Louisville picked up a win on a Michael Trautwein home run, Francisco Urbaez extended his on-base streak to 17 games with Chattanooga, Joseph Menefee struck out five in Dayton’s win, Yerlin Confidan extended his on-base streak to 15 games with Daytona, and both of the Dominican Summer League teams picked up wins.

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The Louisville Bats won 6-5. Box Score

The Chattanooga Lookouts lost 11-2. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons won 5-4. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas won 5-4. Box Score

Game Notes

There was a rain delay in the 3rd inning that lasted an hour and 16 minutes. Adam Serwinowski didn’t return to the mound after the delay.

The Tortugas made five errors in the game – all of the throwing variety.

Yerlin Confidan extended his on-base streak to 15 games. His OPS during that stretch is 1.250 and he’s raised his OPS on the season 170 points during that time.

Jack Moss has also been on fire of late. He’s hitting .444 in five games this month, and going back to June 7th he’s hitting .404 with 10 walks in 20 games played.

Top Pitch Velocity: Cody Adcock – 95.4 MPH (strike)

Top Exit Velocity: Connor Burns – 100.7 MPH (flyout)

Furthest Hit Baseball: Jack Moss – 363 feet (sac fly)

The ACL Reds had the day off

They will return to the field on Thursday night.

The DSL Reds won 5-0. Box Score

The DSL Rojos won 6-3. Box Score

7/11 Game Preview

Team Record Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Watch
Louisville 44-43 6:35pm Sheffield Here Here Here
Chattanooga 23-60 7:15pm Petty Here Here Here
Dayton 44-39 7:05pm Franco Here Here Here
Daytona 41-41 7:05pm TBA Here Here Here
ACL Reds
26-23 9:00pm TBA Here N/A N/A
DSL Reds
17-10 OFF DAY Here N/A N/A
DSL Rojos
10-14 11:00am TBA Here N/A N/A

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10 Responses

  1. The Duke

    Kind of amazing the Bats gave up 4 HR and still won scoring 6 runs.

    Nice first outing for Mey in AA. Almost feels like we have some nice bullpen depth in the minors coming up with Santillan, Maxwell, and now Mey all in the upper minors.

    Why does Dayton constantly shuffle the lineup? I think over the last five games Sal Stewart has hit in each of the top 4 spots in the order. I liked the other of HRod, Sal, Jorge, and Collier 1-4 that I saw on Tuesday, that should be the order every day all four of those guys are playing.

    Not quite the High A debut Edgington was probably hoping for, but he did get the win, so I guess it was enough. Helps when you get 4 shutout innings from the bullpen.

    10 of Confidan’s 13 hits in July have been for extra bases, he’s been a machine this month.

    Not Serwinowski’s best outing, but he did limit the damage before the rain delay. At least this time there was a solid reason why the starting pitcher came out after only 60 pitches.

    • DaveCT

      Love to get Andrew Moore and his 98-100 heater straightened out, too. I suppose getting a full year of a healthy Moore is good, though, but he’s got serious heat.

      With Confidant, as with Hinds and Jay Allen II, it’s easy to overlook how some injuries early on in a guy’s career can disrupt their development. Seems like each of those kids lost a year-plus of development between injuries and struggles occurring side by side.

  2. MBS

    I was excited about a potential 2025 AAA rotation of Phillips, Richardson, Petty, Lowder, and Aguiar. 2024 performances have dampened that a bit.

    Aguiar is performing above my expectations.

    Remove Petty’s first 4 starts he’d be sitting at a 3.81 ERA.

    Richardson hasn’t been terrible or good, just kind of mediocre.

    Who knows what’s wrong with Philips, and I’m going to go with we rushed Lowder up faster than he could handle. Hopefully we see better versions of both in 2025.

    Maybe Burns wouldn’t be the worst pick in the world. I still want Condon, then Kurtz, but I won’t get upset if we get Burns.

    • Hoyce

      Let’s say the reds draft Condon. Who has more trade value (in the off season) Condon or Jackson holiday? How close is it?

      • The Duke

        Holiday, more proven up through AAA, more positional value, is 5 months younger than Condon. The only edge Condon has is power. Holiday has a career minor league OBP of .447 through almost 1000 plate appearances.

      • Doug Gray

        Kiley McDaniel of ESPN included where he’d rank guys in the Top 100 if they were eligible. Condon, his top rated draftee, would rank 15th. So at least according to McDaniel, Holiday would have quite an advantage in trade value.

    • DaveCT

      I’m not sure if Spiers is still a rookie and thus (sorta) prospect, but he has to be our most advanced pitching prospect if he is. Aguiar is probably second, at least for now. He also has the advantage of more velocity than Spiers and is hot on his tail. You can argue Lowder, of course, in being the most talented if not advanced. But having three guys with advanced ‘feel’ as well as smarts is a nice tonic to the let down of Phillips, Richardson, etc.

      • MBS

        In my head I’ve already graduated Spiers from that group. I think he’s going to stay on the MLB squad if not all year, most of it. I don’t know think he’ll remain fixed in the rotation, but function more like Martinez has for us.

  3. Laredo Slider

    S. Miller with first High A save, Adcock with 4th Low A save.

    Glad to see Mey in AA.

  4. Gregory Bott

    Petty and Lowder should be traded at the deadline. I don’t like either ‘s stuff. Phillips is the opposite. I don’t know why the struggle, but the pure stuff is there and the same guy who threw 7 shut out innings in the majors can’t be gone either. It’s like a worse version of 2008 Homer Bailey.


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