Record: 24-52

Team Stats

  • Batting Average – .250 (8 of 8)
  • On Base Percentage – .315 (8 of 8)
  • Slugging Percentage – .365 (8 of 8)
  • ERA – 5.01 (7 of 8)
  • WHIP – 1.53 (7 of 8)
  • Walk % – 9% (5 of 8)
  • Strikeout % – 18.3% (8 of 8)

The Billings Mustangs were just a bad team this year. They were more games under .500 than they won (28 under, with 24 wins). It was the worst season in the history of the Billings Mustangs in terms of winning percentage, which stretches to 1962 (at least as far as where I can find records).

Individual Position Players

Efrain Contreras was the only Mustang with 100 PA and an OPS over .800. The 22 year old outfielder hit .301/.395/.412 with an 11.2% walk rate and a 22% strikeout rate. Contreras also had 6 steals.

Christopher Richburg hit .274/.380/.395 with an 11.8% walk rate and a 22.7% strikeout rate. The first baseman had 10 doubles and 3 home runs.

DD Gregorius led the team in batting average as he would hit for a line of .314/.360/.387. The shortstop showed good discipline with a 5.3% walk rate and a 12% strikeout rate. The 19 year old was arguably the best hitter on the team given his position.

Yorman Rodriguez got off to a hot start, but slowed down quickly and saw his numbers plummet to an overall line at Billings of .219/.259/.344. The 16 year old center fielder had a 4.7% walk rate and a 31.6% strikeout rate.

The Mustangs got help in small samples from guys like Humberto Sosa who had an OPS over 1.000 in 89 plate appearances and Trey Manz who had an .844 OPS in 54 plate appearances.

Best Positional Prospect

Yorman Rodriguez has to be the guy. While his performance was not good, he showed the tools that can’t be matched by anyone else on the team and showed flashes of performance throughout the season. The Reds pushed him to Billings a little sooner than he may have been ready for, but thats hardly something to hold against him.

Individual Pitchers

Hector Santana posted the lowest ERA for all pitchers with over 20 innings pitched with his 3.38 ERA. The 21 year old had a 5.2% walk rate and a 16.7% strikeouts rate.

Brian Pearl was absolutely dominant in stretches for the Mustangs. The 9th round pick posted a 3.77 ERA, but his 7.9% walk rate and 34.1% strikeout rate really jumped out.

James Walczak posted a 3.94 ERA in 29.2 innings pitched. The righty struck out 24.1% of the batters he saw with a 12.4% strikeout rate.

Daniel Corcino didn’t have a shiny ERA at 4.91, but as an 18 year old he proved to be a solid prospect. The young righty struck out 27% of the hitters that stepped in against him and his walk rate was 13.5%.

The Mustangs got small contributions from Donnie Joseph, Mark Serrano and Ezequiel Infante who all were quickly promoted to Dayton.

Best Pitching Prospect

I am not too sure on this one, but I think I am going to go with Daniel Corcino. An 18 year old who is striking out 27% of the hitters he faces is incredibly impressive, even out of the bullpen. Couple that with there were no starting pitchers who qualified did anything to truly impress and it basically came down to Corcino and Brian Pearl. The age gave the advantage to Corcino.

Overall Impression

This was the worst team in the history of the Billings Mustangs and to be honest, there were very few players who did much to impress on the season. The Pioneer League is usually a league where you see hitters thrive, but just about up and down the lineup the team struggled at the plate. On the pitching side of things there were a few impressive bullpen arms, but the starters really struggled to keep their ERA’s under 5.00.

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