I am still working on running the numbers on several guys for a new little stat I was introduced to the other day by Adam Foster (of Projectprospect.com). So I decided to put up some quotes from Dusty Baker and others on the prospects in Spring Training.

Here are some things Dusty Baker had to say about Jay Bruce:

“We’re trying to get best pieces of the puzzle and do what’s best for everybody concerned, now and for later,” Baker said. “I haven’t seen Bruce play. On the other hand, you see [Ken Griffey Jr.] came in at 19. Corey Patterson looked like he was rushed a little bit on to the Cubs and didn’t get time to mature.

“It’s like raising your kids — you don’t know if you did it right until later. You hope you did it right. It’s something that’s very hard to judge — when is now?”

Bruce, 20, was the Baseball America Minor League Player of the Year and blasted through three levels last season to Triple-A.

“It’s no secret that this guy is a star of the future,” Baker said. “He could be a star of the present, who knows? I’m very impressed talking with him, but there’s more to baseball than just hitting, too.”

Here is what Dusty Baker and AAA pitching coach Ted Power had to say about the pitching situation with the Cueto (pictured first), Bailey and Maloney.

“We’ve got enough people,” manager Dusty Baker said. “We’ve got some pretty good arms. It depends on how some of them mature. It depends on how their attitude and application for learning is.”

“Stuff-wise? Yes,” Power said. “I haven’t been around long enough and seen enough guys get to the big leagues to be an expert. But they have good stuff.”

On Matt Maloney:

“You’re used to left-handers having that stuff that tails away from right-handed hitters,” he said. “He doesn’t have that.”

“When he’s on, Homer has nasty stuff,” Power said. “Cueto was very impressive every time he pitched. Their stuff is pretty damn good.”

Seriously how great is it to just see baseball pictures again?

Second Photo: Sergio Valenzuela taking bunting practice

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