Peyton Burdick hit a 500-foot home run in Louisville’s win that had multiple other big performances, Tyler Callihan homered for Chattanooga, Yassel Pino had two hits and one of those were a home run for Daytona, and Joneiker Arellano struck out four batters in 3.1 perfect innings of relief in the ACL Reds win.

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The Louisville Bats won 7-5. Box Score

The Chattanooga Lookouts lost 5-3. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons were postponed

Doubleheader scheduled for Wednesday.

The Daytona Tortugas lost 7-4. Box Score

Worth Noting

This game was on Daytona is now going to be included in the game package, so keep that in mind if you have been watching the other Reds farm teams – Daytona will now be available far more often.

The ACL Reds won 4-3. Box Score

5/22 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 26-20 6:35pm Wynne Here Here Here
Chattanooga 12-28 7:15pm Farr Here Here Here
Dayton 18-21 6:00pm Cardona/Hubbart Here Here Here
Daytona 19-21 6:35pm Martinez Here Here Here
ACL Reds
8-4 OFF DAY Here N/A N/A

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18 Responses

  1. BK

    Looks like Pitelli got a nice promotion all the way to AA.

  2. Mauired

    Yeah was mildly surprised by both hitters promoted AA. The way Acosta has been playing at Dayton, I thought maybe the best move would be to swap Pitelli for Acosta. Ibarra was not the 1st person I would have guessed to see promoted from the Dragons lineup but he is the oldest. Anyways good to see guys getting bumped up. I imagine Collier, Allen, Rodriguez, and Stewart will be in AA pretty soon. And Petty, Maxwell, and Aguilar will be in Louisville too.

    • DaveCT

      I’m not seeing Acosta promoted to AA. I’m seeing RHP Acuna recalled from AZ/rehab and assigned to AA, and SS/2B Urbaez sent down from to AA from AAA.

  3. Michael Wilson

    You’re right on Maxwell. He’s in Lville. The Bats are playing pretty good ball. Bell better watch out Kelly wants a promotion too. Dunn with impressive on base stats for the night. Soto has bounced around in the Orioles organization, Angels, and now Reds and yet he is only 23. Playing well early in the season. What to do with Phillips. Ninety pitches in four innings, ouch.

  4. Michael Wilson

    Maybe with Hurtubise, Dunn, and Elly the Reds could walk and steal some runs.

  5. Redsgettingbetter

    I think Connor Overton is going to be released sooner than later

  6. MBS

    I’m really digging this Soto kid. He’s only 23, and got his 1st big league experience 2 seasons ago. He might not be a star, but he seems like a great guy to have on the bench. He doesn’t have a lot of power but he’s a good middle infielder, LHB, and good OBP.

    We can only have so many “no power” guys, but he seems like a good candidate. Hurtubise, and Espinal are also good options for the bench. We can carry 1, maybe 2, but not 3, as we need a bit of punch off the bench.

    • DaveCT

      I’ve always followed and rooted for the Soto’s of the organization. First off, as you point out, every ML club needs them, and id rather pay major league minimum for a homegrown or younger kid who came up as a utility guy and knows his role than millions for the savvy veteran type. For this reason, i cheered picking up Espinal vs. keeping Harrison or Kemp. But, also, just watching them play, they usually play excellent defense (Espinal) and can get some timely hits. Soto is leading our current crop, but i also (still) have hopes for Miguel Hernandez, Ivan Johnson, Francisco Urbaez, and Quincy McAfee.

      • MBS

        I like Hernandez, and Urbaez, It would be great for one of them to eventually make it.

  7. MK

    Santillan leading INT League in appearances and saves (10).It’s time to make a place for him.

    • Laredo Slider

      Yeah, Santillan with 10 saves which leads Reds minor leaguers as he continues to be ignored by Reds FO.

      Guevara with first save in ACL.

    • Thomas

      Santillan is out of options, so the team has to be really confident that his is ready to stay up the rest of the season. In a bullpen that already is short on guys with options, adding another without options is a challenge. it is great to see him back pitching well – I am hoping it is for real and sustainable because the bullpen badly needs another high leverage option.

      • Laredo Slider

        If the FO bases it’s decisions on the number of options a guy does or does not have, it shows the FO doesn’t trust their own evaluation of talent, it’s supposed to be their job.

      • BK

        Keeping quality depth is not an indictment of the front office’s confidence in their talent evaluation. If the Reds saw Santillan as a surefire improvement over a pitcher they should DFA, then I’m sure he would get promoted. With Lodolo, Williamson, and Alex Young nearing readiness for the 26-man roster, keeping Santillan in the minors may be the right call for now. While I believe Santillan would do well in the majors, I’m not sure he’s clearly better than any of the pitchers in the bullpen to where he would warrant taking both their 26- and 40-man roster spots.

  8. The Duke

    Kiley McDaniel released a new top 50 today, Marte, Stewart, and Lowder were all in it, and Petty was in the next 10. Condon and Bazzana also slotted in the 17-23 range as he had draft prospects slid in un numbered where he would have them. Future is looking bright if some of these kids can put it together.

    • DaveCT

      McDaniel. A reminder of how far Fangraphs has fallen. Rather, the clown there who did the Reds minor league report is the reminder.

      • Thomas G

        And ESPN really moved up in class by hiring him.