Quincy McAfee homered twice and Julian Aguiar gave up just one run in Chattanooga’s win, Javi Rivera struck out nine in 7.0 innings in Dayton’s victory, Sammy Stafura had two hits for Daytona, John Michael Faile got on base four times and had two doubles in the ACL Reds win, and Jirvin Morillo had three hits and a walk for the DSL Rojos. We’re also trying something new – including one set of game notes each day as a little bit of a “free teaser” for the Patreon stuff, which has seen new subscriptions essentially stop. Maybe we’ve just reached the limit of Reds fans who are interested…. but I figured it was worth a shot.

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The Louisville Bats game was suspended

This game was entering the 12th inning tied at 3-3 when they pulled the tarp and it didn’t come back off of the field. They’ll resume the game at 6:35pm ET and then play a full 9-inning game following it.

The Chattanooga Lookouts won 6-3. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons won 4-1. Box Score

Game Notes

This game only lasted eight inning as the rain rolled in in the middle of the game and didn’t let up. Things got too heavy as the 9th inning was about to start – the Dragons were on the field and Luis Mey was warming up to begin his second inning of work and they called for the tarp. 30 minutes later they called the game.

Jay Allen II picked up two hits as he extended his on-base streak to seven games. He’s hitting .304/.429/.528 through 36 games this season.

After his first six starts this year, Javi Rivera’s ERA sat at 10.00. He had given up 25 hits, two home runs, 11 walks, hit four batters, and had 21 strikeouts in 18.0 innings. But  in his last four starts he’s been absolutely dominant. The only run he’s allowed in those four starts came on Wednesday night. He’s thrown 23.2 innings in those four starts, given up just 11 hits, hit one batter, walked seven, and he’s struck out 33. His ERA on the season is now down to 4.54.

Luis Mey threw 12 pitches and had 11 strikes. While we don’t have pitch data from his first season, we do for 2021 through today and he’s never had an outing where he only threw one ball. In 2022 he had two games where he only threw two in shorter outings.

The Daytona Tortugas lost 2-1. Box Score

The ACL Reds won 9-2. Box Score

The DSL Reds lost 3-2. Box Score

The DSL Rojos won 9-2. Box Score

6/6 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 32-25 6:35pm TBA/Richardson Here Here Here
Chattanooga 15-38 7:35pm TBA Here Here Here
Dayton 26-27 7:05pm Harmon Here Here Here
Daytona 23-30 6:10pm Edgington Here Here Here
ACL Reds
13-10 9:00pm TBA Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds
0-1 11:00am TBA Here N/A N/A
DSL Rojos
1-1 11:00am TBA Here N/A N/A

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28 Responses

  1. The Duke

    The power is lagging behind a little bit, but Pitelli is starting to replicate his low A numbers in AA, which is a huge jump in competition in season. He only has 7 K in 12 AA games so far and has 5 walks to go along with it.

    I’m surprised it wasn’t mentioned in your Dayton recap, but Cam Collier took 3 walks in going 0-1. If he can consistently cut down on chasing balls out of the zone and force pitchers to throw him strikes, he could be coming back in a big way. Hopefully this is a sign of him making that adjustment.

    Small sample size alert, but Sammy Stafura is hitting .313/.389/.500 in four June games in Low A. I know Baseball America is fairly high on Stafura’s tools (there is a video of him making a nice play at SS on X yesterday) so nice to see him flashing.

    Sheng-En Lin played SS yesterday after spending most of this season at 3B to date

    It looks like the Rojos are mostly 17/18 year olds with a few sprinkled in older guys while the DSL Reds are more 20+ year olds with a few teenagers sprinkled in.

    • LarkinPhillips

      3 short stops that are doing well mentioned in your post and none were named Cabrera, Arroyo, or Mariano. That bodes well if that continues, though I am still concerned about our Farm as a whole right now.

      • The Duke

        I agree with the concern, we have a few mid rotation possibilities and a solid amount of back of the rotation possibilities, but nobody in our system feels like an Ace.

        On the hitting side, most of the previous top guys are all struggling and even the guys that are doing well aren’t lighting the world on fire either. Stewart and Allen are probably doing the best with the bat and they are both in A ball. Adding one of Bazzana or Condon next month will give that a big boost though. We really need Allen to stay healthy and be for real, Stewart to add power to his game, Collier to get better pitch selection, and Marte to be for real after his PED suspension.

    • DW

      Really glad to see Lin played SS. I hope that continues. It increases his value and he can always slide over if needed.

  2. Michael Wilson

    Hey Doug, Faile is listed as a catcher but so far he has DH, pitched a game, and mostly played 1st. Maybe the Reds don’t see him as a catcher? He was so good in Div2, how did he kind of go unnoticed?

    • Doug Gray

      I think at this point it’s clear that they don’t see him as anything but an emergency catcher when it comes to that – or he’d have caught by now.

      And I think that’s also why he probably went undrafted – no one thought he was really a catcher.

  3. MK

    The Dragons and Loons played in the rain for at least three innings and the field was soaked before the tarp was pulled. I’m sure some of the Lugnuts hitters were relieved when it was paused as Luis Mey was in with his 100mph fastball and sometimes questionable control throwing it with a wet ball in a heavy rain.

    Was really surprised when Rivera’s pitch count went above 90. He was very effective all night.

    • Doug Gray

      Yep. I couldn’t believe they were still playing by the time the 8th rolled around. Interesting night with Mey in the rain – 12 pitches, 11 strikes. He’s never had an outing like that before. And he did it in the rain.

  4. DaveCT

    I was impressed with Stafura at bat and in the field while watching a Daytona game the other day. In particular, i liked his bat speed and his actions at short stop. He is very athletic and you can see why Reds scouts liked him.

    Pitelli’s hit tool seems to be holding from his final year of college now to AA. According to BA, his power will likely stay below average. But his K% is a serviceable 23.6, which isn’t bad considering he was thought to have too much swing and miss.

    • The Duke

      Pitelli might make a very nice utility middle infielder with bat to ball skills. He’s stealing a good amount of bases, making consistent contact, and takes walks as well, if he can have just enough power to keep pitcher honest, he could be a potential lead off hitter.

      • DaveCT

        And a potentially very astute 7th round pick. Good college program, and between his final year of school and first full year as a pro, he’s holding steady in his improvements, the rest of his AA season being his greatest trst.

  5. Laredo Slider

    Mey with fifth save in High A.

    Reds catching prospects are woeful.

    • Optimist

      Duno is moving up some prospect charts, but, yes, he’s only beginning the MiLB climb, and the catchers ahead of him are not encouraging.

      As for Duke’s comment, some of the lower-MiLB players are showing very well, and the Mey/Maxwell duo is getting very interesting.

      Petty may be coming around, and he’s still very young, but, yes, the upper-MiLB/draft SPs and Cs are struggling mightily – especially Lowder, and Floyd with a lost season.

      • The Duke

        I’m actually not that discouraged with Lowder. He’s missing bats and not walking a ton of guys and his stuff is showing out well. He’s just getting hit hard. He needs to learn more about commanding the zone and inducing weak contact to get outs like Aguiar is doing, so it’s good to have them in the same rotation working with the same pitching coach.

      • The Duke

        Duno likely spends all of 2024 in Daytona, and all of 2025 in Dayton. I wouldn’t expect him until mid 2026 at the earliest, with 2027 or 2028 being more likely. Have to remember, he’ll only be 22 in 2028. We control Stephenson through 2026 if we don’t extend him past arbitration at all, I could see us doing a deal with him to buy out his arb years and a couple team option years that pay well for 2027/2028. Ideally he’s there to help break in Duno in a year like 2028 and we transition to Duno as the main man in 2029. This of course if fantasy world where Low A ball prospects are a sure thing that we can put on a nice set timeline, lol.

      • DaveCT

        Don’t look now, but left handed hitting C Michael Trautwein slashed .280/.308./580 (OPS .888) In May and is .273/.273/.364 (OPS .636) in June.

        He was also selected for the 2023 AFL ahead of Nelson, Vellojin, and Tanner. As for the eye test, he is more long and lanky than stout, and is competent in the OF, though he has been catching almost exclusively with the Bats. When you watch him catch, check out well he works (and competes) with the pitchers. If he sustains his production, I see him claiming the back-up spot in 26 or sooner.

      • MK

        With catcher’s equally important offensive and defensive responsibilities their development can take a little longer, especiall offensive and the lower level. learning the tools of their defensive trade is what first takes precedence so they should get a long leash on developmental patience.

    • MBS

      The catching situation is bad, and not just in the minors, it’s thin on the Reds too. Maile has certainly regressed from his numbers last year. The good news is Stephenson is seemingly back to his old self. I’d like to extend Stephenson until 2027. That should bridge the gap until Duno is ready.

      If not, Jansen of the Jays should be a FA at the end of the season. If they could sign him for 4 seasons that would also bridge the gap, and improve the roster over the next several seasons.

  6. MBS

    Aguiar has 2.83ERA this season in AA, and has started 22 games in AA over the last 2 seasons. I’d say it’s time for a promotion so we can see how he adjusts to AAA hitters. Phillips, and Richardson are blowing their shot, so we need to see who’s ready to step into a start for the Reds if need be.

    To me the only guy is Spiers, obviously we still have Martinez, and Williamson, but we’ve been pretty lucky so far in 24, it’s always good to have starting pitching depth.

    • Optimist

      Phillips is still young enough, but has been bad enough recently that it may take a while to right the ship – there’s also plenty of talent to work with and adjust. Richardson is fast approaching the “transition to bullpen” stage of development – 1 1/2 years older than Phillips and just bogged down as a starter.

    • The Duke

      I think Aguiar is in Chattanooga until at least the halfway point of the MiLB season, but he’s gone out and proven he may be ready for the next challenge on his path to the bigs.

      • MBS

        You’re probably about right, but that’s likely 3 more starts for young Mr Aguiar in AA. Waiting for the midpoint would also give Acuña a bit more time to stretch out to take over Aguiar’s spot in the rotation.

  7. The Duke

    I’m actually not that discouraged with Lowder. He’s missing bats and not walking a ton of guys and his stuff is showing out well. He’s just getting hit hard. He needs to learn more about commanding the zone and inducing weak contact to get outs like Aguiar is doing, so it’s good to have them in the same rotation working with the same pitching coach.

  8. DW

    The tier two pitchers are really performing well this year. There is some pretty good depth in the pitching department throughout the system for the first time that I can remember.

    • DaveCT

      If you get a chance to watch the kids at Daytona and Dayton, you might be impressed. Some, as like Aguiar at AA, have pretty good fastball/slider repertoires, with changes that might play. There were times last year when i found it hard to tell the difference, stuff wise, between Aguiar, Acuna, Rivera, Franco and now Abel, Lyons, & Aguilera. While we’ll likely never know unless we’ve been in the proverbial room, could this many guys with similar shapes if their pitches and approaches, ie pitching at the top of the zone, be a *positive* sign of DJ’s pitching development program? Churning out a bunch of like arms from lower profile draftees and international signings is a good thing. Scouting AND development. Fact is, all clubs need guys for the back ends of rotations and bullpens.