Aaron Harang, Bronson Arroyo, Matt Belisle, Josh Fogg and who? That sounds like the Reds rotation heading into 2008. There are a lot of people competing for that final spot in the rotation. Edinson Volquez, Jeremy Affeldt, Homer Bailey, Johnny Cueto and Matt Maloney all have hopes of heading to Cincinnati at the end of March. My bet is that Volquez gets the final nod just to justify the Hamilton trade even if he is outpitched in Spring Training. That likely throws Affeldt to the bullpen and the other three to AAA Louisville.

What happens if someone goes down with an injury or someone struggles big time? Does Affeldt come out of the bullpen to the rotation before any of the AAA guys get a shot at stepping into the rotation? Does it mean we aren’t likely to see Bailey, Cueto or Maloney until September?

What do you guys think? Am I looking at this completely wrong? Is there a problem with Bailey, Cueto or Maloney spending a good chunk of the year in Louisville? I know how I feel about it, but what are you guys thinking about it all?

Photo: Al Behrman/AP

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