Javi Rivera struck out a career high 11 batters in six dominant innings for Dayton, Levi Jordan had a 4-hit game with a home run for Louisville, Dominic Pitelli had a big game for Chattanooga, Ariel Almonte had a walk-off hit for Daytona, and Luis Leones had three hits out in Arizona for the ACL Reds.

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The Louisville Bats lost 9-8 in 11. Box Score

Game Notes

The Bats trailed 7-1 after the top of the 5th inning. They were down 8-3 after the top of the 7th inning, but they scored a run in the 8th and four in the bottom of the 9th to send the game into extras. They wouldn’t score in either the 10th or 11th, and in the 11th Toledo was able to push their free runner across and held on for the win.

Levi Jordan has been a hit machine in 2024, but on Thursday he picked up his first 4-hit game of the year and fell a triple short of the cycle. He’s now hitting .356/.442/.519 on the season through 29 games.

Michael Trautwein extended his hit streak to five games. Three of those five games have been multi-hit games. He’s had hits in eight of his nine games in May and is hitting .324/.342/.676 during the month after hitting just .123 in April.

Zach Maxwell made his Triple-A debut and threw a perfect 10th inning, striking out two batters and needing just nine pitches.

The Bats were supposed to play a doubleheader, but the second game was postponed by rain. They’ll try another doubleheader on Friday afternoon.

Top Pitch Velocity: Zach Maxwell – 99.3 MPH (strike)

Top Exit Velocity: Rece Hinds – 109.7 MPH (double)

Furthest Hit Baseball: Levi Jordan – 397 feet (home run)

The Chattanooga Lookouts lost 8-5. Box Score

Game Notes

It was another real rough outing for Rhett Lowder on Thursday night. He allowed seven runs in 4.2 innings in his second start with Chattanooga, but in his third start he allowed five runs in just 1.2 innings while giving up five hits and a walk. Things spiraled in the 2nd as he loaded the bases on a bloop hit, a line drive single, and a walk. He then hung a pitch that was hit off of the wall in center for a 3-run double. After a strikeout, another line drive single came through and brought in another run. He’d get a ground out at that point, but his pitch count for the inning got up there – throwing 32 pitches in the 2nd – and Chattanooga went to the bullpen at that point.

Through three starts with Chattanooga and has now allowed 15 runs on 20 hits, a hit batter, and four walks in 11.2 innings. He’s struck out 12 of the 57 batters he’s faced with the Lookouts.

Dominic Pitelli has gotten out to a hot start since being called up three days ago. He’s 4-10 with a double, triple, two walks, three runs scored, three runs batted in, and two stolen bases.

Francisco Urbaez is 4-11 since he got to Chattanooga three days ago and three of his hits have been doubles.

Carson Rudd lowered his ERA to 1.46. He’s thrown 24.2 innings this season for Chattanooga, hasn’t given up a home run, and he’s struck out 30. He has struggled a bit to throw strikes, though, as he’s hit two batters and walked 18.

The Dayton Dragons won 6-1. Box Score

Game Notes

Javi Rivera put together his best start as a pro on Thursday night, giving up just one hit over 6.0 shutout innings and striking out 11 batters. His previous career high was nine strikeouts in a game, which happened on July 6th of 2022 with Daytona. Over his last two starts he’s thrown 11.0 innings of 3-hit shutout baseball with two walks and 19 strikeouts. After a tough start to the year, his ERA has dropped from 10.00 after his first six starts down to 6.21.

Yan Contreras didn’t start the game, but he came off of the bench to hit for Jay Allen II and serve as the designated hitter after the 1st inning. Contreras was 3-44 on the season, but came through on Thursday night by picking up two doubles.

After going through  an 0-9 stretch over three games against Great Lakes, Hector Rodriguez has had two hits in each of the first three games in the series against Quad Cities.

Sal Stewart extended his hitting streak to six games. Thursday was the first game of the hit streak that saw him pick up multiple hits.

Cade Hunter extended his hit streak to five games and his on-base streak to 13.

The Daytona Tortugas won 7-6. Box Score

Game Notes

Daytona blew a 6-3 lead in the top of the 8th, but they walked things off in the 9th on a single by Ariel Almonte.

Ricardo Cabrera picked up an extra-base hit for his third consecutive games. He’s got five hits in the last two games.

Alfredo Duno had a 3-hit game. His double came in the bottom of the 9th inning and went off of the wall in dead center, missing a home run by a matter of feet. He scored a few pitches later on Almonte’s walk-off hit.

Esmith Pineda had a 2-hit day. It’s his first multi-hit game since the first game of the season. He played in 26 games between those two.

The ACL Reds lost 6-5. Box Score

Game Notes

Luis Leones began the year in Daytona. He went 1-20 in six games before he was sent back to Arizona. He began the ACL Reds season 0-9. Since beginning the year 1-29 he’s gone 8-28, hitting .286/.375/.393. He’s had hits in six of his last seven games and gotten on base in eight straight games.

A big day at the plate for Sheng-En Lin raised his line to .361/.500/.528 through 10 games. He’s had a hit in eight of those games and he walked twice in one of the two games he didn’t have a hit in.

Sammy Stafura didn’t have a hit in the game. He did have a steal, though. It was a steal of home. It was his third steal of home this season – all coming on a double steal.

Top 25 Prospects Rundown

5/24 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 26-21 5:05pm Richardson/Busenitz Here Here Here
Chattanooga 12-30 7:15pm Aguiar Here Here Here
Dayton 20-22 7:30pm Harmon Here Here Here
Daytona 20-22 6:35pm Aguilera Here Here Here
ACL Reds
8-5 9:00pm TBA Here N/A N/A

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30 Responses

  1. Melvin

    Seems like Levi Jordan might be worth taking a chance on in the majors?

    • Michael Wilson

      A late bloomer at 28? Agree. Reds struck out 16 times yesterday. Jordan’s strike out rate is in low 20 percentile. Hitting .356. Can back up SS also. Soto is another to consider for a call up.

      Jay Allen hit on the hand by a ball, left game. Sounds familiar.

      • LarkinPhillips

        I think someone in the Reds system needs to create Kevlar batting gloves at this point.

      • Mauired

        Hope it’s not more than missing a game or two for Allen. Not only is his ops near 1.000 but he was on pace for 40 homers and 55 steals. Time to get him up to Chattanooga.

    • RedBB

      Anything is better than half of the lineup we are running out there every day. Might as well give him a shot as well as Soto, Burdick or Dunn

  2. VegasRed

    It’s easy to see why the Reds major leaguers strike out so often— just look at how often the upcoming minor league players strike out.

    Can anyone in this organization teach hitters how to work counts and make consistent contact? I know David Bell’s staff can’t do it and worse, it doesn’t even look like they try to do instill a professional hitting approach.

    • The Duke

      Sal Stewart has more walks than strikeouts so far this year. He did it last year too. If the power can come along a bit more, he’s entering Votto-esque walk and contact rates already. The raw power is there.

      • Mauired

        That’s exactly what people said about Winker. The raw power is there and he will eventually hit homers. He’s in his 8th season and now has 87 career homeruns.

        Stewart is probably going to be what he is now. Similar to Sean Casey and Winker. Walks, singles, and doubles but nothing else. Not a bad player at all but he’s behind several others in power, speed, and all around athleticism.

        I’m all for Reds’ trading Stewart to upgrade front end of rotation, back end of bullpen, or middle of the order.

      • Doug Gray

        It’s said about a lot of guys. Sometimes it happens (see Ramirez, Hanley) and sometimes it doesn’t.

      • The Duke

        I’ll definitely take another Winker over what we’re trotting out there right now. Winker’s OPS each year for his five years in Cincy: .904, .836, .830, .932, .949. If Stewart produces like that it will be an absolute home run of development. Injuries are what derailed Winker’s career, not talent.

      • The Duke

        The return of Sally Long Balls!!! Homer, double, and a walk tonight, OPS up to .870

  3. Laredo Slider

    Have to wonder how healthy Lowder is.

    • MK

      Sometimes we forget that AA might be the most difficult jump in the minor league journey. Give him some time and he will get there.

  4. AMDG

    Just looking at raw numbers, Lowder seems to be finding the strike zone at the same rate, but seems to be giving up harder contact when the players are hitting the ball.

    He’s giving up twice as many line drives, twice as many doubles, and 25% more fly balls.

    • Doc

      Perhaps he was fast tracked a bit too fast. I wonder how many Lowder groupies still think he will join the MLB rotation in 2024.

      • The Duke

        The selling point on him that high was in part the polish and readiness. I’m willing to be patient with him and am not going to panic over a few rough starts jumping to AA, but it has definitely been a few rough starts. Understandable why they started him in Dayton, it’ll be interesting over the next couple of months to see how he adjusts and grows into the challenge. I won’t make any hasty long term declarations until the end of this season at the very least.

      • MBS

        I think they felt it was necessary to see what he could do in AAA because of the poor performances by Phillips, and Richardson. Luckily we’ve been mostly healthy on the starting pitching front. Hopefully that will continue, and Spiers has really stepped up.

        Lowder will be fine, he clearly needs to adjust to AA. Hopefully Lowder, and Petty will be ready by mid 2025.

      • Mauired

        Phillips has been terrible. I’ve given up on him as a starting pitcher. Unfortunate because for a brief time after Abbott was promoted, he was the best starter in the minors but when he went to Louisville the wheels fell off and caused a ten car pile up. It’s been bad.

        Richardson has too many walks but otherwise has been very good. I’m still bullish on him being at least a Nick Martinez style swingman (at a fraction of the price) or much better.

      • MBS

        @Maui, I gave up on Williamson, then it came together nicely for him. I think their problems are different (Williamson lost velocity) (Phillips command), but I’d keep him as a starter all year, and probably until midsession 2025.

        If by then it doesn’t come together, then I’d convert him into a reliever.

      • Mauired

        Well I think this has been going on a lot longer than the issue with Williamson. Phillips has been very bad since August last year. Four months of brutal results.

        But most importantly at this point I just don’t see him in a Reds rotation that is already strong and has guys like Williamson, Richardson, Petty, and Aguiar on the way.

        Between his lack of performance and the overall starting pitching depth I don’t see him part of the picture.

        But his stuff and command do possibly translate into a good bullpen arm. It’s time to salvage what they can.

      • DaveCT

        Connor Phillips will be given a long leash to prove himself, through 2024 at least and likely 2025, too.

        One, he has only had three seasons of pro ball as a starting pitcher in this, his age 23 season, in which he has risen from Lo-A to the ML’s.

        Also, factor in that he had just four starts in the 2020 season at JuCo, and his experience is very limited.

        Plus, he’s shown the ability to take the ball every five days, with 17, 24, 25 and (this year) 9 starts in his four seasons. Teams don’t give up on 60 grade fastballs and 60 grade sliders without giving the kids a chance to improve their 45 grade control, especially with success in their history — In his second shot at AA, 2023, Phillips averaged 3.8 BB’s and 11.3 K’s per nine innings.

        Like I said, long leash.

        Any rush to judgment is really premature.

  5. MK

    For a stadium with the reputation of being a dump (listening to players coming to Dayton) it looks pretty nice on the TV broadcasts. Didn’t realize they had artificial turf.

    The first and third base double steal, a staple with high school teams, has been run this season from Ariz. to Cinn. more than I can ever recall. Stafura’s steal of home last night another example of it.

    • AMDG

      I’ve never heard of the Dayton Dragons stadium considered a “dump”.

      And they don’t have artificial turf. It’s always had grass, and they added new grass this offseason.

      • PTBNL

        I think he was talking about players coming up from Daytona to Dayton, speaking of the Tortuga’ stadium.

      • Mauired

        Both Dayton and Daytona are considered good minor league stadiums. Daytona is one of the oldest parks in the country. Jackie Robinson played there. But I think it’s been renovated recently.

        I have been to a few minor league parks. The ones in Louisville and Columbus are great places to see a game.

        I went to the Yankees spring training/minor league parks in Tampa. It’s a nicer place to watch a ballgame than the MLB stadium in St Petersburg.

      • The Duke

        Day Air in Dayton is a great ballpark. I’d much rather take my family there than GABP.

      • DaveCT

        The AA stadium in New Britain, CT, Beehive Stadium, was a fantastic place to see a game. I understand the new AA Stadium in Hartford (Yard Goats) is great, as well. My favorite was old McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, RI. It was like going back in time. I have heard the Hi-A stadium in Everett, WA is great; can’t wait to get there.

  6. RedsGettingBetter

    We should wait for Lowder could turn things around at AA so he shows his upside that took him to be considered a top prospect.
    Three of the 5 Reds top prospects are struggling right now (Lowder, Phillips and Collier).
    Zach Maxwell could be the first Reds prospect to be promoted to the major leagues and debut this year…

    • Mauired

      Hirtubise already beat him.

      Besides Santillan will get to the 40 man before Maxwell. Phillips and Richardson already on the roster may get opportunities in the bullpen as well.

      Not saying it’s impossible Maxwell is on the Reds this year but the pitching depth especially in bullpen is loaded.

  7. DaveCT

    Watching the Tortugas and impressed with Esmith Pineda. He hit a rope into right center from the right side of the plate and then hit the ball hard twice again. Really quick to the ball and a compact swing. 800,000.00 signing from Panama.