High A roster is out now, leaving just the Bats left for the Reds to go.  Here are the guys starting out in Sarasota:


  • Misael DeJesus
  • Ramon Geronimo
  • Daniel Guerrero
  • Kevin Gunter
  • Robert Manuel
  • Ruben Medina
  • Alexander Smit
  • Jordan Smith
  • Lee Tabor
  • Camilo Vazquez
  • Sean Watson
  • Travis Wood


  • Chris Denove
  • Eddy Rodriguez


  • Michael DeJesus
  • Juan Francisco
  • Jason Louwsma
  • Justin Tordi
  • Justin Turner
  • Chris Valaika


  • Chris Heisey
  • Sean Henry
  • Carson Kainer
  • Luis Soto
  • Drew Stubbs

Roster Make up

It has its share of expected guys, but notably missing are Rafael Gonzalez and Travis Webb. Looks like Chris Valaika is heading back over to SS after playing 2B in Hawaii. Several high draft picks on the team led by Drew Stubbs. Sean Watson and Travis Wood are both 2nd round picks, while Chris Valaika was a 3rd rounder. It will be interesting to see who gets the playing time in the outfield. Lots of competition out there for now.

Players to watch

Pitcher – Travis Wood

Coming off an arm injury last year he has been pitching very well in spring and is feeling healthy this year. He has been working on a slider as well as his curveball. He could earn a quick promotion if he shows success in Sarasota early on. Health is a concern, but all reports indicate he is feeling great. Easily the best pitching prospect on the team.

Hitter – Drew Stubbs

It was tough to not go with Francisco here, who needs to work on some big parts of his plate approach but Stubbs is the guy I went with. The FSL is known for eating hitters alive at times and Stubbs has gotten his share of flack for his professional career so far (although not from me). Last year he turned it on in the second half as he hit .303/.394/.517 over his final 250 PA. Couple that with his turf toe surgery this offseason that has him healthy for the first time in two years and I really think Stubbs could have a breakout year this season.

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