Edwin Rios continued his hot-hitting in Louisville’s extra-innings win, Ruben Ibarra homered and extended his hitting streak with Chattanooga, Esmith Pineda homered and got on base four times in Daytona’s blowout win, Alex Blandino made his pitching debut out in Arizona, and the DSL Rojos topped the DSL Reds in a matchup of the two complex mates.

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The Louisville Bats won 4-2 in 10. Box Score

The Chattanooga Lookouts lost 6-3. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons lost 14-1. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas won 11-2. Box Score

The ACL Reds lost 3-2. Box Score

Game Notes

Alfredo Alcantara extended his on-base streak to 11 games. He’s been on base 19 times in that stretch, hitting .306/.432/.611 during those 11 games.

Kyle Henley picked up his second straight multi-hit day. He’s now hitting .271/.347/.412 with 15 steals in 15 tries.

Sheng-En Lin just keeps on picking up hits. He’s hitting .368 in June after hitting .347 in May. But the power output has slowed up. He had five extra-base hits in the first 13 games, but he has only had one in the last seven.

Luis Reyes extended his hitting streak to seven games. He’s had a hit in 16 of the 18 games he’s played in this year and is hitting .371/.452/.532.

Alex Blandino made his 2024 debut. He threw a hitless 7th inning. He walked a batter, threw two wild pitches, but got some help for the final two outs of the inning when Kyle Henley caught a fly ball in center and then threw out a runner at the plate to complete a double play.

The DSL Rojos beat the DSL Reds 6-3. Box Score

DSL Reds

DSL Rojos

Game Notes

In a matchup between the two Reds teams in the Dominican it was the younger crew that came out ahead in this one as the Rojos took home bragging rights in this one.

Jirvin Morillo has five walks in four games – and has a walk in each of those games. He’s hitting .308 with a .500 on-base percentage so far.

Jaset Martinez has a hit in all four of his games to start his career. He’s doubled four times. He’s hitting .462/.611/.769 with just one strikeout.

Anthuan Valencia has a hit and a walk in each of his three games this season.

Both teams had more walks than strikeouts on the day.

6/9 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 34-27 3:05pm Phillips Here Here Here
Chattanooga 15-41 5:05pm Lowder Here Here Here
Dayton 28-28 1:05pm Cardona Here Here Here
Daytona 26-30 12:10pm Payero Here Here Here
ACL Reds
14-12 OFF DAY Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds
1-2 OFF DAY Here N/A N/A
DSL Rojos
2-2 OFF DAY Here N/A N/A

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18 Responses

  1. The Duke

    Stafura up to an .855 OPS in Low A at 19
    Ricardo Cabrera also a 19 year old who get time between SS and 3B in Low A with a .834 OPS
    Lin playing more SS in rookie ball at age 18 with a .967 OPS
    Edwin Arroyo missing this year with the shoulder injury but a top 100 prospect and one of the best defensive SS’s in the minors.
    Dom Pitelli a little older, but in AA at SS in his first full year at age 22 with a .789 OPS

    The Reds have been on a roll lately signing talented SS’s, I would have to think if they take a SS anywhere early in the draft, it’s probably a prep SS with the soon to be depth in High A/AA next year, and maybe another college guy like with Pitelli in this year’s draft for depth.

    • RedBB

      I moved Stafura to #8 on my prospect list just above Cabrera. By all takes Stafura is a plus SS and as you mentioned Cabrera is already being moved to 3b. Stafura got paid first round signing bonus $$ to sign with the Reds. They are both the same age as well.

  2. Redsgettingbetter

    Pitelli keeps hitting well even at AA, nice surprise in my opinion.. Could he reach triple-A this year?
    Andrew Moore also has been good this year, I think he could be a good mid-game reliever at big league level if continues pan out.
    Is Blandino’s debut encouraging?

    • Optimist

      About Blandino – yes, especially the 2 WPs – pity the catcher, but appreciate the movement.

    • DaveCT

      Being his first full season and the challenges of that alone, it’s most likely he stays at AA. However … he is unique in that, being from a big time college program, he did not start this year at A, beginning at Lo-A instead with a youthful team, then getting promoted straight to AA.

  3. RedBB

    Livan Soto should be the next LHB brought up. He hit in the majors, is a plus fielder and is hitting over .300 and over .400 OBP in AAA. No more Martini please…

  4. Michael Wilson

    Zulueta looking pretty good lately out of Lville pen. Fastball high 90s, working on the control. TJ surgery in ‘21, maybe it took him a couple of seasons to get back strong.
    In Dayton, Allen, Stewart, and Rodriguez battling it out for the BA lead. All hovering at .300.

  5. RedBB

    Just moved Stafura up on my Reds Prospects list to #8 over Cabrera. Looking at his fielding stats and from what I’ve read and watched online he seems to be a plus defender at SS if not better. Reds must have seen something in him as well moving him up so quickly this year.

    • Mauired

      I’ve been impressed by Pitelli but I don’t know if he’s jumped Cabrera. Cabrera is doing very well too and is 3 years younger.

  6. Michael Wilson

    Pagan injured, Spiers up. Reds gain a spot starter, long man but lose depth. Winning streak is great but losing Williamson, likely Pagan, is gonna hurt come August, September. The down year for Phillips, Petty costly too. No phenom waiting in the wings this season.

    • Andrew

      Well, in the last two years (22, 23) the reds graduated Lodolo, Greene, Ashcraft, Abbot, Cruz, Diaz, EDLC, CES, McLain, Friedl, basically Marte. Then theres acquired players like Benson. No team, not a single one, spits out 4-5 MLB hitters SPs/RPs per.year from their system.

      Spiers, Hurturbise both seem like they will stick in the bigs, Dunn TBD.

      The Reds are doing fine and see many on this message board seem to think the last two years are normal, which they aren’t.

  7. Laredo Slider

    That’s THE Carlos Zambrano in the DSL? Isn’t he like 104 years old??

    • Doug Gray

      I swear I thought I had changed the Baseball Reference link to the correct Carlos Zambrano, but it looks like I didn’t. It’s fixed now.

      And no, I have no idea if he (or Diorland Zambrano) are related to the former big leaguer Carlos Zambrano. All three are from Venezuela. The Reds media guide doesn’t make note of any relation, though.


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