Over at ProjectProspect.com they just released their Top 150 Prospect List. This is one of my favorite sites, as it takes a different approach to ranking and evaluating prospects. I had my hand in the list a little as one of the people involved in discussing the 200 names initially brought into the creating of the list. There were hours upon hours (few hours every other night or so for over a week) of discussion going back and forth on nearly all of the prospects before their staff took the names and what we had all talked about and created the list. I don’t agree with some of the guys listed or some of the placements, but its a pretty solid list that I feel Adam and Adam could make a good argument for why.

Anyways, onto the Reds prospects that make the list:

1. Jay Bruce

11. Johnny Cueto

12. Homer Bailey

21. Joey Votto

141. Kyle Lotzkar

147. Drew Stubbs

Not sure I would be ready to put Lotzkar ahead of Stubbs just yet, but I love the kids potential if he can stay healthy.  I am surprised though that Todd Frazier didn’t make the list.

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