I try and do this every year but this year it was a little tougher than most given the battles for positions, especially on the pitching staff. So before the numbers come out, here is how I am projecting things to work out.

  • Jay Bruce starts in the minors and is called up Mid to late May to take over in CF after destroying Louisville.
  • Jeremy Affeldt wins the #5 spot over Homer Bailey due to a numbers move, but Bailey comes up in late May and Affeldt shifts to the bullpen.
  • The bullpen is way too wide open, so I only projected the numbers for the guys I know will be there unless their arms fall off (Weathers, Cordero, Burton and Affeldt eventually).
  • Cueto gets a late summer call up, gets 2 or 3 starts and is then moved into the bullpen down the stretch.

Now here are the stats that I have projected for the Reds in 2008:

Thats what I have. The pitching staff turns itself around this year and the hitting stays solid. Overall though I see the Reds going 86-76 and finishing in 3rd place behind the Brewers and the Cubs (win the division).

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