate appearances and seemed to be overmatched a little bit. This season started out with him going 1-4 with a walk in his first game. On Monday night he matched the number of hits in his first 13 games as a pro, going 4-4 on the day while picking up two more extra-base hits – giving him five of them out of his eight career hits.

Kyle Henley only had 13 at-bats last year after being drafted. He went 3-13 without any extra-base hits. On Monday night he picked up two hits – giving him three on the season to match his total from last year – and both of them were extra-base hits.

Sheng-En Lin walked six times in nine games last year, but he never walked multiple times in the same game. He walked four times on Monday night to push his season total to five through two games.

John Michael Faile made his professional debut as a pinch hitter on Saturday, but he popped up to end the game. The NCAA DII all-time home run leader went undrafted in 2023 and played independent league ball with the Billings Mustangs where he continued to crush the ball. The Reds signed him in the offseason. He got his first start on Monday night and picked up his first pro home run – a solo shot to center in the 8th inning.

The Reds pitchers gave up three runs, and two of them were earned, thanks to eight walks on the night. They only gave up one hit on the day.

5/7 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 16-17 6:05pm Phillips Here Here Here
Chattanooga 7-19 6:05pm Aguiar Here Here Here
Dayton 12-15 6:05pm Cardona Here Here Here
Daytona 17-10 6:35pm TBA Here Here N/A
ACL Reds
1-1 OFF DAY Here N/A N/A

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18 Responses

  1. Melvin

    Hurtubise possibly helping the Reds in the semi near future being a contact hitter?

      • mac624

        I’d take an on base machine right now lol. I know in today’s baseball, players that just simply get on base aren’t as valued anymore, but when your team can’t even get 5 hits in a game, you take what you can get at this point.

    • MBS

      @Melvin, yes! I like Hurtubise on base skills. He might be a 4th OF type, but he’d be an upgrade over the trio of backups we currently have.

      Semi near future may include Dunn, I don’t know if he’s still dealing with something, or if was missing games so Friedl could rehab. I’d of thought they’d take games away from some non-prospect types, but they didn’t.

      It will be nice to see how both of them perform when they are fully healthy.

  2. mac624

    Stafura was mocked to the Yankees quite a bit in the first round for last year’s draft for several months leading up to the draft. When the Reds got him in Round 2, I kinda wondered if that wasn’t a steal for them. Doug posted a story about him that lead up to him being drafted. Definitely a hardworking, focused young man that you tend to root for. I don’t put much stock in last season, but he certainly had himself a night last night.

  3. Michael Wilson

    One game, but interesting. Stafura, Lin and Faile stats perk my interest.

  4. MBS

    Is Kyle Henly unusually fast, or did an unusual situation happen? You don’t see a ton of steals of home.

    Lin and Stafura are the only 2 names I know from that roster, and both got on base 5 times! Nice start by 2 young prospects.

    Lin at 3B? that’s not something I’d have guessed, CF, SS, even SP, but not 3B.

    • Doug Gray

      It was just like almost every other steal of home: Double steal with a guy taking second.

      • MBS

        got it, no EDLC like scenarios, just suckered the defense

    • MK

      Reds love third basemen (Senzel,India, Hinds, Stewart,Collier). Maybe they plan to start Lin there and then move him.

    • DaveCT

      Though not a straight steal, Henley was rated with 80 grade speed in the BA pre-draft scouting report. Seeing is believing, of course.

  5. Laredo Slider

    Where can I find ACL/Dominican rosters? TIA.

  6. MK

    Do we know what the injury to Austin Callahan is as he was placed on 69-day IL today?

    • MBS

      If they have a 69 day IL, then I think I can guess how he got injured. Sorry I’m as suffocated as a 10 year old.

    • Doug Gray

      Not yet. I saw the transaction and wondered about it myself. It’ll be on my list of things to ask about when I talk with someone next. In his last game played his final play made was a walk, then he scored from first on a home run – trotting the entire way. He was then replaced the next half inning. No clue what the heck could have happened short of a Joey Votto situation where he got into the dugout and rolled an ankle or something wild like that.

  7. DaveCT

    Minor League roster basics: Third Baseman Lin is listed as a pitcher. Knuckleballer Blandino is listed as an infielder.

    It is a bummer that two of our 2023 draftees and well regarded pitchers are injured and on the 60-day.

    I cannot wait to get a look at the 6’3″ 163 lb left-hander, Cervantes, as he, one, threw well last year, and, two, might make SanMartin look robust.