The Cincinnati Reds have promoted 2023 1st round pick Rhett Lowder to Double-A Chattanooga. Lowder began the season with High-A Dayton and made five starts with the Dragons to start his professional career.

When the rosters came out to start 2024 one of the big surprises in the Reds farm system was that Lowder was with Dayton. After being selected 7th overall in 2023 out of Wake Forest, Lowder didn’t pitch following the draft. He also didn’t pitch in instructional league following the regular season. Instead, Lowder didn’t take the mound in anything resembling a game until spring training of 2024. He was invited to big league camp as a non-roster player and pitched in three games before he was reassigned to minor league camp.

A month later he was in Dayton and taking the mound for the Dragons. Four of his five starts were strong. On April 19th he allowed three runs and walked three batters with just one strikeout in 4.1 innings. In his other four starts he walked a combined three batters and struck out 28. At the end of his time with Dayton he had a 2.49 ERA in 25.1 innings with 18 hits allowed – two of which were home runs – while walking six and striking out 29 batters. Opposing hitters managed to hit .192/.255/.351 against him in their 102 plate appearances against him.

The sample size is small, but Lowder did struggle a bit against left-handed hitters while in Dayton. Lefties hit .286/.359/.486 against him with five of the 10 hits that they had against him being for extra-base hits. Right-handed hitters managed a .136/.191/.271 line against him – but half of their hits against him were also extra-base hits. Just a little something worth tracking and keeping an eye on as Lowder moves up to Double-A if you are the type to dig a little bit deeper into the stats.

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15 Responses

  1. RedsGettingBetter

    Lowder will join Petty and Maxwell at Chattanooga. I wonder who will be promoted to Louisville from AA if somebody will..Could be Maxwell?
    I think Brian Edgington could be replacing Lowder as Dayton starter from Daytona…

    • DaveCT

      I’d guess Jose Franco, as he is, one, also throwing well, and, two, 23 years old with 250 plus pro innings. Don’t be deceived by the age. He lost 2020 as well as 2023 (injury).

    • MK

      Cardonna and Hubert have been piggy backing , maybe they will now get their own starts. Dragon’s could use a guy like Lorant.

  2. mac624

    Hopefully Lowder can make it to Louisville this year and then look to get into the rotation in Cincy next year.

    • Optimist

      I’m of a counter opinion – if he performs very well (>3.00 ERA in AA) make Lowder one of the 2 Sept. callups, but don’t use him in the rotation at all until mid-2025, if then. Let him be a multi-inning reliever well into 2025.

      It gives him MLB experience, and keeps his total innings/pitch moderate for a long while.

      • The Duke

        Lowder had 120 IP in college last year, the goal should be to get him to around 150 IP this year and then he’s ready for nearly a full season in 2025.

      • DaveCT

        Yeah, Duke, it’s kinda like play it by the book — or — risk a career and an investment. I’m fine with that.

        You can’t argue against it, as a union.

        You can’t fight against as an org.

    • Melvin

      If it were last year he could very well be starting for the Reds already.

  3. Michael Wilson

    Curious, why did Maxwell pitch to only one batter in the 5th in a hold situation? He struck the guy out. Is he on the move to AAA?

    • ksdavis

      Only pitched 11 innings so far, but I think it is time to move him up. Went and checked his stats before this year. Not outstanding, but at 6′ 6″ those tall guys always seem to take awhile before they get their mechanics down. But he needs to be at AAA by the end of May if not sooner.


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