P.J Higgins homered for the second straight game, Dayton scored four runs in the 8th inning without a hit as they moved to the .500 mark with a win, Daytona scored 13 runs in a blowout win, and John Michael Faile picked up two hits and a walk a day after he threw two shutout innings of relief out in Arizona. We’re also trying something new – including one set of game notes each day as a little bit of a “free teaser” for the Patreon stuff, which has seen new subscriptions essentially stop. Maybe we’ve just reached the limit of Reds fans who are interested…. but I figured it was worth a shot.

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The Louisville Bats lost 3-2. Box Score

The Chattanooga Lookouts lost 4-0. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons won 4-2. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas won 13-1. Box Score

Game Notes

Sammy Stafura lost his helmet while avoiding a high and tight fastball to start the bottom of the 1st inning. Five pitches later the baseball got lost over the fence as he hit his 1st home run since joining Daytona.

Ricardo Cabrera extended his on-base streak to 14 games. His hit streak reached four games. He’s now hitting .286/.366/.478 through 43 games.

Carter Graham extended his on-base streak to 12 games. He’s had four multi-hit games in his last seven games. In those seven games he’s raised his season OPS from .623 to .812.

Connor Burns has gone 7-for-21 with two doubles and a home run in his last five games.

Malvin Valdez had seven walks in 25 games this season. Only once did he walk twice in a game. He walked four times in the first five innings of the game on Saturday. Two times in his career he walked three times in a game, but this was the first 4-walk game of his career.

Nestor Lorant had his worth outing of the season the last time out as he allowed four runs in 4.2 innings. He rebounded with four shutout innings on Saturday night in Daytona as he lowered his ERA to 1.67. In his 37.2 innings he’s walked nine batters and struck out 46.

The ACL Reds lost 7-0. Box Score

6/2 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 31-24 1:05pm Williamson Here Here Here
Chattanooga 14-36 2:00pm Farr Here Here Here
Dayton 25-25 2:05pm Sikkema Here Here Here
Daytona 23-27 5:00pm Martinez Here Here Here
ACL Reds
11-9 OFF DAY Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds
0-0 Begin Monday Here N/A N/A
DSL Rojos
0-0 Begin Monday Here N/A N/A

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11 Responses

  1. DaveCT

    And … “Carson Spiers allowed 2 runs in 6.0 innings with 7 strikeouts.”

    Spiers is the most advanced pitching prospect we have.

  2. sultanofswaff

    Was at the Dayton Game in Beloit. I see the utility of playing Stewart at second base so Collier can get reps at third but I think long-term Collier is a leftfielder and Stewart should slide back to his natural position. Wasn’t impressed with Colliers body language and conditioning, but still plenty of time for the lightbulb to go off. Andrew Moore sat 98 with his fastball and touched 100 to get the save. Also liked C Cade Hunter–nice athleticism, strong accurate arm and hits left-handed….great profile for a ML backup catcher.

  3. Tony Cloninger

    You know what’s amazing is that the Yankees bullpen contracts is almost the same amount that the Reds paid for theirs.
    They have Luke Weaver now with 35 innings and only 19 hits and 7 walks allowed with 39 K. 11 runs allowed. They are able to get the retreads and turn them into gold almost.
    Ian Hamilton. Who?? Dennis Santana. What?? Victor Gonzalez. Clyde Poteet.

    We have a PC who has been given carte blanche to run the pitching organization from top to bottom. If I’m not mistaken? Who had only been able to get much out of the bullpen until last year. Even Derrick Law has improved in Washington.
    I know reliever volatility and all that. I also know putting your faith in one guy who seems to have a philosophy of nibbling.

    • sultanofswaff

      Agree—if he were truly a pitching savant he would be working elsewhere for a lot more money.

    • MBS

      Our bullpen has a 3.78ERA, which puts us at 14th overall in the MLB. We have an average bullpen without 1 stud FA brought in.

      Our starters have a 4.11ERA, which puts us 25th overall in the MLB. Again we brought in zero stud FA’s.

      To expect much more than this without bringing in the talent is a bit much to ask imo. We’ve in fact did the opposite by trade Castillo, Gray, Mahle, Iglesias, Lorenzen, etc. These are all guys who if our organization were willing to spend money could be helping us win games today.

      • Tony Cloninger

        The Gray one cost them last year. The others I’m still fine with. Did you think Lorenzen was going to turn into a decent starter? Who knew or thought this?

        I know the hitting which is worse than the 1982 Reds is the main issue. The approaches that make no sense. Taking strikes early to get behind then late a lot of times. Leading the league in pull hitting without any real power. Running into outs like your the 1976 Reds and can afford to.

      • MBS

        It was more of a comment that we’ve been taking away proven major leaguers and not adding them. I’m not even debating if it was a good idea or not, just that it happened, and we are still putting up respectable numbers.

        I was fine with most of the trades, but I wasn’t fine with the lack of quality FA singings. Montas, Martinez, and Candelario were our biggest signings since 2019, and they are at best middle of the pack FA’s.

        Bob “recouped” his “losses” and we watched piss poor baseball. Let’s hope Krall and co can Bob proof the organization.

      • Old Big Ed

        Well, then, they are a statistically average pitching staff, pitching half their games in an extreme hitters’ park. And they have done it playing more games against .500+ teams than any other team, at least going into yesterday.

        Pitching is not the problem with this team.