Rece Hinds and Levi Jordan homered for Louisville, Rhett Lowder didn’t give up a run in his start for Chattanooga, Cam Collier homered for Dayton, and Ricardo Cabrera homered and Ariel Almonte extended his on-base streak to 15 games for Daytona.

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The Louisville Bats lost 14-3. Box Score

Game Notes

Nashville scored in all eight innings that they came to the plate.

Another day and another struggle for Connor Phillips, who allowed nine earned runs in 3.1 innings while giving up 11 hits – three of which were home runs – and walking two batters while striking out just three of the 23 hitters he faced. If we’re going to find one positive in the game he didn’t walk five or more batters for the first time in six starts.

Phillips has now made 12 starts with Louisville this season and his ERA is 9.00 through 50.0 innings. He’s given up 12 home runs, 64 hits, walked 46 batters, hit five, and he only has 45 strikeouts. He’s only struck out 17.5% of the batters he’s faced this season.

Zach Maxwell has struggled since his promotion to Triple-A. After throwing a perfect inning with two strikeouts in each of his first two outings he’s walked 10 batters with five strikeouts in 4.0 innings. His ERA is up to 7.50 with the Bats in his seven appearances.

Rece Hinds homered for the 9th time this season. He also struck out for the 23rd consecutive game that he’s had a plate appearance in (he pinch ran in the middle of this streak but never came to the plate). Sunday was the first game out of his last seven that didn’t feature multiple strikeouts.

Top Pitch Velocity: Zach Maxwell – 100.9 MPH (strike)

Top Exit Velocity: Erik Gonzalez – 107.9 MPH (single)

Furthest Hit Baseball: Levi Jordan – 423 feet (home run)

The Chattanooga Lookouts lost 5-3. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons lost 7-1. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas won 12-3. Box Score

  • Sammy Stafura went 0-1 with 2 walks, reached on catchers interference twice, scored 2 runs, and had an RBI.
  • Ricardo Cabrera went 2-6 with a steal (8), 2 runs, a home run (7), and 3 RBI.
  • Ariel Almonte went 1-4 with 2 walks, a run, and an RBI.
  • Esmith Pineda went 1-5 with a double, walk, run, and an RBI.
  • Connor Burns went 2-3 with 2 walks, a double, triple, run, and 2 RBI.
  • Jack Moss went 1-2 with 3 walks and 2 runs.
  • Johnny Ascanio went 1-4 with a walk, steal, 2 runs, and 2 RBI.
  • Nick Payero allowed 2 runs in 4.0 innings with 4 strikeouts.
  • Graham Osman threw 2.0 shutout innings with 3 walks and a strikeout.
  • Nick Sando allowed a run in 3.0 innings with a walk and 5 strikeouts.

The ACL Reds had the day off

They return to the field Monday night

The DSL Reds had the day off

They return to the field Monday morning

The DSL Rojos had the day off

They return to the field Monday morning

6/10 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 34-28 OFF DAY Here Here Here
Chattanooga 15-42 OFF DAY Here Here Here
Dayton 28-29 OFF DAY Here Here Here
Daytona 27-30 OFF DAY Here Here Here
ACL Reds
14-12 9:00pm TBA Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds
1-2 11:00am TBA Here N/A N/A
DSL Rojos
2-2 11:00am TBA Here N/A N/A

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18 Responses

  1. Melvin

    I can see Lowder with the Reds by the end of the Year if they need a starter because of injuries or whatever.

    • mac624

      Only if the Reds are out of it and want to give him a taste of MLB for a start. I’d much rather see him stay in the minors until next season. He’s putting together a nice string of starts here and maybe after the All-Star break, you put him in AAA and see how that goes.

    • The Duke

      Worry about Lowder being developed properly, not just throwing him as a body at the ML level because they ran through other options.

    • Optimist

      Unlikely as others comment, but if he continues the pace of the last 2 starts, he could move to AAA, and get one of the two Sept. callups. If the Reds truly “need” him, that means the staff has collapsed, so just use the remainder of the season to prep him for next spring and his full MLB debut soon after.

  2. AMDG

    In AA Lowder has a low walk rate, and high K rate.
    The problem has been giving up base hits.

    But, he’s also surrendering an absurd 0.421 BABIP.
    (In his first 3 starts the BABIP was nearly 0.500)

    That seems to be working its way down, and the results are showing over his last 3 starts, in which he’s giving up few base runners and few runs (2.40 ERA)

    • The Duke

      Learning how to command the zone better and avoid hard contact. Stuff you could get away with in college you get punished for in the pros, just part of the learning process. When Lowder needs to get a K, his raw stuff is good enough to do it, he’s just learning that balance now. This is a text book case where I think the reality of the situation is a lot better than the stats.

      • Doug Gray

        Two weeks ago I was on The Riverfront podcast and was asked about Lowder and basically what I had seen in his first few starts with Chattanooga was that he threw too many hittable strikes. While I’m not sure it was .500 BABIP level of hittable strikes, he was leaving a lot of stuff over the middle of the plate and guys weren’t missing it.

  3. Michael Wilson

    I was going to discuss the bad day that Phillips had but…anyway Maxwell’s recent outings are concerning. Doug, is his pitch velocity down also?

    • PTBNL

      From the wrap-up above he hit 100.9. I think that I pretty good velocity.

    • Doug Gray

      Velo is still elite. I should probably dive into plotting out all of his pitches versus the average strikezone and see how things match up. That said, half the games in Triple-A are robot called and the other half have challenges available.

  4. MBS

    It seems like O’Donnell is starting to hit the ball, but he’s not showing the power that he did last year.

    April .209 BA
    May .255 BA
    June .296 BA

    Let’s hope he’s able to continue this trend.

  5. Beroader

    Sammy Stafura reached on catcher’s interference twice. I’d love to know how many times a player has reached base multiple times on catcher’s interference in a single game. I’ve probably seen catcher’s interference called in a professional game fewer than ten times in my entire life. Maybe it happens in the lower levels of the minors more often.

    • Doug Gray

      In the Patreon write up I noted how wild that was. I couldn’t recall seeing it twice in the same game from a player. I’ve certainly seen it more often than you have, but I don’t recall it twice from the same guy in the same game.

      One thing to note, though, at least in the big leagues (and I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t be doing it in the minors, too, since it’s pretty clear something just about everyone is doing) – catchers are moving closer to the plate because it apparently leads to better pitch framing and tricking umpires into calling strikes on pitches that aren’t strikes. That would certainly tell us that it’s likely we’ll see more catchers interference calls until that stops happening.

      • Old Big Ed

        Catcher’s interference is way up this year in MLB, and has been trending up for about 3 years. The Contreras injury was the ultimate example.

  6. Hoyce

    I don’t see, by the way lowder has been pitching, that he make the bigs this yr. But the reds are gonna need prob at least 2 pitchers via trade if they are to stay in it. But will they and/or do they have the $$ to make the moves???


      More bullpen than starters. Even Williamson isn’t that bad. He had some dead arm which is typical spring training stuff. Patience.

      Phillips has a soft tissue or forearm issue clearly. Watch his mechanics vs last year. You can tell he is struggling with something that isn’t effecting pure strength but flattening his stuff.


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